Heading to Gibraltar by car? How not to despair in the attempt

The author of this article very recently had the brilliant idea of doing a quick shopping excursion to Gibraltar while travelling back from a trip to Tarifa. It´s been a few years since the last time she had travelled by car to Gibraltar, so what she found there caught her completely off guard: Getting stuck in the endless queue at the border.

Getting there...
Getting there…

Let’s suppose you´re enjoying one of our cars during your holiday and fancy a day trip to The Rock for some shopping and / or sight-seeing. For convenience of course you want to drive there by your own means. So far, so good.

But if you don´t want to bore yourself senseless in a semi-cataleptic state inside your car for far too long, you might consider the options presented below.

According to official data, about 36,000 people cross daily the border from La Linea to Gibraltar, along with 10,000 vehicles, 180 trucks and 40 buses. We won´t go into further detail, the pictures speak for themselves.

Even if you endured the queue, once in Gibraltar, what are your plans? Parking space is very limited and costly. Thus a good alternative might be parking in La Linea, walk across the border and then take the public bus.

Highlighted in blue you can see the lane you have to take to Gibraltar and the nearest car parks in La Linea de la Concepcion.

Public car parks in La Linea:
There are two underground public car parks located about 800 metres from the border; one is situated at Plaza de la Constitucion and the other one in Avenida del Ejercito / Avenida del Mar. The rates of both is 2.21 € / hour.

Just after the border is located the bus stop; there are several city buses that go directly to the centre every 10-20 minutes. There is also a red Double Decker bus which serves the route between the border and the city centre every 15 minutes. An adult single fare currently costs £1.00 and an all-day Hoppa ticket costs £1.50.

You are still decided to go to Gibraltar by car?
Then we give you some more tips on some requirements. The main requirement is patience, for the queue in and out of Gibraltar. Luckily, if you use our car hire Malaga services, all our cars have air conditioning, but don´t travel in the summer without a bottle of water. You´ll need a valid passport or ID. The entry into Gibraltar, of course, is free. In Gibraltar, unlike most British territories, it is mandatory driving on the right, as it shares border with Spain.

Getting back…

A good alternative is to drive to Eurosport Road and park in the Morrisons supermarket car park. From there it’s about 600 metres walk to Main Street. If you want to do excursions in Gibraltar, we suggest an excursion by bus or taxi. It is forbidden to take your car to the Nature Reserve, one of the best attractions of Gibraltar.