Hiring a car at Malaga airport – Avoid hidden costs!

No one wants to overpay for a certain service. Hiring a car at Malaga airport in particular has acquired a bit of a bad reputation, as customers are often surprised by expenses that are not clearly specified in advance or broken down into the supposed final price.

We at Malagacar.com like things to be clear. Below, we explain everything you need to know about carhire at Malaga airport. In addition, we clarify our available services, so that your experience of hiring a car with us is satisfactory from start to finish.

Hiring a car at Malaga airport Malagacar.com

Malagacar.com office at Malaga airport

Extra charges, yes, but hidden? No!

Well, to be honest, which one of us reads in full the Terms and Conditions when we hire a car? But even those who do, may encounter certain opacities regarding extra charges that result in unpleasant surprises when picking up their car. Frankly, it’s not the best way to start a well-deserved vacation!

The extra charges added to the basic car rental are a reality. Below, we explain our extra charges, which are also broken down in your booking, so that you know at all times what you have to pay when hiring a car at Malaga airport with Malagacar.com.

Typical extra charges

Unavoidable extra charges

Typical charges added to the basic car price are baby seats, child seats or GPS. These are additional services, such as our electric scooter rental.

Another unavoidable charge will depend on the drivers age, as young drivers are subject to special Terms and Conditions, depending on their age and the car they can rent from us. This is the only extra expense that is not currently reflected in our Booking Voucher, since our staff verifies the driver’s age with his driver’s license, once he arrives at our office.

Avoidable extra charges

One charge that is avoidable concerns late car collection between 11 pm and 8 am. Knowing that picking up the car during this time is subject to a 35 euro surcharge might make you consider whether it’s worth taking a cheap flight that arrives so late (plus the inconvenience of then still having to drive to your final destination).

Another avoidable charge is the additional driver. Here at Malagacar.com we offer you 3 different packages to choose from (Basic Pack, Comfort Pack, Full Pack), where you only have to pay for the additional driver if you choose the Basic Rate.

Free Roadside assistance is also on the same line. Our Comfort Pack and Full Pack packages already include this service, which is not covered in the Basic Rate.

The excess. Does the pack you’ve chosen have insurance with an excess? If you don’t want to have unpleasant surprises due to scratches when you park your car on the street, with our Full Pack you are completely covered from any incident.

And finally, the excess mileage. If you drive one of our cars many kilometres with Basic Rate, there will also be a surcharge for each extra kilometre; while with the remaining packs you can enjoy unlimited mileage.

In short, many times, choosing the most basic option of a car rental is not always the cheapest, as costs will be added later.

If you want to drive with peace of mind, when hiring a car at Malaga airport, we recommend booking our Full Pack which also has priority attention and fast delivery to our office, at a highly competitive price.

Did you know that…?

– Booking your car with Malagacar.com, you don’t need to pay in advance and we don’t charge cancellation fees

– You will pay comfortably with your card in our office, when you pick up your car

– We don’t charge for fuel. Just return the car with the same amount of fuel as we delivered it

14 Responses to Hiring a car at Malaga airport – Avoid hidden costs!

  1. Stan says:

    What about the hidden insurance charges? I’ve been charged by other companies a hidden €200 for insurance. Do you do this?

    • Hi Stan,

      You can choose what it suits you best. You can take out the full pack that includes full insurance coverage, or you can take the basic pack and leave a deposit.


  2. Ian Smith says:

    I have used Malagacar for many years and have made around 25 bookings. Each time has been a smooth easy process. Fairly priced and with good quality cars. I have never experienced or heard of anyone else having any problems with cars or bookings. Great company.

  3. David Richardson says:

    We have used Malagacar for the last five years and never had a problem. Always quick and polite service and great cars. We have a car for 4 months at a time and that’s more you can say for other hire companies.
    Will continue to book again in December.

  4. Michael Hawley says:

    I have tried to book a car for 58 days twice this month and haven’t received a confirmation.

  5. Mick willsden says:

    Have been using malagacar for 12 years now twice a year i have never had any issues with them and the cars have always been great only slight ctiticism is serving full pack customers before regular customers at check in but apart from that i would and have reccomended them to friends

  6. Doug Hall says:

    We’re due to arrive at Malaga airport on 21st March and returning home from Malaga on 28th March. What would be the price for a 5 door car, Vauxhall Corsa size?

  7. David Hames says:

    Always friendly, helpful and polite , quick prompt service, transfer to and from the airport.
    Have used for the last 8 or 9 years.

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