Malaga Fair

The Malaga Fair: A Celebration of History and Culture

Malaga FairJust like in other municipalities, the Malaga Fair, also known as the August Fair, originated from the commemoration of the city's conquest in 1487. The inaugural celebration took place on the 15th of August in 1491, but was subsequently moved to the 19th of August the following year. The celebration consisted of a procession that began at the Malaga Cathedral and ended at the Santiago Church.

In 1887, the date was reverted back to the original anniversary of Malaga's invasion by the Christian armies. The celebration included a procession that simulated the entrance of the Kings and their army, accompanied by exhibitions, concerts, and bullfights.

Over the years, the location of the Malaga Fair has changed, moving from 'Muelle de Heredia' to its current location at 'Cortijo de Torres'.

About Malaga Fair

The Malaga Fair in August is a high season for tourism in Malaga. As such, the majority of tourists visiting the Costa del Sol also take the opportunity to enjoy this annual event.

The Night Fair

Malaga Horses FairThe main fair in Malaga, known as 'Feria de Noche' (the Night Fair), takes place at night in the 'Cortijo de Torres'. The fairground is divided into well-differentiated areas:

  • Fair Huts Area: Here, you'll find fair huts offering 'sevillanas' music, food and drink, commercial music, and others with a youthful atmosphere. Each hut is well separated and differentiated from the others.
  • Mechanical Rides Area: This area features funfair rides for all ages, from a large Ferris wheel to fun bumper cars.

There are also various options for food and souvenirs:

  • Stands selling a variety of items and food such as sweet pastry puffs ('buñuelos'), sliced coconut, lupines, and more.
  • Fast food stands offering hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.
  • Fair huts serving typical local food.

The Day Fair

In the centre of Malaga, the 'Feria de Dia' (Day Fair) is also celebrated, where a large number of people gather to drink and dance. The streets of Malaga are adorned with floral decorations and host shows, dances, and events for the enjoyment of visitors.

During the Malaga Fair, a special bus service operates from Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol, Casabermeja, and Cartmana Station, among other places.

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Malaga Spain

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