Puerto Santa Maria Fair

The Puerto Santa Maria Fair, held in the heart of Cadiz, traces its origins to the traditional cattle trade, a common beginning for many fairs in Andalusia. During these significant dates, cattle farmers from various provinces would convene to conduct business at this 'cattle fair'.

Over the years, the fair has migrated from Victoria Park in the 1960s to the Crevillet area in the 1970s, and today it is celebrated at the Las Banderas fairground. As time progressed, the cattle fair gave way to a more festive celebration, extending into the night with typical fair elements such as huts, music, fine food, and mechanical rides.

About the Fair of El Puerto de Santa Maria

The Spring Fair of El Puerto de Santa Maria, a spectacle of Andalusian tradition, is held annually at the Las Banderas fairground, typically towards the end of April. This five-day festival is a highlight in the city's cultural calendar, drawing visitors from near and far.

Visitors to the fair can expect to experience:

- Vibrant fair huts (casetas) that come alive with music and dance, offering a chance to indulge in the region's culinary delights and sip on traditional drinks.
- Equestrian elegance with horsemen in traditional attire and women gracing the scene in colourful flamenco dresses, embodying the spirit of the dance.
- The refreshing 'Rebujito', a beloved fair concoction of sherry and lime, capturing the essence of Cadiz's festive beverages.
- A gastronomic journey featuring 'mojama', Cadiz's prized salt-cured tuna, alongside an array of seafood, classic Spanish tortillas, escargot, and the sweet finish of 'churros' dipped in hot chocolate.

The fair also hosts competitions, celebrating the beauty and grace of horses, the artistry of carriage decoration, and the charm of the best-adorned casetas. The festivities commence and conclude with a spectacular display of fireworks, framing the fair with a touch of magic.

How to Get to El Puerto de Santa Maria

Reaching El Puerto de Santa Maria is straightforward whether you're coming from the direction of Seville or via the Mediterranean highway. If you're heading from Seville, take the A-4 road towards Cadiz, and continue until you reach Jerez de la Frontera, where you'll follow the signs to El Puerto de Santa Maria.

Alternatively, if you're travelling along the Mediterranean coast, follow the A-7 highway until you reach the turn-off for Gibraltar. From there, head north towards Jerez de la Frontera and onwards to El Puerto de Santa Maria.

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