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Survey: Holiday after Corona – How do you plan?

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Driving and Covid-19 – Guide to solve all doubts

We have prepared a small guide with frequent asked questions to solve the doubts related to driving and Covid-19 during the alarm state.

360º virtual tour Caminito del Rey

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Caminito del Rey, but haven’t gone yet or you have vertigo or you had planned the visit, but you had to cancel it because of the current situation, you’ll be happy to know … Continue reading

How to take care of your car during Covid-19

During this situation of confinement, which in Spain for the moment will extend until April 12, we are probably quite a few who hardly use the car, or not at all. We have prepared a little guide with everything you … Continue reading

Are you one of the tourists who choose the Costa del Sol as holiday destination?

Do you want to know if you fit the profile of the tourist who usually chooses the Costa del Sol as a holiday destination? How does the average traveller who visits our province travel, where does he stay or how does he make his reservations? Find out in our Blog!

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Hiring a car at Malaga airport – Avoid hidden costs!

We at like things to be clear. Below, we explain everything you need to know about hiring a car at Malaga airport. In addition, we clarify our available services, so that your experience of hiring a car with us is satisfactory from start to finish.

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Three Kings Parades in Malaga 2020

Undoubtedly the most awaited day in Spain (for children) is the 3 Kings day on January 6. During this day, which is a bank Holiday in Spain, children finally receive their long-awaited gifts from the hand of the Three Wise Men from the East.

On the eve of 3 Kings Day, in the afternoon of January 5, there is probably no child at home, since everyone is in the streets to see the crowded and colourful Three Kings Parade.

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Map of Malaga Speed Cameras

Radar Malaga
In Spain take place each year over 4,000,000 traffic offences, of which about half (46 %) belong to speeding.

The province of Malaga currently has 22 fixed radars and more than 50 camouflaged radars. Exceeding the speed limits can get really expensive: Fines for speeding range from 100 euros without loss of points to 600 euros and the possibility of jail.

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Typical Summer fines driving in Spain – Myths and Facts

Over the past few weeks have been circulating posts on social media regarding supposed typical Summer fines in Spain. Which ones are true and which ones are myth? We check them out for you one by one.

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Electric Scooters Hire in Malaga

Electric Scooters Hire in MalagaWe want 2019 to be a year full of innovations and improvements. In addition to a complete renovation of our fleet of cars, we have decided to add a very interesting extra, the rental of electric scooters in Malaga!

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