Located in the picturesque province of Malaga, Totalan is a charming village known for its numerous hiking routes. These routes, which can be explored on foot or on horseback, offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the region. Most of these routes start at the Plaza de la Constitucion, the vibrant heart of our municipality.

Nestled in a mountainous region near the sea, Totalan is characterised by its deep valleys and streams that meander through them, its steep slopes and impressive cliffs. We highly recommend a visit to the area of La Toma in the Totalan stream, a place of natural beauty that can be accessed by the Fuente de la Teja road.

Impressive view of Totalan, a charming village in the province of Malaga.

Discovering the History of Totalan

Totalan, a charming village in Malaga, has a rich and fascinating history. Its first settlements date back to the Iberian era, but it is during the Reconquista when Totalan begins to take shape as the municipality we know today.

One of the most outstanding monuments in Totalan is the dolmen Cerro de la Corona, also known as the Tomb of the Moor. This ancient dolmen, discovered in 1995, is between 5000 and 6000 years old and belongs to the last part of the Neolithic.

Another point of interest is the Torre Salazar from the 11th century, located in the Zarzo farmhouse. This tower, which dominates the sea from a hill, had the mission of defending the entrances to the village by the coast.

The urban area of the village, with its white, narrow and steep streets, extends over the slope of the El Ejido hill. From the highest area, you can observe the intricate labyrinthine layout of its streets. The church of Santa Ana, from the 16th century, with its wooden coffered ceiling and red marble columns, stands out.

At the end of the 19th century, the municipal term was affected by the phylloxera, which ended with most of the vineyards, means of subsistence of the population. It was a time when many of the neighbours emigrated to the Malaga neighbourhood of El Palo.

Discover Totalan

Totalan is a destination full of possibilities for lovers of nature, history and culture. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities that will allow you to discover the beauty and charm of this village. You can explore the numerous hiking routes that will take you through impressive landscapes, or you can visit some of the historical monuments of the village. Don't miss the Church of Santa Ana, a beautiful building dating from the 16th century; the Dolmen of Cerro de la Corona, an ancient funerary monument that offers a window to the prehistoric past of the region; and the Torre Salazar, a defensive tower from the 11th century with impressive views of the sea.

This picturesque village is nestled in the mountains, which gives it a special charm. Its white houses and steep streets are a testament to its Moorish past. At every step, you will find corners full of history and beauty.

In addition to its historical heritage, Totalan is famous for its impressive natural environment. Surrounded by mountains and with views of the sea, it is the perfect place for nature lovers. Here you can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, explore hiking routes or simply relax and enjoy the views.

Here we present some of the most interesting places you can visit in Totalan:

  • Monument and Plaza de Antonio Molina: A tribute to the famous flamenco actor and singer. [Map]
  • Church of Santa Ana: The church is by far the most important building in the village and one of the oldest in the municipality. Its origins are in the year 1515, although its current appearance is due to a renovation that was carried out in the 17th century. [Map]
  • Torre Salazar: This Arab watchtower is a defensive construction that was part of the coastal defence line. It was restored in 2009 and from it there are impressive views of the coast and the city of Malaga. [Map]

Dolmen of Cerro de la Corona

The Dolmen of Cerro de la Corona is one of the archaeological treasures of Totalan. It is located about 600 meters from the urban core of the village and dates between the fourth and third millennium BC.

This dolmen is a funerary structure that housed the collective burial of at least ten individuals. Inside, remains of human skeletons and fragments of ceramic vessels have been found. Among the nearly 4,200 bone fragments found, dental pieces of at least ten people stand out, covering an age spectrum ranging from 3 to 4 years to an individual over 45 years old.

In addition to its archaeological importance, the Dolmen of Cerro de la Corona offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the natural landscape of Totalan. From here, you can enjoy panoramic views of the village and the Mediterranean Sea.

Location on the map: View on Google Maps

Routes and Monuments

Dive into the heart of Totalan, a charming village where the narrow streets of Moorish origin invite you to explore its rich history. Discover its monuments and enjoy the impressive views of the village and the Mediterranean Sea from its highest point. This route, of just 1 kilometre, is accessible to everyone and can be covered in a short time.

