Stories for sleepless nights: Reasons for not hiring with a Broker

What we are going to narrate would be a great a story for sleepless nights that fits very well to these dates close to Halloween; unfortunately, everything we comment really happened on October 30 in the vicinity of Malaga airport with a broker. Let’s find out what did happen and a real case customer experience.

Real case customer experience at Malaga airport

We have your attention? Let’s find out about the customer experience below.

In our offices turned up a lady who came walking from the airport with two suitcases and a girl, with some printed sheets of paper and a wrong direction where she supposedly could find the car rental company with which she had booked her car.

The paper only contained the name of the broker and a contact phone number in Germany which the lady could not contact because she hadn´t hired Roaming from her home country (something to keep in mind, take note!).

We don´t want to bore you with the details that were many and varied, which greatly hampered the location of the company delivering the rental car.

Nearly two hours later one of our courtesy minibuses took the lady (with the girl and luggage) back to the airport to continue their journey from there with one of the companies located in the terminal working with the broker (we cannot give any names, of course!).

Okay, the lady had bad luck, these things usually don´t happen, have never happened, the lady was clueless…?

It’s possible.

In fact we offered her to rent a car at our facilities, extra insurance and all inclusive, about 40 € less than in her contract with the broker, which the lady had to refuse since they had already billed the full amount for a service that she was desperately searching for (we may exaggerate because the lady was able to maintain her composure throughout this journey).

Of course we recommended her to rent next time with

Why using malagacar

– Because you know that we will pick you up at the airport

– We have a name, a real address at Malaga airport, a local telephone, an emergency mobile and a staff that works for you.

– Because we do not charge a penny until you pick up your car, nor do we charge cancellation fees.

– We don´t cost you time or nerves

– And you are not paying for a middleman, which necessarily increases the final price of the vehicle (which in this case have been more than 40 Euros for a 10 day rental).

Now you know the story… the decision is in your hands!

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