Forget the first Grocery Shopping with your Startpackage at Malagacar.Com

  • Posted on April 9, 2018
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We are very happy to be in collaboration with Startpackage-Malaga, a company that offers to provide groceries to clients of MalagaCar.

They started up last year, because they found it very difficult to do grocery shopping in the evening and on Sundays, and to be honest after a long journey shopping was the last thing that they wanted to do.

So they decided to help travelers arriving in Malaga, by launching, a service where they do the first shopping for YOU.
Their goal is to make the start of your holiday easier and less stressful.

Instead of running around to find the nearest supermarkets, you now can have the opportunity to start your well-earned holiday right away, when you arrive at your holiday home, with a nice glass of wine/beer and a late-night snack.

When you rent a car through, you get the opportunity to buy a StartPackage, or you can choose to make your own by choosing from their shop, where there are over 50 different products.

What is a StartPackage:

Startpackage Plus Ham & Bacon
Startpackage Plus Ham & Bacon


You can choose between a ham-bacon or chicken-turkey version, and there are 3 different sizes and prices, so there is something for everybody.

The Startpackage contains all the basics you need for your first breakfast, you also get the option to add on additional items, like gluten and lactose free products, wine, beer, sandwich, pizzas, and a lot more.

Everything is delivered in a nice cooler bag, with ice packs to keep your food and drinks fresh and cold, until you arrive at your destination. The cooler bag is for you to keep, and is very useful afterwards for shopping or on a trip to the beach.

They deliver 24/7 EVERYDAY and to very reasonable prices.

How does it work?

Startpackage Pick & Choose


When you have booked your car, you get a confirmation from, from there you can access their website and order your StartPackage.

They deliver when you pick up your rental car from us.

We have been working together for over a year now, and we know that they are reliable and trustworthy.

So why not let them do your first shopping to give YOU the best start of your holiday ever.

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