Route from Totalan to Moclinejo

For the more adventurous, we offer a 12-kilometre route to the neighbouring village of Moclinejo. Ideal for cycling enthusiasts, this route will take you through rivers and valleys, offering you the opportunity to admire the landscape and explore the monuments of Moclinejo, such as its church, a beautiful building dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. Please note that the route is round trip, adding up to a total of 24 kilometres.

Route to the beach of La Cala del Moral

If you prefer the sea, we propose a route from Totalan to the beach of La Cala del Moral. This trail, which runs along the course of the Totalan stream, offers beautiful views of the mountains surrounding the place. The trail descends a steep hill until it reaches the sea, a journey that can be made both by bicycle and on foot. Although the route is simple, the climb back can be a challenge, so we recommend this route to those who are used to exercising. The total round trip distance is about 15 kilometres and it takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

Raisin Route

Totalan is an essential stop on the famous Raisin Route in the Axarquia region, in Malaga. This route covers the municipalities of Totalan, Comares, Cutar, El Borge, Almachar and Moclinejo, and is known for producing the best raisins in the world.

The Raisin Route is a journey through vineyards under a generous sun, almost all year round, that turns the muscat grape into raisins. If you look closely, dotting the hills among the vineyards planted on terraces, you will see the raisin dryers. The bunches are placed in the sun for about four weeks. An ancestral tradition, a craft where the master is the sun.

The production of the raisin grape is a completely artisanal process, it is a delicate product, everything is worked by hand, squatting among the product to arrange them in the best way on the dryer. They are covered with awnings when it is going to rain because the rain spoils the whole process.

Totalan plays an important role in the Raisin Route, being one of the possible starting points and contributing to the production of the best raisins in the world and keeping alive the ancestral cultivation traditions and techniques.

Fairs and Popular Festivals in Totalan

Totalan, like many towns in Andalusia, is famous for its vibrant fairs and popular festivals. These events are a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of the region.

Some of the most notable festivals in Totalan include:

  • Three Kings Parade: Celebrated on January 5, this holiday marks the start of the year with a parade full of colour and joy.
  • Holy Week: Holy Week is lived with fervour in Totalan. The Good Friday procession stands out, where the image of the crucified Christ is carried only by women.
  • Horse Day and Livestock Fair: In May, this fair celebrates the importance of livestock in the region with various activities and exhibitions.
  • Totalan Fair: Celebrated on the last weekend of May, this fair pays tribute to the patron saint of the town, the Virgin of the Rosary.
  • San Juan: On June 24, the traditional bonfires light up the night in honour of San Juan.
  • Cultural Week: In October, Totalan celebrates its Cultural Week with a variety of activities and events that highlight the rich culture of the town.
  • Fiesta de la Chanfaina: On the last Sunday of November, Totalan celebrates its Fiesta de la Chanfaina, a tribute to the most typical dish of the town.

Savour the Gastronomy of Totalan

Totalan is a paradise for food lovers. Here you will find a variety of restaurants and bars that offer the best of local cuisine. You can't leave without trying some of the typical dishes of the region, such as gazpachuelo, a hot soup of fish and mayonnaise; ajoblanco, a cold soup of almonds and garlic; migas, a dish based on fried bread; and Malaga salad, a refreshing mix of potatoes, oranges and olives. Each bite will allow you to discover the authentic flavours of Andalusia.

Plan Your Trip to Totalan

Planning your trip to Totalan is easy. On the map we provide, you can plot your road route to this charming town. If you don't have your own vehicle, don't worry. You can rent a car in Malaga and explore Totalan and other picturesque towns in Andalusia at your own pace. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Information about Totalan

  • Town Hall Address: Plaza de la Constitución, 1, 29197 Totalan, Malaga, Spain
  • Town Hall Phone Number: +34 952 40 02 02
  • Town Hall Website:

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