Nightlife in Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is a very popular destination amongst the youngsters seeking to have a great time partying until the early hours of the morning while they enjoy the discos, pubs, parties and luxury beach clubs available in Puerto Banus. If what you like is going at night, you’ll certainly enjoy Puerto Banus.

In Puerto Banus at night we’ll find plenty of action, a night full of partying specially during the holidays and the summer months, very focused on the foreign tourism where it’s even possible to find places where they only attend you in English.

During the summer the pubs and clubs are packed any night of the week, with people going in and out all the time, as opposed to the winter, when only the weekends gain importance, finding that they even close during the rest of the week.

If your accommodation is inside Puerto Banus, you may not even have to use the car to enjoy the different pubs and discos in the area. If you take the car in search of the exciting nightlife of Puerto Banus, you must know that it’s quite complicated to find a parking spot and that it’s quite likely that in the end you’ll end up using a public parking.

Luxury in Puerto Banus

It’s possible to find places where a simple bottle of champagne can cost up to 1000 euros or more, so if your budget is limited or your pockets seem to have wholes where the money seems to disappear, we recommend to plan your visit and choose the places that adapt best to your pocket, in Puerto Banus there is a place for all budgets, you don’t have to be rich to make the most of this very popular place on the Costa del Sol.

Amongst the most famous clubs in Puerto Banus there’s the Nikki Beach and the Ocean Club, both situated opposite the beach with concerts, live shows, parties and other services, places where it’s also possible to spot the odd celebrity.

Remember that in the majority of these establishments there is a dress code that you must obey, otherwise they will deny your entry. The men must wear long trousers and shoes, not allowing any kind of trainers; the women on the other hand tend to have less trouble getting in anywhere.

Bars, clubs and discos in Puerto Banus

While the majority of the bars will not require us to pay an entrance fee, the clubs and discos will, and the price of the entrance will normally include a drink. Sometimes the first one to arrive may not have to pay this fee as they intend to fill the place as much as they can to start off with...however this is not a rule that is always applied.

It’s pretty common to find PR's promoting the establishments they work for.

The discos close around 7am, while the pubs tend to close much earlier.

Along the Costa del Sol, the prices for the drinks are excessive so a lot of people decide to drink at home or on the streets with their mates before going into one of the discos or pubs.


Irish Bar
Address: Muelle de la Ribera, Second Line, Local 37
Open: From 21 until late
Description: Two floors bar and terrace, sports on tv, music from the 80’s and 90’s. International atmosphere.


Rock Bar
Address: Ribera, Casa OPQ, 106 Alto
Open: From 22 until 4 am
Description: Enjoy in the only bar in Puerto Banus where the music is the most important, especially rock, great taste playing from its owner.


Disco Club
Address: Muelle Ribera, casa OPQ, 12 Alto
Open: From 22 until 6 am
Description: This club is a classic in Puerto Banus. Commercial music, Dj, sofas and tables to enjoy your drink relaxing. Dance floor.


Lounge Bar
Address: Muelle Ribera 18
Description: Open from 11 am until 3 am
Description: Coffees, cocktails, aperitifs, champagne, log drinks. Excellent and very professional service, new age music. German owners.


Muelle Ribera, 20
Open: Everyday from 11.30 am until 3 am
Description: Bar decorated as Indian style, ideal for the first drink in the long Puerto Banus’ nights. Music from all styles.


Irish Bar
Address: Muelle Ribera s/n
Open: Everyday from 21 until late
Description: The best Irish bar in Puerto Banus, it is a small pub but its cheerful staff will make your nights the best ones.


Address: Palacio de Babilonis. Ctra. de Istán, Km. 0,8
Open: Everyday from 24 until late
Description: Large discotheque that became every summer the meeting point for the chicest people. Commercial music, four bars, dancefloor, go go dancers, shows. Smart dress required.

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