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Hand luggage – Measures allowed by the most popular airlines

As strange as it may seem, there is no generalized standard on the size and weight of the luggage allowed on board, so that the size allowed varies considerably according to the airline with which we fly.

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Beware! Flip-flop summer control in cars!

As every summer, the social media are full of posts stating that it´s an infringement to drive for instance without shirt or drinking water and people get quickly exasperated with this kind of notice, the DGT released a statement in an attempt to clarify the facts.

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Wave of Melillero – A strange local phenomenon of Malaga


During the summer days you can observe in Malaga a phenomenon that is always repeated at the same time.

A small “tsunami” suddenly invades the beaches of Malaga and catches by surprise those bathers unaware of this phenomenon who are lying at first beach line just a few meters from the sea.

What is this strange phenomenon that has drenched more than one and has occasionally taken mobile devices and other prized possessions?

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Pedestrianization of the main Avenue in Torremolinos


If you come to Malaga by the beginning of December and are used to driving around Torremolinos city centre you might want to check out this map as the traffic will be completely relocated in this new project where Plaza Costa del Sol will be converted into a pedestrian zone.

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Sun Shines on Malaga Again!

airport outside

After a very rainy week start, the Costa del Sol shows its best face again to welcome all those tourists who choose to visit Malaga in September. In fact, on last Monday fell more than 50 litres of water per square metre in a few hours, causing several road closures due to flooding.

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Game of Thrones in Andalucia: Summer is Coming

Game of Thrones in Andalucia
All indications are that the fifth season of Game of Thrones will be filmed at least partly in Andalusian territory. It has become the most popular series in recent years, in fact, has “dethroned” The Sopranos, as the most watched series on HBO.

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Are you one of our prizewinning fans?

Dear Facebook friends! Throughout this summer we have not forgotten our little prize, and here we are back with the discount code for our most active fan. But with a small modification: We have multiplied it by 10!

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Videos of the new southern access to Malaga airport

In our latest videos you´ll accompany our driver on the motorway of Malaga and discover how is the new southern access to Malaga airport which leads directly to Terminal 3.

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Jellyfish – beautiful to watch, no fun to touch

A jellyfish sting can be pretty unpleasant. Read some interesting tips about these unpopular visitors to the Costa del Sol.

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Update on the Motorway Malaga: A-7 versus AP-7. New radar in Mijas.

This Friday, June 28, comes into operation a new radar on the A-7 motorway along the coast of Mijas.

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