Malaga Airport – Travel in January and February 2021

Current situation in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Dear friends, we miss you! But we are still facing a difficult scenario and we will have to be a little more patient to be able to welcome you back, especially our British friends, as currently only those with a residence can enter Spain. Below you find all the updates in detail.

Soon we will also publish all the relevant information for our British friends regarding Brexit when they are able to travel again. Keep the spirits high, a big hug from Malaga!

Entry by air from the UK is restricted, so only nationals or residents of Spain can travel to Spain.
• Check-in, security control and boarding is done at Terminal 3. Docks C and D are operational.
• The Terminal 2 is closed.
• The use of the mask is obligatory.
• It is forbidden to enter the airport terminal for anyone who is not going to travel. Only passengers and accompanying persons needing assistance may enter.

New lighting at the T3 at Malaga Airport

Requirements for entering Spain

Negative PCR / PMA 

In order to enter the Spanish territory, a negative PCR test is required from the traveller, no more than 72 hours old.

With regard to the PCR test, changes have been introduced last week, as entry is now also permitted with the negative TMA (Transcription-Mediated Amplification) test.
This test is cheaper than PCR (about 120 euros compared to 150 euros for PCR) and above all it is much faster and gives results in a few hours.

This is especially interesting for the many travellers who had difficulty in meeting the narrow time frame to get a negative test before taking the flight.

The test results are accepted in French and German, in addition to Spanish and English as the accepted languages for this procedure.

Children under the age of 6 are now exempt from presenting a PCR and from that age this test is replaced by a blood plasma analysis.

Can it be carried on the mobile phone in electronic format?

Yes, it can be presented both on paper and in digital format.

What must the document presented at the airport contain?

The passenger’s details: name and surname and passport or ID number, date of the test, type of test, (negative) test result and the contact details of the laboratory. It is very important that the identification document (DNI/passport) on the Health Control Form (PLC) matches the one on the PCR test.

QR Code

In addition, travellers must complete the health control form and obtain their QR code, to be shown at the controls on arrival in Spain.

The form is available at this link Spain Travel Health in Spanish, English, French and German or from the app.

From 48 hours before the flight, you can send the form to the health authorities. Once sent, you will receive an email with a QR code that will allow you to access the destination airport. You must have it printed out or on your mobile phone.

There is also the option of filling in the printed form for those who do not have the means to complete it digitally.

At the destination airport you must show the QR code or the printed form at the health control, in order to access the terminal and collect your luggage.

Last minute bookings

Many travellers are leaving it to the last minute to decide whether to travel or not, so as not to risk losing a non-refundable flight ticket.

We are at your disposal if you need help to hire your rental car at Malaga airport. You can book at your leisure, we do not charge in advance nor do we charge cancellation fees.

Where to do the Covid test in the province of Malaga?

Doing the PCR in Spain is expensive, you have to calculate about 150 euros that you have to pay out of your own pocket, which undoubtedly makes the total price of our trip considerably more expensive.

The fastest way to obtain this test is through private laboratories in the province of Malaga.

At the Hospital Santa Elena in Torremolinos you can make an appointment directly in the hospital laboratory and have the result within 24 hours, on request even in English. The price is 150 euros. Address: Los Alamos, Calle Sardinero, s/n, Torremolinos. Telephone: Reception 952 385 555. Emergencies +34 952 386 266

Benalmadena: Clínica Benalmádena, Address: c/ San Juan 17. Arroyo de la Miel. Telephone: 952 96 44 16. Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 8 pm. Email:

Estepona: Cenyt Hospital Estepona Address: Avenida de Andalucía, nº 2 y 4. Estepona. Telephone: 952 80 81 80

Fuengirola: Portales Laboratory. Address: Avenida Condes de San Isidro, 16Bis, Fuengirola Telephone: 952 46 84 47. Email

Marbella: Fidustest. Address: You must make an appointment on the website to find out the address.

Inside Málaga airport

For public health and safety reasons, only passengers are allowed to enter the airport terminal. Accompanying persons are not allowed to enter the airport facilities. Only passengers with boarding passes, accompanying persons with justified cause (unaccompanied minors or persons with disabilities) and workers are allowed to enter.

If they are going to pick you up, they must wait for you outside the terminal. Only people who are going to pick up passengers who need assistance (people with reduced mobility and unaccompanied minors) can access.

Aena has reinforced the cleaning protocols in the check-in areas and the counters have been fitted with protective screens.
Most airlines have restricted the transport of hand luggage in the cabin. Check with your airline for their check-in policy.
Please arrive at the airport in good time to pass through the check-in process and security checkpoints. It may take longer than usual.

