Restaurants in Alhaurín de la Torre

The culinary traditions of Alhaurin de la Torre offer us delicious dishes and typical desserts of the area. Amongst the most representative dishes in Alhaurin de la Torre we’ll find: rice with chestnuts, ‘cachorreña’ soup with boiled sweet potatoes and other soups.

We can highlight the most representative elements of this Malaga municipality’s cuisine:

  • The Alora Olive: This sweetened olive, typical from the south of Spain, is served open in brine through a natural fermentation and seasoned with a mixture of typical aromatic herbs from the region that give it a characteristic and special flavour.
  • Rice with chestnuts: This typical dish is made with rice, sugarcane honey and chestnuts, basic ingredients of a unique dessert in the region and popular during the celebrations of the Holy Week (Semana Santa).
  • Gachas (gruel): A cold dish that is mainly made with fried bread, water and flour, forming a kind of porridge to which one can add sugar or milk. It’s a dish that originated from the Spanish low class during the post-war period.
  • 'Maruja’s potion' soup: A typical soup made with fish or season vegetables and is served in a clay bowl with slices of bread and mint.
  • Cachorreñas’ soup: These soups are cooked with potatoes and cod as main ingredients and has the characteristic of the juice squeezed from an orange.

Amongst the restaurants in Alhaurin de la Torre we can highlight the following:

All Limon
C/ Alquería, 9 - 29130 Alhaurín de la Torre
Telephone: 630274254
Speciality: Couscous, Tagines, Sus Briouats, Kefta pumpkin, Lamb chops...

Casa Peña el Hogar
C/ Ermita, 22 - 29130 Alhaurín de la Torre
Telephone: 952410032

Avda. Reyes Católicos, 40 - 29130 Alhaurín de la Torre
Telephone: 952411143
Speciality: Fish

El Limonar
Av. las Americas, 3, 29130 Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga
Telephone: 952414240

La Perdiz
Av. las Americas, 27-29, 29130 Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga
Telephone: 610766333
Speciality: Hunting cuisine

More restaurants in Alhaurin de la Torre

Avda España, 37
Alhaurín de la Torre
Tel: 952415271

Calles 5 Au10, Conjunto el Romeral, 7
Alhaurín de la Torre
Tel: 682335943

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