This municipality in the province of Malaga is situated in the Axarquia region, approximately 58 kilometres away from the capital city. It’s an area surrounded by a natural landscape like the Alhama and Tejeda mountain ranges, with a wide variety of autochthonous flora and fauna.


Periana has a very ancient origin with human presence since the prehistoric period according to archaeological remains found in the area, even though Periana as an important urban core did not gain relevance until recent times. During the Muslim presence, the area hosted these baths with medicinal waters and there were small hamlets around it.

There’s no information on Periana until around 1761 they began to construct religious buildings in the village, such as the church and the chapel. There is also evidence of an earthquake in 1884 that devastated the area killing dozens of people and destroyed the church, which was later on rebuilt as well as the surrounding houses to host the families whose houses had been completely destroyed.

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Tourism in Periana

A visit to this village will show us a relatively modern place, as it had to be practically reconstructed after the 1884 earthquake previously mentioned.

Church of San Isidro Labrador: This church was erected after the earthquake.

Periana Fountain: Can be found in Periana’s old quarter and dates back to 1875.

Periana’s Washing Site: The place where the women used to wash their clothes while they chatted or even sang.

El Alambique (The Still): During the 19th century it was quite common to see many villages dedicated to the ‘aguardiente’ (brandy/liquor) distillation until the great plague that devastated Malaga’s vines. The factory that distributed it was founded in 1884 and was working right through till 1985, and had its very own natural water fountain.

Capellania Hill: This hill in the Viñuela reservoir area has traces of occupation during the Middle Neolithic until the first century after our era. It has the remains of buildings and a roman street from both imperial times as well as republican.

El Fuerte Hill: It has the remains of fortification walls that date back to the 9th and 11th century.

Alcolea Hill: Where the majority of the silex mines are situated, used during prehistoric times and until the 20th century. On the same hillside they discovered a necropolis from the bronze age with 15 burials.

Arab Spa in Baños de Vilo: Only 2.5 kilometres away from Periana, in a hamlet called ‘Baños de Vilo’, we’ll find these Arab baths, considered one of the most important in the whole of Andalusia during the 18th and 19th century. There are currently plans to exploit it commercially with a spa integrated in the baths.

From Malaga to Periana

A journey by car of about 62 km between Malaga airport and this inland village. If you wish to hire a car, feel free to check out our offers for car hire Malaga or for Malaga airport transfers.

On the map below you can see the recommended route to get from Malaga to Periana.

Tourist information about Periana:

Town council: Plaza Andalucia, 1. 29710.
Tel: +34 952 53 61 67
Official website: Ayuntamiento de Periana

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