Speed cameras in Malaga Summer 2023

  • Posted on June 19, 2023
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For this summer 2023 the Spanish General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has updated its list of speed cameras in the province of Malaga, with a total of 57 devices.

We are expecting a very active summer in terms of travel in our beautiful province.

And if we prefer to spend our money on cold beers and fried fish instead of fines, it is worth bearing in mind where these fixed radars, stretch radars (those that force you to respect the maximum speed limit for several kilometres) and hidden mobile radars are located.

Speed cameras in Malaga Summer 2023

The province of Malaga currently has 57 radars, of which more than 30 are mobile, 20 fixed and 5 stretch radars, distributed both between the A-7 and the A-45, as well as secondary roads.

New this year: Anti-braking and cascade radars

If you are one of those who only lift your foot off the accelerator just before a speed camera, you may be in for a surprise this summer:

The DGT will install new anti-braking radars to prevent just that. There is a mobile radar placed many metres before the fixed radar, duly signposted, to record the actual speed of the vehicle and detect whether the driver has only braked to pass the speed camera.

So, if the car takes less than the stipulated time to cover the entire stretch between one speed camera and the other, it means that it has driven faster than the speed limit. Pocket your fine.

The cascade speed camera is very similar to the speed camera, but in reverse. This time a mobile speed camera is positioned many metres after the fixed speed camera. If you increase speed like crazy thinking you’ve already passed the speed camera, you’re in for a surprise too.

How much does it cost to exceed the speed limit?

Exceeding the speed limit can be very expensive: Fines for speeding range from 100 euros without loss of points to 600 euros and the possibility of imprisonment.

The motorways and roads with the most speed cameras in the province of Malaga this year are the coastal motorway (A-7), the regional road (A-397) that connects the Serrania de Ronda with the western Costa del Sol, with 6 speed cameras each, followed by the A-45 Malaga-Cordoba motorway.

But the secondary roads are also quite busy, the most important ones being: A-356 between Vélez-Málaga and the reservoir of La Viñuela; A-355 between Marbella, Ojén and Coín or the A-397 from Marbella to Ronda.

malaga speed cameras

Did you know that the radar that fines the most is in Malaga?

Yes, the radar that fines the most in Andalusia and the third most in Spain is located in Malaga, with almost 50,000 fines in the year 2022, which is an average of 130 cars fined daily.

This radar is located down the long slope of Cerrado de Calderón, in Malaga city, at kilometre 246. It is properly signposted and forces you to lower your speed to 80 km/h.

Radares en Málaga
Speed camera at Cerrado del Calderón towards Rincón de la Victoria, Photo MalagaHoy

Mediterranean Motorway A-7

  • Puerto Banús-Marbella, km. 175,8 120 km/h
  • Faro de Calaburras, Mijas km. 200,1-205,2 Stretch radar 80 km/h
  • Faro de Calaburras, Mijas km. 205,2-200,1 Stretch radar 80 km/h
  • Cerrado de Calderón, km. 246 80 km/h
  • Rincón de la Victoria-Torre de Benagalbón km. 256,7 80 km/h
  • Torrox Tunnel, km. 287,6-288,7. Stretch radar 100 km/h

malaga speed cameras

Motorway Las Pedrizas A-45

  • Las Pedrizas, km. 103,3  100 km/h
  • Villanueva de Cauche, km. 118 100 km/h
  • Las Pedrizas Tunnels, km. 126-128,8 Stretch radar 80 km/h
  • Venta Cotrina, km. 134,2-140,2 Stretch radar 80 km/h

