Fair fuel prices at MalagaCar.com and all about fuel policies

A number of car hire companies in Malaga advertise incredibly cheap rental prices, but driver beware! In many cases, these firms claw their money back through a number of hidden charges – one of which is their fuel policy. In this article we will learn about fair fuel policy and the amoung of fuel you would need for your rental.

It is common for many first-time tourists to look for the cheapest car rental prices without taking anything else into account. Some of them think that the price shown online is the only difference between different companies; this is a mistake that can take its toll when it comes to paying for the rental. The first thing you should think when you see an excessively cheap price, is that there is a catch; and there is, we are going to see one of the practices that many use to show lower, but misleading, prices.

Unbeatable rates for car hire

  • Large fleet of brand new cars.
  • Pay on arrival.
  • What you see is what you pay.
  • No hard sell at desk.
  • VIP delivery service for free.
  • No fuel rip-off, we do not charge refueling service fee.

Full-Empty Fuel policy

First of all, Malagacar.com does not opperate under this premise, we just want to point it out before you continue reading. Rental companies operating under this policy, will charge fuel more expensive and can advertise much cheaper prices online.

How does the full-empty policy works? Drivers will pick up their vehicle and pay a full tank in addition to their rental charge. They also have to return the car empty of fuel; which is impossible to comply unless you bring the car drawn by horses.

A number of firms operate a ‘full-empty’ policy. This is where under the booking terms, drivers pick up their vehicle and pay for a full tank of fuel in addition to their rental charge; returning the car with an empty tank. So how does this cost rental drivers more? In many cases, the full tank of fuel is charged at an extraordinarily inflated rate. We’ve heard one story of a holidaymaker being charged almost the double price of filling the tank. The money the firm lost on the rental and the “misleading low price” was recovered with the profit made by the inflated fuel charge, not to mention the extra money made selling-on any fuel left behind in the tank.

Why do they advertise misleading prices?

Many clients wonder why companies risk loosing customers by showing misleading prices and charging hidden extras. Well, there are two ways of managing a rental firm, with volume or with quality of service and repeating customers; we prefer the second.

Those companies also use 3rd party brokers to rent their cars, and the broker list is ordered by price. Finally all of them are fighting to be the first artificially lowering the rental price, but charging later the customer.

We have another article about hidden charges in rental firms we recommend you to read; there you will learn also why the lowest price will not always be the cheapest.

How much fuel do you need?

Would you need a full tank of fuel? Well not necessarily. The average mileage on a car booked for one week in Malaga is approximately 400kms. When you consider the average size family car can travel up to 800km on a full tank of fuel; this leaves half a tank of fuel (bought and paid for) going back to the rental company, who can then sell it on again.

Very few companies refund for the fuel left in the tank, so unless you’re going to leave your resort and drive laps around the rental office, you’re unlikely to get your money’s worth. The other alternative is to risk driving the busy roads around Malaga Airport with barely any fuel, just to return it empty. In this scenario, think of the recovery costs that you’d be charged to rescue you and the car before finally making it to the airport.

Fair fuel policy

So what is a fair fuel policy? We consider a fair fuel policy, the one that will let you bring the vehicle with the same amount of fuel you picked it up. We don’t over-charge for the fuel we pump into our cars; you will not be ‘ripped-off’ with extortionate fuel costs.

Fair Fuel policy

Here at Malagacar.com we feel this is the fairest fuel policy, and one of the best available for our customers – many of who return year after year. Not only can we offer a vehicle to cover any budget, but our well maintained, spotlessly clean fleet is price-checked regularly to ensure we always offer the best value for car hire at Malaga airport.

For more information about our ‘No fuel rip off’ policy or for further information about booking your holiday car rental with us, please check our car rental terms and conditions.

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