Map of Malaga Speed Cameras

Radar Malaga
In Spain take place each year over 4,000,000 traffic offences, of which about half (46 %) belong to speeding.

The province of Malaga currently has some 22 fixed radars and more than 50 camouflaged radars distributed between both the A-7 and the A-45, as well as secondary roads.

Exceeding the speed limits can get really expensive: Fines for speeding range from 100 euros without loss of points to 600 euros and the possibility of jail.

Below you will find a very useful radar map, as it shows not only the fixed speed radars in the province of Malaga (or any other province of your choice), but also the camouflaged radars; we recommend that you pay special attention to them.


Speed Cameras in Malaga Province


Malaga Speed Cameras

Fixed radar in the province of Málaga


Mediterranean Motorway A-7

Km. 175,8, Puerto Banus, Marbella. 120 km/h
Km. 200,1-205,2 Section radar. Calaburras Lighthouse, Mijas, 80 km/h
Km. 205,2-200,1 Section radar. Calaburras Lighthouse, Mijas, 80 km/h
Km. 246, Cerrado de Calderon, 80 km/h
Km. 256,7, Rincon de la Victoria-Torre de Benagalbon, 80 km/h
Km. 287,6-288,7 Section radar. Torrox Tunnel, 100 km/h

Las Pedrizas Motorway A-45

Km. 103,3, Las Pedrizas, 100 Km/h
Km. 118, Villanueva de Cauche, 100 km/h
Km. 126-128,8. Section radar. Las Pedrizas Tunnels, 80 km/h
Km. 134,2-140,2 Section radar. Venta Cotrina, 80 km/h

Other secondary roads

MA-20 Malaga km 9, 80Km/h
N-340A Marbella, Avenida Alfonso von Hohenlohe, 80 km/h

A-355: Km. 28,5, Coin-Marbella, next to Ojen, 60 km/h
A-356: Km. 36,5 Carretera de Arco (Casabermeja-Velez), next to La Viñuela, 60 km/h
A-357: Km. 38,9, Guadalhorce Motorway, Zalea junction, 90 km/h
A-367: Km. 22,8, Ardales-Ronda, next to Cuevas del Becerro, 90 km/h
A-384: Km. 86,9, Almargen, in direction towards Campillos, 60 km/h
A-397 Carretera de Ronda, after Parauta ther ere 2 Radars, 60 km/h
A-7052: Km. 3,5, Churriana-Cartama, next to Alhaurin de la Torre, 60 km/h
A-7053: At the hight of Mijas Golf, 50km/h
A-7054: Km. 8,7, Malaga-Pizarra, 60 Km/h

…and what about Devices to detect radars?


There are currently three types of devices for the location of radars of which only one is allowed:

Radar Informant. These come standard on GPS and have access to the data base of the DGT (General Direction of Traffic).

The Radar Detectors can detect signals emitted by radar and alert the driver with an acoustic signal; they are prohibited since 2014.

Radar Inhibitors alter the action of the radar and are prohibited. Their installation carries a fine of 6,000 euros and withdrawal of six license points.

In general we recommend not exceeding more than five percent of the speed marking the speedometer of your car; thus you´ll avoid being caught by radar. And if you don´t want a speeding ticket you have it quite easy: Just don´t exceed the set speed.


7 Responses to Map of Malaga Speed Cameras

  1. Kari says:

    Unreliable map. Average speed zone from La Cala is missing. Start of AP-7 in Fuengirola is weather camera, not speed. Just what I spotted in one minute.

    • Hi Kari,

      La Cala is included in the map if you choose a radius larger than 50km, although both ends are labeled as fixed radar (should be speed zone). About other radars, check that some of them are labeled as “camouflaged”, so they are not fixed radars. You can disable camouflaged radars to avoid confusion.


  2. Stephen Ryan says:

    Hi there,
    I am just wondering why do some motorways in spain, particularly the malaga area have speed limits such as 80 km/h or 100 km/h, when some are probably more than safe enough to have speed limits of 120 km/h and would not significantly increase the risk of accidents??

    • Hi Stephen,

      In some cases it seems justified, like the Mijas Costa section radar. But a few of them have no particular reason to be there (Km. 246, Cerrado de Calderon, I’m looking at you!). They are clearly used to make some cash.

      Best regards,

    • Mark says:

      From Marbella to Cadiz, is there a camera/radarto look for? I aint seeing anything…

    • Hi Mark, if you take the shortest route (Marbella -> Algeciras / Los Barrios Exit -> Cadiz) you will have to look for 2 radars.

      The first one is in the A7/E15 just after exit 119 towards San Roque (100 km/h).

      The next one is in the A-381, after a tunnel, just a few kilometres away from exit 45 towards Alcala de los Gazules (100 km/h).

      Beware, there is also a section radar in the bridge to access Cadiz centre. Also, there could be lot of mobile radars out there, so drive cautiously!


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