Benamocarra Welcome to Benamocarra, a charming and small municipality in the province of Malaga, located in the beautiful region of Axarquia, near Velez-Malaga. This corner of Andalusia is a treasure to discover, full of history, natural beauty and a rich local culture.

From Benamocarra, you will be able to enjoy impressive views of the Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama, the Montes de Málaga and a large part of the Costa del Sol. But the views are just the beginning of what Benamocarra has to offer.

On this page, we invite you to explore the rich history of Benamocarra, to discover the must-see sights, to immerse yourself in local activities, to savour the typical gastronomy of the region and to participate in our vibrant fairs and local festivals.

In addition, we will provide you with useful information on how to get there from Málaga airport, so that your trip is as comfortable as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading and discover all that Benamocarra has to offer!


The charm of Benamocarra dates back to its Arab origins, from whom it gets its name, which means "Sons of Mukarran", possibly a Berber tribe.

The Christian conquest of Benamocarra occurred almost simultaneously with other populations in the Axarquía. At that time, the population consisted of 115 inhabitants, of which 87 were Muslims and the rest were Christians brought from other parts of the peninsula to repopulate the conquered territories.

The Christian intransigence led to a significant loss of freedom, culminating in a rebellion in 1568 that spread through the conquered territories. Cardinal Cisneros was one of the main responsible for this dark period in the peninsula.


Most of the villages in the Axarquia have similar characteristics in terms of gastronomy and style. If you take a walk through their streets, you will immerse yourself in a captivating beauty of winding streets of Moorish origin and irregular slopes where the houses have known how to adapt to the terrain.

Tourist attractions in Benamocarra

  • Iglesia de Santa Ana: Built at the end of the 16th century, this church has Moorish influences in its architecture, making it a living testimony of the rich cultural history of Benamocarra. (Map)
  • Mosaics: On the facades and other places in the village, you will find mosaics that narrate the history and legends of Benamocarra. These mosaics are a colourful and artistic testimony of the unique identity of this municipality.
  • Patio de Amalia: This two-storey house has a fascinating history. In the past, it was a Nasrid barracks and housed a mosque inside. Between the 19th and 20th centuries, it was used as a mill. Today, it is a reminder of the rich history of Benamocarra.

Axarquia Airport

The La Axarquía Aerodrome, also known as Leoni Benabu, is located in the town of Trapiche, about three kilometres north of the urban centre of Vélez-Malaga. This aerodrome is approximately 6 kilometres from Benamocarra, which equates to a car journey of about 8 minutes.

This airport is for sports use and houses a flight school, which may be attractive to tourists with an interest in aviation. In addition, its location in the region of Axarquía, a region famous for its natural beauty and its picturesque white villages, makes it an ideal access point for those wishing to explore this part of Andalusia.

Typical cuisine of Benamocarra

  • Fritos morunos with black pudding: A traditional dish that combines black pudding, a type of sausage, with fritos morunos, which are pieces of marinated and fried meat.
  • Avocado salad: This fresh and healthy salad highlights the avocado, a locally grown fruit.
  • Gazpachuelo: It is a hot soup typical of the Malaga region, made mainly with fish and potatoes, emulsified with olive oil and garlic.
  • Sopas de maimones: A winter dish consisting of a soup made with bread, garlic, olive oil and paprika.
  • Migas with bread: Another winter dish, migas are a kind of fried bread crumbs with garlic and olive oil.
  • Fried gazpacho: A special dish served during Christmas, it is a variant of the traditional gazpacho that is fried.
  • Cod omelettes: A dish served during Holy Week, these omelettes are made with cod.
  • Gachas: A dish based on flour cooked with water or broth, similar to a porridge.
  • Tomato soup: A hot soup made with fresh tomatoes.
  • Coles moreás: A dish of boiled cabbages with other ingredients.

Fair and local festivals in Benamocarra

One of the most outstanding festivals is the Fiesta del Cristo de la Salud, which is celebrated on the third Sunday of October. This patronal festival is an important event in the calendar of Benamocarra and attracts visitors from all over the region.

In addition to the Fiesta del Cristo de la Salud, Benamocarra celebrates several other festivals throughout the year. On Resurrection Sunday, the townspeople go to the countryside for a party called "la pava", where they drink and eat with gusto, especially the hornazo. The meeting place is the banks of the Iznate river. On San Isidro (around May 15) the pilgrimage is organised after a religious function in the parish.

In the first week of September, bonfires and campfires also return here, which in Benamocarra they call "patacos" and which are lit both in the urban area and in the countryside.

How to get to Benamocarra

If you plan to visit Benamocarra, we suggest you consider the option of travelling by car. It is an efficient and fast way to get around, allowing you to explore the area at your own pace. You can rent a car in Malaga with

To get to Benamocarra from Malaga airport, the recommended route is to head towards Vélez-Málaga. From there, take the north direction and follow the signs that will guide you to Benamocarra. The car journey can take approximately 45 minutes, as the distance is about 50 kilometres.

Next, we provide you with a map with the route from Malaga airport to Benamocarra:

Tourist information about Benamocarra:

Address: C/ Zarzuela, 46. 29719.

Phone: 952 50 95 34

Official website: Benamocarra Town Hall.

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