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Nestled in the province of Cadiz lies Tarifa, a charming village known for its stunning natural beaches and white sand. From its shores, one can even catch a glimpse of the northern coast of Africa. A visit to Tarifa is highly recommended if you’re spending your holidays in the south of Spain. And if you happen to be there in early September, you’ll have the added bonus of experiencing its annual fair.

The Tarifa Fair takes place during the first days of September and has its roots in commerce. In the 19th century, Tarifa was an important center for agricultural production. To showcase and sell their products to visitors and traders from near and far, locals established this fair/market.

In 1819, local officials formally requested permission to hold a 15-day fair in Tarifa from September 1st to September 15th. Although it ended up lasting only one week at the beginning of September, it quickly became an annual tradition that continues to this day.

Today, the Tarifa Fair is much more than just a market. It’s a vibrant celebration of local culture and traditions that attracts visitors from all over. With mechanical rides, fast food stands, fair huts and more, there’s something for everyone at this lively event.

About the fair

Every year, for a whole week in September, Tarifa comes alive with the sights and sounds of its annual fair. Visitors will find plenty of mechanical rides and fast food stands, as well as fair huts where they can experience the local culture and traditions.

One of the highlights of the fair is the presence of “Rebujito”, a popular drink made from sherry mixed with lime. The typical wine of Jerez is also commonly enjoyed during the festivities.

The fair features a great number of events such as the coronation of the queens and an inaugural speech before the special lighting is inaugurated and fair huts begin their bustle. The fair is held in honor of Virgen de la Luz, patron saint of Tarifa (Cádiz).

Visitors can also expect to see typical costumes and horses during their time at the fair. If you find yourself near Tarifa or are planning on visiting this town during September, you simply cannot leave without experiencing this vibrant celebration.

If you find yourself near Tarifa or you’re planning on visiting this town during September, you simply cannot leave without visiting the fair and enjoy the festivities that they celebrate there.

How to get to Tarifa

To get to Tarifa from Malaga airport you must take the AP-7 and by Algeciras, following the directions you’ll have no problems whatsoever to get to Tarifa.

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