Discovering the dolmens of Antequera

The megalithic constructions, so very abundant in the province of Malaga, are a mystery that have always drawn the attention of the visitors. In Antequera we’ll find three types of dolmens in an area of 3 kilometres.

  • Dolmen de Menga
  • Corredor de Viera
  • Toloi el del Romeral

The presence of so many megalithic structures tells us that this area had great importance and was very sacred.

Dolmen de Menga is a gallery covered by 5 enormous slabs, the biggest stone slab weighs approximately 180 tons. It’s one of the most spectacular dolmens in Europe.

Dolmen de Viera is situated 70 metres away of the Dolmen de Menga and presents a corridor style with a burial chamber at the end.

Dolmen del Romeral is a monument made by smaller stones than the previous ones forming a corridor similar to the Dolmen de Viera and with a dome at the end.

The origin of these megalithic constructions is calculated to be between 3000 and 2000 years before our era, although they could be much older. Whoever built them must have counted on a dense population, a social organisation bigger than a hamlet and with an established hierarchy. It could be thought that they were the first agricultural and cattle farming civilisations that began to settle and develop their culture and their beliefs in the area.

Whoever adventures to discover the dolmens in the outskirts of Antequera, will find monuments that have survived until our days in perfect conditions. You can also visit the Marimacho hill, a 200 metre high hill to the east of the dolmens where a small hamlet existed with underground houses that date back to the years 2600-2200 before our era, a hamlet that probably participated together with other communities in the construction of the dolmens, something that we’ll unlikely ever get to discover but is undoubtedly worth visiting.

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