Alhaurin de la Torre

Alhaurin de la Torre is a municipality in Malaga province that is located to the East of the Mijas mountain range and has a natural landscape of pine trees, gardens and residential areas.

alhaurin de la torre

This municipality experienced an important population increase during the 90’s of the 20th century due to the expansion of Malaga’s metropolitan area.


alhaurin de la torre cathedral

Populated since the Ancient Age it was invaded by the Phoenicians approximately around the year 1000-700 A.C., when factories were founded. In the olden days minerals were extracted like lead, copper and iron. Subsequently, it was the place where a roman hamlet existed, known as Lauro Vetus, where according to some historians they decapitated a general who was a firm candidate against Julius Caesar (‘Pompeyo the Young’).

Numerous archaeological sites and traces from this period are still preserved with remains of mosaics, ceramics, coins, roman burials, etc.

During the Moslem occupation it was called Alhaurein. Remains of Arabic walls are to be found in the village, specifically in the Torre de Alhaurin vegetable garden.

The Muslim period formed the current urban layout that shows us numerous narrow, dead-end streets. Although the entrance of the Christian troops in 1482 brought the burning of cultivations and the partial destruction of the Arab buildings in Alhaurin and the reconstruction of the town centre.

alhaurin de la torre church

During the second half of the 20th century, Alhaurin de la Torre experienced a massive urban growth, especially as from 1990, and would no longer be just a typical farming village with a low population.

Alhaurin de la Torre festivities

Alhaurin de la Torre fairs and festivities

Alhaurin de la Torre's main celebration takes place in the Easter week. This feast revives every year the rivalry between the two local brotherhoods: the 'Real Hermandad de Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno del Paso y María Santísima de los Dolores' (dressed in purple) and the 'Cofradía del Santísimo Cristo de la Vera Cruz y Nuestra Señora de la Soledad' (dressed in green). Both with their respective House-Brotherhood, are the center of attention of their faithful devotees and the numerous visitors.

Other festivals in Alhaurin de la Torre:

  • Procession of the Three Wise Men: 5th of January
  • The festivity of the winter Pattern, San Sebastián: 20th January.
  • Day of the 'Virgen de la Candelaria': 2nd February.
  • Carnival: Between February and March
  • The festivity of the summer Pattern, San Juan Bautista: 24th June.

Alhaurin de la Torre phone numbers

The following phone numbers could be useful for you in case you are travelling to Alhaurin de la Torre:

  • Guardia Civil phone: +34-952 41 00 08
  • Health center phone: +34-908 41 46 19
  • Taxi service phone: +34-952 41 04 44
  • Town council phone: +34-952 41 00 05

Get to Alhaurin de la Torre

There are several bus lines that connect with Alhaurin de la Torre

  • M-101 Urban line
  • M-102 Urban line
  • M-132 Malaga - Alhaurin de la Torre
  • M-133 Pinos de alhaurin - Alhaurin de la Torre
  • M-135 Malaga - Santa Amalia
  • M-136 Cartama - Alhaurin de la Torre
  • M-140 Cartama - Alhaurin de la Torre - Torremolinos (only available in summer)
  • M-143 Alhaurin de la Torre - Teatinos (only available from October to June)
  • M-230 Malaga-Coin

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The map below shows where is Alhaurin de la Torre, for getting there you can check this link:

Tourist information about Alhaurin de la Torre:

Town council: Avda. España, 7 - 29130.
Phone: +34 952 41 35 29
Official website: Ayuntamiento de Alhaurin de la Torre.

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