Traffic Fines in Malaga

Here we offer a little reminder of fines on Spanish roads, in addition to the obvious: Not breaking the law comes cheaper!

What if you have violated any restrictions with your rental car in Malaga? Do you have to pay a fine? And how is the process if you live abroad?

By way of introduction, we would like to remind you that every day we get a lot of – mostly – speeding fines, originating in the province of Malaga mainly from two points along the Mediterranean Motorway A-7. It is important to note that these are stretch radars from a point A to another B, calculating average speed between the two.

Between Fuengirola and Marbella from km 205.2 to km 200 the speed limit is 80km / h; thus it is of no use to slow down only at the beginning and the end, since this radar takes the average.

The same applies in the tunnel from Torrox to Nerja from km 287.7 to km 288.7. In the tunnel there is a speed limit of 100 km / h. Exceeding the average, the radar at the end of tunnel gets activated automatically.

radar de tramo

We also remind you that currently the DGT (Spanish Dirección General de Tráfico) has no obligation to stop, in order to notify that you have been fined.

I have a traffic ticket, now what? as the car owner receives a notification from the DGT on the fine. Our administration proceeds to notify the driver with an informative email about the charge and a summary of the fine. Then the customer must wait to receive the original notification of the DGT to his/her name in their habitual residence and make the payment within the time limit stipulated there.

How much are the fines?

Fines in terms of cost and points on your license are determined by the severity of the offence. Parking penalties have a lesser fine than for instance a speeding violation which could cost up to 600 € and up to six points on your driving license.

Discount for early payment

If you pay the fine within 20 days of receipt, you will usually be given a discount of around 50%.

Where can I pay my fine?

You can either pay the fine at a local bank or you can pay online via the DGT website. Link to the online application:

Payment Fines DGT


If you’re one of our foreign customers, please contact us by phone or email, we are happy to help.

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26 Responses to Traffic Fines in Malaga

  1. Hiren Sagar says:

    Hi! I’ve received a letter for speeding fine but I cannot locate the 12 digit reference number (on the letter that I’ve received) while trying to pay at the dmb site.

    I had emailed your com many about the same a few days ago but haven’t got any revert

  2. Andzej says:

    I received fine from Ayuntamiento de Malaga. I live in UK. And visited Malaga one year ago. The letter came just now. Everything is in spanish. Do I need to pay that fine? And then where and how to pay?

  3. Kate Williams says:


    I recently parked somewhere I shouldn’t have and blocked a water hydrant. The car got towed away and I ended up paying just under 200€ to get it back.

    Anyway the following days, other cars parked in the same space and only received a fine but were not towed away like my car?

    How do I go about appealing the fine? I have photo evidence of the cars parked in the same space and only receiving a simple fine.

    Also, if the car is towed, do MalagaCar charge an administration fee or is that only for speeding fines?

    This was dealt with via the local police.

    • Hi Kate, unfortunately, appealing that fine won’t result in any reduction. If the water hydrant is needed, they will tow your car.

      Our administration fee applies for all kind of fines received by the car.


  4. frederick Clive smithyman says:

    We have tried to contact your company numerous times to give you your new card details to pay the fine. Why do you not reply

  5. Benjamin Boyle Court says:

    Hello, I am trying to pay online a traffic violation (Ref #923235461) but the information forward to me by the leasing agency (Avis) does not indicate the date of notification (of traffic infraction), which makes it impossible to utilize the online form for paying fines. What information is needed to obtain the date of notification of infraction? Thank you.

  6. Ryan Burdon says:

    I received an email from Malaga car stating they were charging me a €45 handling fee as I had committed a traffic offence, Apparently going down a prohibited street, or at least I think that is what it says, ( it’s in Spanish)
    I disputed this with Malaga car via email and said I would be appealing any potential fine.
    I informed them if they took my money prior to the outcome of the supposed offence being concluded I would never use them again. I hire in Spain around 3/4 times a year, my last hire was £700.

    I received no reply, Malaga car did however take £38 from my bank account which ended our relationship.
    I have also not received any notification of a fine from the spanish authorities. The offence allegedly happened over 7 weeks ago, and from what I have read online the fine is no longer legally valid after 6 weeks.

  7. Johanna says:

    What rubbish! Malaga Car sucks! Not only did they give us a car where the tank was not as per they rules but they debitted any amount from our account for speeding though already we paid to the Malaga authroty!! MALAGA CAR IS DOING FRAUD!! DO NOT USE!!

    • Hi Johanna, we have to identify each driver manually. This task requires a lot of time, so there is one person dedicated to it. In our terms and conditions ( you can read:
      If the vehicle receives a fine during the rental period the lessee or main driver is held responsible. Said fines carry a cost of 30 €.

      You can read these conditions before booking. There is no fraud, but a misinformation on your side.


    • Magnus Larsson says:

      Hi Johanna.
      I’ve used Malaga Many times and never had any problems. Always have been correct and honest. But of course, I always follow the rules and speed limit.

      Best regards
      Mr Magnus Larsson

    • R Beverton says:

      I don’t know of any car hire company that charges less than 30 euros for this. Once I mistakenly drove through a restricted access street while visiting the UK. The local authority waived the fine after I wrote to them; but I still had to pay 35 GBP to Europcar

    • Rob says:

      Have to disagree I’m afraid Johanna, – I’ve used Malagacar many times and they have been consistently excellent. Polite patient and reasonable at every step.

    • Donna says:

      I have to say that when we picked up a speeding ticket (in the Torrox to Nerja tunnel), Malagacar followed the exact procedure as described in this article. We paid DGT within 20 days and got a reduction of 50% on the fine. We had no issue with Malagacar who informed us that we had incurred the fine. They charged us a small administration fee, which I suppose was fair enough as there was work involved on their behalf. I’m just saying this as I don’t think it’s fair to accuse Malagacar of bad practice when we have been using them for a long time without any issues.

    • Daniel Johnston says:

      I have always used Malaga car hire on my annual golf trip for the last 8 years. Never ever had a problem with them and would not use any other hire company. Their deposit policy had changed over the years but I now Allow for that.
      Using them again on 20th this month and have no concerns at all. By far the best hire company in Malaga and so easy to access from the airport.
      Sorry Johanna. Your comments are totally unfair and not representative of the company.

  8. Jean says:

    I have received a parking-fine from Ayuntamiento de Alhaurin El Grande (Malaga).
    Can you help me, to a onlinepayment?

    I have tried Payment Fines DGT – but it needs a 12 digits recordnumber. It is not on my fine.

    Thank you

  9. Nielsen says:

    Im living abrod and got a speedticker , some time ago. What happens if i dont pay that bill, its long time ago

    • Hello Nielsen! There are plans to link the databases of infractors Europe wide; having received a fine on your name you are supposed to pay.

      Here we found link that might interest you:

      What happens if you don’t pay?
      That’s the million dollar question, to which there is no definite answer.
      The likelihood of the non payment coming back to haunt you increases with each of the following factors –
      • You were in a developed nation, especially one with reciprocal links to yours
      • You were in a rental car from one of the big international companies
      • The fine was significant
      • You intend to revisit that country, especially the same State /area
      • You intend to rent a car again from the same company

      Best regards!

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