New fuel labels from October 12, 2018

Everything you need to know about the new fuel labels, to continue driving your Malagacar with maximum peace of mind. Discover all about the new labelling at the service stations, which will come into force in Spain on October 12.

The objective of the new labelling is to achieve a consensus on the nomenclature in the European territory. These new labels are used by 28 countries in Europe, including Spain, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey.

Equivalence of the new labelling

The equivalence in terms of the type of gasoline or diesel depends on each service station and the additives they add to the fuel. Current gasolines already have a percentage of ethanol, it’s nothing new with what we have to deal with.

So, what do I have to consider?

In order not to complicate things unnecessarily (since different brands of fuel have different component compositions):

The gasoline or diesel you will use for your vehicle will remain the same, with the difference that from now on will be considered the amount of ethanol or biodiesel it contains. Therefore, at the moment we can refuel as usual.

The labels that the driver finds at the pump of the gas station when refuelling will continue to exist. They will not be replaced by any other and will remain in the same visible place as before.

The only novelty is that from October 12 drivers will find another sticker approved by the European Union. These new fuel labels will inform drivers about the amount of biofuel contained in the fuel.

This name change will be labelled as of October 2018 in new vehicles. If the vehicle is new, you may already have the label. It should be near the fuel cap or on the fuel cap.

If you decide to rent a car in Malaga and still have doubts, we recommend asking about the type of gasoline you must use to refuel the vehicle.

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