Tarifa Fair

The quaint village of Tarifa, set within the scenic province of Cadiz, proudly hosts the Tarifa Fair at the cusp of September. This annual fair, steeped in tradition and local culture, invites visitors to partake in its festivities amidst the natural splendor of Tarifa's beaches and the silhouette of the African coast beyond.

With its origins in the agricultural trade of the 19th century, the fair began as a vibrant marketplace. In 1819, the local community leaders sought to formalize this gathering into a 15-day event. Though it now unfolds over the first week of September, the fair remains a cherished annual tradition.

The modern Tarifa Fair offers a plethora of activities and attractions, from exhilarating rides to an array of fast food stands and traditional fair booths. It's a celebration that captures the heart of Tarifa, offering a welcoming atmosphere for creating lasting memories.

Discover the Tarifa Fair

Annually, Tarifa bursts into a spectacle of festivity for one week each September. The fair offers an array of mechanical rides, gastronomic delights at fast food stands, and traditional fair huts that showcase the essence of local culture and heritage.

A signature attraction is the "Rebujito," a refreshing concoction of sherry and soda, emblematic of the region's zest. Not to be missed is the cherished Jerez wine, savored amidst the merriment.

The fair is punctuated by a series of events, including the coronation of the fair queens and the much-anticipated inaugural speech that precedes the ceremonial lighting. This marks the commencement of the fair's vibrant activities, all in tribute to the Virgen de la Luz, Tarifa's revered patron saint.

The fair is also a visual feast, featuring traditional costumes and majestic horses. It's an immersive experience that's integral to visiting Tarifa in September, offering a glimpse into the town's spirited communal celebration.

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