98 Responses to Malaga Airport – Travel in January and February 2021

  1. Michael says:


    I am travelling from Geneva Switzerland to Malaga, Do we need PCR Test interring to Malaga Spain from Geneva, Switzerland.

    thank you

  2. Michael McComb says:

    Hi. Can I arrive at Malaga airport fro the U.K. with my family and gain entry as we are invited to a family wedding there.



    • Hi Michael, you will need a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours.

      If your flight isn’t cancelled, I think you won’t have any problem to enter Spain.


  3. Suzan Nijenhuis says:

    It it possible to do a PCR test at the airport to fly back to Netherlands?

  4. Dominika says:

    Hola! I would like to ask if it is possible to do the rapid antigen test at the Malaga airport or it is not yet?
    Thank you for your answer:)

  5. Leanne O'Neill says:

    Can anyone let me know if the PCR testing has started yet at Malaga airport? Flying out of Malaga on 15th March and need to be tested before, as I’m inland, it would be very handy to have it done at the airport.

  6. Mirka says:

    Hello, I am desperate… 🙁 I have a flight booked from Malaga to Vienna (via Amsterdam) for next Saturday (6th of March), and I have no idea, how and WHERE am I going to make antigen test not older then 4 hours!!! As there is no such service at the airport, it makes it impossible!!! Are there any hospitals close to the airport opened on Saturday, where I can have this test, please? And this link is useless, as it doesn´t show any Malaga options…
    Is there any clinic around Malaga/Marbella, where I can have LAMP test, please? Because this might be another option…
    Thank you very much!

  7. Alina says:

    Dears, our accommodation in estepona does not confirm yet that restrictions will be lifted. We also have concern if bars and restaurants will remain open before 6pm. Could you please advise what is the best source to check the updates on restrictions per region?

    • Hi Alina,

      Currently, bars are open until 6pm, the problem right now is the perimetral confinement. But don’t worry, they will publish the new restrictions today. Marbella, Estepona, Ronda and others have improved a lot (below 500 cases per 100000 inhabitants), so they should leave the perimetral confinement this week.


  8. Alina says:

    Hello! We are traveling to Malaga from Netherlands on 12th March.
    Would you know if :
    – we will be able to do a quick test by then in airport.
    -will we be able to travel to Estepona/marbela , since there is a travel restrictions. Thanks I’m advance!

    • Hi Alina, about the airport tests, we still don’t have a confirmed date, I hope it will be available for your visit.

      About Marbella and Estepona, they are now under 500 cases per 100000 inhabitants, so the travel restrictions will be lifted this week.

      Best regards,

    • Alina says:

      Thank you for the quick reply. We been in touch with our accommodation and they can’t confirm if restriction will be lifted next week and if social life will stay opened (until 6pm). Could you please advise where can we see the latest updates on the restrictions?

    • Hi Alina, following the last week’s instructions, Marbella, Estepona and Ronda should leave the perimetral confinement this Friday.

      The list of municipalities and the restrictions applied will be published today.


  9. Kate says:

    Hi again.
    I have loged in and i have booked the time, but i can not find the way how i can pay for a test. Its asking for DNI/NIF/NIE.

  10. Geir Saetre says:


    I will arrive 26th February and have to go to Marbella. I have heard that there are some limititations on movements in Spanish cities. Can people come from Marbella to Malaga Airport to pick me up, or do I have to take a bus?

    Best regards

    Geir Saetre

    • Hi Geir, some of the limitations will be lifted this Saturday, but Marbella will problably stay in perimetral confinement (it’s over 500 cases per 100000 inhabitants). So, unless you need some kind of assistance, you should get the bus.


  11. Kate says:

    I have tried to register on the web
    where is asking for my phone number. unfortunately website does not recognize my phone number.

    I dont know what to do.

  12. Didi says:


    Do you know when facilities are available at Malaga Airport to do a rapid COVID-test and PCR test? Both required to travel back to the Netherlands.


  13. Marcus Scheffler says:

    I am arriving on a Friday (~15:30) in Malaga and am departing Malaga on Sunday (~16:00). I need a negative PCR/LAMP/TMA Test before departure not older than 48h since testing. Are there any quick pcr tests in Malaga?
    Since I depart 49hours after I arrived on a Sunday, I have problems finding a clinic, which produces results on weekends or produces results in 6 hours.
    Hopefully you can help…?

