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When you visit Malaga, why not discover the province’s main tourist attractions. There are so many things to do and to enjoy in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol. Here below we are going to list only a few of the things that we can do, if you visit our website, you’ll discover plenty more.

Top things to do in Malaga

Know more from the province and find below what to do during your next holidays in Malaga:

Malaga Going Out
One of the main attractions in Malaga, specially amongst the youngsters, is the nightlife of the Costa del Sol. There are plenty of discos, pubs and bars in Malaga and on our website we’ll recommend you the best places to enjoy your nights out. Learn more about the nightlife of Fuengirola, Benalmadena nightlife, Marbella nightlife or Puerto Banus nightlife.

Malaga Beaches
As it couldn’t be any other way, Malaga is a privileged place where you’ll be able to enjoy the sun and the beach. The pleasant temperatures throughout the year on the Costa del Sol will make you enjoy the coast and the great amount of beaches that we’ll find. Learn more about the Estepona beaches, Marbella beaches, Fuengirola beaches and the rest of the beaches along the Costa del Sol.

Andalucia Ferias & Festivals
The Andalusian fairs and festivals are well known all over Spain, specially the fair of August in Malaga or the fair of April in Seville. In Malaga you’ll find a great amount of festivals all around its interior villages all year round, highlighting the festival of the Moorish Moon in Guaro during the month of September.

Malaga Itinerary
Malaga province is the perfect place for those tourists seeking to discover monuments and other popular places of special interest like natural parks and routes between interior white villages. Some of the most popular itineraries amongst our clients are: the one that goes along Sierra de las Nieves, the one of the Nerja Caves, a visit to the Alpujarras, visiting El Torcal in Antequera and, of course, a must visit to El Chorro.

Malaga Marinas & Ports
The Costa del Sol, throughout its history, has given great importance to the sea, for both trading as well as fishing. Along the coast we’ll find numerous ports that existed since the known history but adapted to our time such as the Malaga port and other modern ports of recent construction like Puerto Banus and Puerto Marina, where the people, as well as spotting the luxury yachts, can also enjoy a drink or a meal after a walk.

Malaga National Parks
Malaga has a wide selection of natural parks that offer the visitor some beautiful and pleasant views of Malaga’s fauna and flora. You can find natural areas where to enjoy the natural environment of the areas of Sierra de Grazalema, Sierra de las Nieves or the Fuente de Piedra lagoon amongst many other natural parks in Malaga.

Malaga Lodging Guide
If you visit Malaga you’ll need a place to stay. Always the easiest option is to choose a good hotel in Malaga near the coast or a rural hotel, although if we prefer ‘self-catering’ we can always decide to hire an apartment.

Malaga Photos & Pictures
The views of Malaga are spectacular, proof of this are some of the photos of Malaga that we offer on our website. Each and every corner of the province is worthy of being photographed and from some places like Gibralfaro we will witness very representative views of Malaga. Take your time to look at Malaga’s top 10 sights.

Malaga Dining Guide
Visiting Malaga during our vacations means enjoying the marvellous Mediterranean diet present in the province. There are many places where we can eat and in many rural villages of Malaga they will offer us exquisite dishes that are well worth trying even if it means travelling to do so. The olive oil and the fish are two of the main elements of the coast’s gastronomy, but the interior villages have a lot more to show us, come and discover it with us.

Malaga Trekking Routes
If you like excursions and trekking routes then you’ll enjoy Malaga. The province has fantastic routes between white villages that we’ll be able to go on, walks along riverbeds where we’ll find remains of a past life before the 20th century, a journey through time witnessing Malaga’s beautiful landscapes.

Malaga Monuments
Malaga is an ancient city that has assimilated the culture of several civilisations, from the Phoenicians, then the Romans and the Arabs, until the Christians of the middle ages, all of them have left us part of their culture all around our city, from buildings to typical dishes, irrigation systems, watchtowers,...Malaga is a monument itself as it contains many treasures waiting for you to discover them.

Malaga Museum
As it couldn’t be any other way, there are several museums in Malaga, and one of the most popular is the Picasso museum that exhibits private art works of the famous Malaga-born painter. If you like Flamenco, you can visit the Flamenco museum or the Bandit museum in Ronda if what you’re interested in is to discover more about the history of the villages of Malaga.

Malaga Weather
Malaga has an ideal temperature all year round, but depending on the season there can be rain or sunshine, at we’ll keep you updated with the weather forecast for the following 5 days in Malaga and we'll inform you about the climate in the province.

Malaga Useful Phones
It’s highly recommendable to always keep near the phone numbers that we could consider important during our trip. Like, for example, the emergencies number, or the police's or the number of some of the public services. On our website we offer you the most useful telephone numbers of the different towns of Malaga.

