Typical Summer fines driving in Spain – Myths and Facts

Malaga and the typical summer fines: Which are true and which are myths? We go through them one by one.

Every summer, when the heat swelters in Malaga, we ask ourselves the same questions again and again: Can I drive in flip-flops? Shirtless? In a Bikini? Can I drink water while driving? Or enjoy a refreshing ice cream at the wheel?

Find out what you shouldn’t do, if you prefer to spend your money in a Beach bar instead on a fine.

Driving in flip-flops

Driving in flip-flops

Although it can be extremely dangerous to drive in footwear such as flip-flops, there is no specific law for the type of footwear worn.

But it can be a punishable act: if a police officer thinks that flip-flops do not allow you to operate the pedals properly, you can be fined.

Fine of up to €80.

And in the case of a traffic offence or accident that could be related to footwear, it would be taken into account.

Driving barefoot

Photo Bored Panda

The pedals of the vehicle cannot be used properly when barefoot. We are sorry. When you come back from the beach, you will have to put on a more suitable shoe for driving.

80€ fine.

Driving shirtless or in a bikini

Summer fines
The heat in combination with this view is going to take away more than one driver’s concentration. Photo Humor Blog

You can drive shirtless or in a bikini. However, if you have an accident, the seat belt could burn your skin to the point of leaving a permanent scar.

The law does not explicitly say that driving in a bikini is forbidden. But it does say that the clothing must ensure freedom of movement, not obstruct your field of vision, be safe to drive and allow you to control the vehicle in all situations.

This can lead to a summer fine of €80.

Drinking water while driving

Photo Autopista

When someone has been fined for this because they were caught driving and trying to open the bottle while driving, or driving with the bottle in one hand, which is strictly forbidden.

100€ fine.

Remember that you need both hands to hold the steering wheel and use the indicators. No policeman will give you a ticket for taking a sip for a few seconds.

Putting your hand, elbow or arm out of the window

Summer fines
Stick your hand out the window to feel the breeze? Better to invest in a cool beer at your destination!

This fine applies to drivers who have their arms out of the window for several minutes of driving in that position, not for doing it for a few seconds.

80€ fine

Driving with a hat/cap covering the ears

How many violations can you detect in this image?

You may wear any headgear when driving, as long as you keep your ears uncovered.

If a driver’s ears are covered, their hearing may be impaired and they will not be able to pay attention to everything that is happening on the road.

80€ fine

Eating ice cream while driving

Summer fines
We know, the heat is on. Nothing better than an ice cream! But have it before or after driving. Photo Autopista

One of the typical summer fines.Traffic law states that you need both hands to drive. The difference with water is that you need to occupy your hand for a long period of time.

The fine can be up to 200 € and the loss of 2 points on your driving licence.

Driving with unsecured items on the rear parcel shelf

Here’s another gem. How many offences do you think are committed in this image?

You must secure the load inside your vehicle. In the event of a collision, or even sudden braking, loose objects become very dangerous projectiles.

Up to 500€ fine and 4 points.

Washing your car in the street

Summer fines

If you are planning to clean your car from the Saharan summer dust by hosing it down in the street, think again.

Cleaning your car with soap and water can make the road slippery for cyclists, motorcyclists or the elderly, or when a vehicle has to brake suddenly.

30€ – 3000€ fine

Passenger with feet on the dashboard

Summer fines
Who hasn’t put their feet on the dashboard as co-driver?

Who has never put their feet on the dashboard as a co-driver? In the event of an accident, this can lead to very serious injuries.

The fine is €80 and is paid by the driver, take note.

Fine for the shadow of your car

Can we be fined for the shadow of the car?

Don’t worry, we haven’t reached these extremes yet, at least not in Spain. It did happen in Russia, where a driver was fined for exceeding the continuous line on a road.

But the only thing that crossed it was the shadow of the car. The driver had to lodge a complaint before the fine was withdrawn because of a technical fault.

Throwing a cigarette out of the window

Summer fines

This fine could be much higher if your action causes a fire.

In this case you will be prosecuted, paying all the costs of extinguishing the fire, even going to jail if the costs are high or if someone is injured or killed.

200€ fine and 4 points

Not carrying a driving licence

The €10 fine applies if you hold a licence but do not have it with you.

Carrying 6 or 7 people in your car

Do you need a bigger car? We have it at MalagaCar.com! Photo Autopista

The fine will be €200 or €80, depending on the number of passengers.

The vehicle will be immobilised until another vehicle or taxi can take the rest of the passengers. The fine is for the driver.

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Driving with headphones

Photo Diariosur

Listening to your favourite beats with headphones while driving is considered a serious offence.

Fine of 200€ and loss of 3 points.

Running out of petrol on the road

Did you have such a great summer in Malaga that you forgot refuelling with petrol?

This oversight (or lack of foresight) is considered negligent.

Fine of 200€.

Masturbating or receiving sexual stimulation while driving

As you can see, a Fiat is very versatile. Although this activity will cost you a bit of money.

It is considered as serious an offence as talking on a mobile phone or manipulating the GPS. Obviously, it considerably reduces your attention at the wheel.

The fun will cost you €150 and 3 points on your licence.

…And a kiss?

Photo Neomotor

Sorry, no affectionate displays of affection with your co-driver while driving.

It will be an expensive €80 kiss.

Manipulating the GPS on the move

You’d better familiarise yourself with your GPS before you set off.

You’d better familiarise yourself with your GPS before setting off. Tampering with it while driving is a serious offence and will cost you dearly:

A fine of 200€ and 3 points off your driving licence.

Driving while using a mobile phone

The penalty has been increased from 3 to 6 points on the licence. Photo andro4all

Without making too much effort, we can see every day a considerable number of people using their mobile phones while driving.

It seems that we can’t even wait for 5 minutes to answer this WhatsApp message. Well, it is also considered a serious offence.

It will bring you a hefty fine of 200 € and 6 points off your licence.

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