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archidona malaga

Archidona is a municipality in Malaga province, situated near Antequera, and a very interesting town for those looking to find a perfect blend of nature and monuments. A town with a great cultural lineage and ‘Mudejar’ (Moorish) style architecture.

The Natural Reserve of Archidona Lakes is an important natural area and a wetland of saline waters that hosts several species of birds.

Archidona’s history

Archaeological remains have been found here that date back to the first settlers from the lower Palaeolithic onwards, as well as artificial caves from the Bronze Age. Virgen de Gracia Sanctuary in archidona

It was in fact the Phoenicians who founded the town’s urban core, also building a wall that would later on be completed by Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs.

Archidona was known amongst the Arabs as Medina Arxiduna and was subjected to constant plundering by the Christian troops, especially after they conquered Antequera.

Finally, the town of Archidona falls under the constant pressure of the Christians, and was used as an operations base as from then for other campaigns with the intention of extending their domination around the south of Andalusia.

In 1519 the Santa Ana church was erected, as well as many other religious buildings and civil works.

During the 19th century, the city experienced a reduction of territory, forming independent territorial cores: Villa Nueva del Rosario, Villa Nueva del Trabuco and Villa Nueva de Algaidas.


Archidona’s tourist attractions

In Archidona we’ll find the remains of the castle, built in the 9th century upon the remains of Roman walls, as well as remains of the town’s defensive walls. It also preserves structures related with bread ovens, wells, fountains, windmills and farmhouses.

Since the Christian invasion, many buildings of their own religion were built, amongst them we can highlight the Virgin of Grace chapel, built in 1462 on top of an old mosque and the Santa Ana church that was built in 1505 and altered in the 19th century.

Those who prefer to discover the ancient history of Archidona may visit the Cave of Las Grajas and the sanctuary caves with rock paintings.

Public transport

There are daily buses available between Archidona and other cities: Malaga, Antequera, Granada and Sevilla, as well as other villages naerby.

Malaga to Archidona:

There are excellent connections between Malaga airport and Archidona so you can reach this place in 45 minutes (62 km distance by car). Find the cheapest car hire Malaga airport rates and see how to get from Malaga airport to Archidona.

Tourist information about Archidona

Address: Plaza de la Victoria, S/N - 29300 Malaga.

Phone: +34 952 71 40 61.



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