Malaga Sightseeing

Top 26 places to visit in Malaga you should not miss:

One of the most representative architectural monuments in the city of Malaga is indeed the Alzacaba (the citadel). An Arab fortress pointing towards the sea that has remained over the centuries and that can be visited.

Aqualand is the water park in Torremolinos that was previously known as Aquapark, and where we’ll enjoy the numerous water rides.

The water park in Mijas offers us fun and water attractions for the whole family. If you like water parks and you find yourself passing through Mijas in summer you simply cannot let the chance go by.

Cave Of Nerja
This cave situated in Nerja hosts cave paintings that are around 40.000 years old. It’s great beauty makes it a must visit if we visit Malaga during our holidays.

Cable Car
This cable car opened in 2003 and offers us some spectacular views of Benalmadena. Over the years it has become one of the main attractions on the Costa del Sol.

Treasure caves
Situated 12 kilometres away from Malaga, in Rincon de la Victoria we’ll find the Treasure Cave, and the legend says that in these caves they buried a great fortune and that today they can be visited.

This religious building shows us its impressive facade while we stroll around the streets of Malaga and is another of most representative monuments of the city.

Cervantes Theatre
Those ‘culture vultures’ out there will definitely enjoy this theatre that opened its doors for the first time in 1870, although a fire caused that it was practically abandoned. Today it is open to the public of all ages who wish to enjoy one of the many plays that they show there.

Crocodile park

A park dedicated to the breeding of this animal and that has over 300 specimens brought in from different countries.

El Retiro
Subtropical Gardens (Malaga)
A park with subtropical gardens, considered one of the most important historical gardens in Spain and that every lover of natural must visit.

El Torcal
This natural park has several trekking routes and offers us one of the most beautiful and enigmatic sceneries in the whole world.

El Chorro
Malaga's "Lake District" is in fact three artificial lakes created by a dam built across the dramatic 200 m. high Guadalhorce river gorge, known as the Garganta del Chorro. Watch out for the eagles which continually circle around the sheer cliffs.

Gibralfaro Castle
This castle, situated above the Alzacaba on a hill, was built between the 14th and the 15th century during the Arab kingdom of Al-andalus.

Ikea Malaga
One of the handymen’s favourite places or for those seeking to refurbish their house. Here you’ll find all kinds of decoration accessories for your kitchen, living room or bedroom at really low more about Ikea Malaga.

La Concepción
Botanical Garden (Malaga)
This botanical park was created 150 years ago as a hobby of a wealthy family from Malaga that brought flora from all over the world. It currently has an internationally recognised collection.

Lobo Park
A park with 4 different species of wolves, situated in Antequera. It has European, Iberian, Alaskan white and Timber wolves.

Malagueta Bullring
This Neo-Moorish style bullring was built in 1874 and is situated on the Paseo de Reding street (La Malagueta). It has a capacity for up to 9.000 people.

Municipal Museum
Pizarra's Municipal Museum is one of the sights most recently opened to the public. The village owes this jewel in its crown to the American painter Gino Hollander, who spent many years there.

Municipal Museum
The Municipal Museum is a mine of treasures of the local heritage. So many valuable pieces have been recovered, that a museum's extension project had to be introduced and will be executed shortly. The museum exhibits varied archaeological pieces from ruins and excavations developed in the municipality.

Museum Aula Del Mar
Aquarium (Malaga)
An aquarium in Malaga where we’ll be able to observe the life of the Mediterranean Sea. In this aquarium they try to replicate the natural habitat of the different species of the Alboran Sea.

Park Walk
Malaga hoards a rich and spectacular botanical patrimony. This route suggests a trip through the paradise, a visit to the area that combines in one place splendid and varied botanical species with historic buildings and sculptures.

Roman Theatre
This structure preserved from the Roman period is situated at the foothill of the Alcazaba and was discovered in 1951 after remaining buried for uncountable centuries. Malaga was an important Roman city and proof of this are the ruins that we can visit.

Romans Hot Baths Of Las Bovedas

They are located at the place where the river Guadalmina meets El Chopo stream. They date back to the third century AD, and thus, were built in the Later Roman Empire. The site consists of two octagonal floors, built using the local pebbles and stones, which were fixed in place with sand and lime mortar.

Adventure Park (Estepona)
Animals in semi- freedom. Make a trip to the Forest or the Amazon without leaving Estepona.

Tivoli World
Amusement Park (Benalmadena)
This amusement park situated in Arroyo de la MIel (Benalmadena) will most certainly delight the kids of the house, although it has rides for all ages and a passage of terror which is very popular. In this amusement park they also organise live shows and concerts during the summer so we highly recommend the visit.

Aquarium (Benalmadena)
The Aquarium, located in the Marine Port, in Benalmádena Costa (Malaga), is a protectionist and conservationist centre of sharks. The positive character of its activities is guaranteed, because this centre is an active member of three conservationists and protectionist associations of sharks.

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