Trekking route in El Chorro

The route of El Chorro is one of the most recommended if you like to observe the natural environment and the beautiful views. This route that we recommend runs through an area of pine trees with vertical walls where the rock-climbing enthusiasts can practice this sport, with spectacular views we’ll be able to enjoy the canyons in El Chorro so don’t forget your camera.

The whole route takes about 2 hours and a half one way and an hour and a half to return, and has steep hills that will surely tire the people that are not used to trekking, which is why its difficulty may vary between medium and high.

When to go trekking in El Chorro?

Anytime of the year is good, although if we prefer to avoid the summer heat, we can do the route in autumn or in winter, always bearing in mind the weather conditions and searching for a clear day.

If we find ourselves without any water left, there is a fountain in a camping site nearby. We should also wear adequate clothing, like mountain boots and, depending on the route we choose, warm jackets as some of the peaks are exposed to all the elements and the cold sensation can be pretty high.

Description of the itinerary

We’ll depart from the station of El Chorro, so we’ll be able to get there in our own vehicle or by train. In case of having hired a car in Malaga, we’ll get there from Alora.

Before starting the route, enjoy the scenery from the will give you an idea of what you will see further along. After having enjoyed our surroundings for a brief moments, we’ll take the path towards the northeast, entering the pine tree area along a path that is cut off by a safety bar. This path has several different routes, we will take one with spectacular views, which is why we must follow the path that’s closest to the frontal panels, passing by an abandoned quarry that’s very easy to identify.

The exit of the path is on the left and we’ll come across an ascent that reaches certain height quite quickly and probably with a few climbers, if we continue we’ll end up finding a set of stairs that were built in the year 1940, the path will lead us to some impressive views of the El Chorro station, the reservoir of La Encantada and the Alcaparin mountain range. From there you can continue ascending to different peaks if you still have energy left and want to keep on enjoying the beautiful views.

Flora and Fauna in El Chorro

There is a wide variety of fauna and vegetation in El Chorro, amongst the species we’ll find plenty of eucalyptus trees, cypress trees, almond trees or olive trees amongst many others. It’s quite likely that we’ll get to see a mountain goat wandering around the more precipitous areas, as well as a griffon vulture or eagles.

For more information visit our section about El Chorro.

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