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Alameda is a village in Malaga situated to the north of Antequera and 73 kilometres away from the capital, bordering with the province of Seville.

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Alameda’s history

The archaeological remains of the area tell us that this municipality has been inhabited since the Neolithic period and gained importance during the Roman period, being the place where 3 of the most important roman roads passed through, one of them still crosses the village today, from the Plaza de España to the Plaza de Andalusia.

Very little is known about Alameda’s medieval history, and it isn’t until the 19th century that it begins to be part of the province of Malaga, a century from when we also hear many stories about the bandits that abounded back then, and precisely Alameda is the place where the remains of “El Tempranillo” rest in peace, a famous bandit from back then that had an estate in the municipality and was shot down by an old comrade of his in 1833.

Alameda has not always belonged to Malaga, it previously belonged to Seville.

We could resume 2 main tourist attractions in Alameda:

  • The tomb of "El Tempranillo", famous bandit with a great history: Apparently, so they say, he became a bandit at the age of 15 as he had to run away for fighting in a duel with an adult, defending the honour of a girl he loved. He ended up being one of the most popular bandits in the area, up to a point where he had more than 50 men under his command.

  • La Ratosa Lagoon, a beautiful area protected by the Andalusian government.

  • Roman baths museum opening from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm or 8 pm, depending on the day or season.

Malaga to Alameda

It’s a short journey by car of about 80 km, which shouldn’t take us more than an hour, and on the way we’ll enjoy some fantastic views. From Malaga we have to take the road towards Antequera.

On the map below we can see the marked route to get to Alameda.

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Alameda tourist information

Town council: Plaza de Santa Maria (Convent of la Encarnacion).

Phone: +34 952 453 211

Official website: Ayuntamiento de Alameda.

Alameda phone numbers

The following phone numbers could be useful for you in case you are travelling to Alameda:

- Bus station phone: +34-952 71 01 53
- Guardia Civil phone: +34-952 71 11 12
- Hospital phone: +34-952 71 05 66
- Taxi service phone: +34-952 71 01 07
- Town council phone: +34-952 71 00 25

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