malaga speed cameras

Other roads

  • MA-20: Málaga km. 10.4 80km/h
  • MA-3300: Alhaurín el Grande-Alhaurín de la Torre, km 0.0-12 Mobile radar
  • N-331: Antequera-Lucena, km. 103-114.3 Mobile radar
  • N-340: Torrox Costa, km. 279- 295 Mobile radar
  • N-340: Marbella, Avenida Alfonso von Hohenlohe 80 km/h
  • A-343: Antequera-Pizarra km.2.4 Mobile radar
  • A-355: Coín-Marbella, a la altura de Ojén Km. 28,5 60 km/h
  • A-355: Marbella-Cártama km 9.2 -21.6 Marbella-Cártama Mobile radar
  • A-356: Casabermeja-Vélez, towards La Viñuela km. 36,5 60 km/h
  • A-356: Casabermeja-Vélez, km. 01- 48 2 Mobile radars
  • A-357: Autovía del Guadalhorce, towards Zalea km. 38,9 90 km/h
  • A-357: Málaga-Campillos, km. o- 46 Mobile radar
  • A-366: Coín -Ronda: 0-60 2 Mobile radars
  • A-367: Ardales-Ronda, travesía de Cuevas del Becerro km. 22,8 90 km/h
  • A-367: Ronda-El Chorro, km. 4,3-22,8  2 Mobile radars
  • A-369: Ronda-Gaucín, km.o-36 Mobile radar
  • A-367: Ronda-Algodonales, km. 8,7-33,7 Mobile radar

malaga speed cameras

  • A-384: Almargen, towards Campillos, km. 89,6  60 km/h
  • A-384: Antequera-Arcos Frontera, km. 82 – 131 2 Mobile radars
  • A-387: Fuengirola-Alhaurín el Grande, km 0.000 – 19 2 Mobile radars
  • A-397: Ronda-San Pedro, km.28.2-30.5 Stretch Radar after la Zagaleta
  • A-397: Ronda-San Pedro, km. 7 and 11.5
  • A-397: Ronda-San Pedro, km. 0.00-48 2 Mobile radars
  • A-397: Carretera de Ronda, after Parauta 2 radars, 60 km/h
  • A 402: Viñuela-Alhama, km. 44.7-59.4 Mobile radar
  • A-404: Torremolinos-Coín, km. 0.0-24.5 Mobile radar
  • A-405: Gaucín-San Roque, km. 0.0-12.4 Mobile radar
  • A-7052: Churriana-Cártama, towards Alhaurín de la Torre, Km. 3,5 60 km/h
  • A-7054: Málaga-Pizarra, km. 0.0-24.9 Mobile radar
  • A-7053: Fuengirola-Alhaurín el Grande, km. 0.0-14.8 Mobile radar
  • A-7053: Fuengirola-Alhaurín el Grande, km. 11.1

Speed radars map in Malaga

  • A-7054: Málaga-Pizarra, Km. 8,7 60 Km/h
  • A-7057: Cártama-Estación, km. 0.0-4.2 Mobile radar
  • A-7059: Cártama-Coín, km. 0.6-12.4 Mobile radar
  • A-7075: Antequera-Málaga, km. 0.0- 51.5 Mobile radar
  • A-7206: Cómpeta-Algarrobo Costa, km. 0.0-17.110 Mobile radar
  • A-7282: Antequera-A92, km. 8.1-12.9 Mobile radar

interior speed radar map in Malaga

Interactive Map of Speed cameras in Malaga province

Google Maps Radar Alert 

Google maps app
credit Depositphotos

The Google Maps app now also alerts you to the location of speed cameras and also functions as a speedometer. To do this, you mark your route in the app and speed cameras appear as orange balloons. The app also includes a mobile speed camera warning function trough other users.

We remind you that the radar warning function is legal in Spain, what is illegal is the use of radar detectors and inhibitors.

… and radar detection devices?

There are currently three types of radar location awareness devices of which only one is permitted:

  • Radar warnings. These come as standard with GPS and have access to the DGT database. They are permitted by law but only display fixed speed cameras.
  • Radar detectors can detect the signals emitted by speed cameras and warn the driver with an acoustic signal; they have been banned since 2014.
Dispositivo detector de radar
Radar detector device for cars credit Depositphoto
  • Radar jammers alter the operation of the radar and are prohibited. Their installation carries a fine of 6,000 euros and the withdrawal of six licence points.

In general, we recommend not to exceed more than five percent of the speedometer speed of your car; this way you will avoid being caught by a speed camera.

And if you don’t want to be fined, it’s easy: don’t exceed the established speeds.

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