  14. Darek says:

    Dear Malagacar, I am coming to Malaga pretty soon. I know we need PCR test in both directions (coming to Malaga and then leaving home). But my question refers to required (additionally) so called quick COVID test -> we need them on our way back via Amsterdam. I already know I can purchase such tests at pharmacy. But actually – where do I do the test so that the result is accepted by KLM? Kind regards, Darek

  15. Dylan says:

    hi, when I go back to the Netherlands I have to do the pcr test and I have to do a rapid test thats not older than 4 hours before I get on my flight. Where can I take the rapid test? is there a test location on Malaga airport?

  16. Jacqueline van der Meer says:

    Op 21 febr. Kom ik vanuit Nederland naar malaga met het vliegtuig om 2 kinderen van 6 en 5 jaar naar hun vader te brengen die in benalmadena woont.
    Eerst was alleen de QR code genoeg maar nu is er dus ook een Pcr test nodig om spanje in te komen.
    En op de terugweg naar Nederland dus weer een PCR en een sneltest nodig om te kunnen vliegen. Moet Dexx van 6 jaar ook alle testen doen. waar kan dit redelijk goedkoop gedaan worden in de buurt van torremolinos.
    Alvast bedankt voor jullie antwoord


  17. Daniel says:

    Hi,do I need a negative PCR test to enter Malaga airport? I travel to Hungary via Frankfurt with Lufthansa. On the Lufthansa webpage I can see that passangers who transit, don’t need a test and as I am Hungarian, I don’t necessaryly need a test.
    I just want to make sure that I don’t need a test to enter Malaga airport and get in my flight. Thank you!

    • Hi Daniel, if you are in transit you don’t need a PCR (only when you flight from other airport to Malaga, and from Malaga to other destination without leaving the airport). But if you are staying in Malaga, you need a negative PCR test.


  18. Johnny Jog says:

    Thank you for information,looking forward to returning to Lovely Spain soon and of course using Malaga Cars

  19. Emma says:

    Is it possible to gain entry to Spain next week provided I have a negative (72 hour) PCR test?

  20. Marie Claire Samaha says:

    Est il vrai qu’au départ de Malaga, il y a moyen de faire un test rapide avant l’embarquement ?

  21. Sabine Rikkers says:


    I’ve got a flight on Tuesday at 2pm to Amsterdam. In order to go back I need a negative PCR test. I’ve been having a hard time trying to find a clinic that takes the test on Sunday or give results within 24H on Monday. Could anyone please help me out?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,


  22. Richard says:

    Can I do a LAMP test on the 31st of Jan if I fly back to Amsterdam? If so, where can I make the apointment please, thank you!

    • Hi Richard, you can do a PCR test at any private clinic in Málaga. Here you can search for the nearest one:


    • Richard says:

      Thanks but Im asking for a quicktest like Anitgen or LAMP. I see that I can do a PCR test but that is as expensive as my ticket and that is too long before departure. So NO option to do this prior to flight at the airport?
      Many thanks and kind regards,


    • You can buy an antigen test on any pharmacy, but as far as I know, that’s not valid. You need a negative PCR test to take your flight (unfortunately they are very expensive, usually more than 100€).


    • Christiane says:

      Apparently, they are available at pharmacies but the one I checked only on prescription. I don’t understand..

    • Hi Christiane, that’s weird, it should be sold without prescription.


    • sandra hurford says:

      According to the UK government website: The test must meet performance standards of ≥97% specificity, ≥80% sensitivity at viral loads above 100,000 copies/ml
      this could include tests such as:
      a nucleic acid test, including a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test or derivative technologies, including loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) tests
      an antigen test, such as a test from a lateral flow device

  23. Eva says:

    Hello. I had a question about travelling from the UK – I am a citizen of the EU (not a resident in Spain, but my parents have a flat there) I am currently in the UK and I am currently looking to travel into Spain. Would I be allowed in?
    Also, my companion is not a resident of the EU but does not need a visa to enter Spain. They are also in the UK and need to travel to Spain. Likewise, would they be able to enter?
    Thank you very much for your response.
    Have a lovely weekend

    • Hi Eva, as residents, you shouldn’t have any problem. Just prove you are staying at your home (maybe you can print a water bill, in case you need to show it).


  24. Anna says:

    Got here byy accident as i was looking for information about rapid tests – very useful!
    Are those rapid tests available in any pharmacies ? Referring to first comment.

  25. Adrienne says:

    Hi there!

    Our home country (The Netherlands) is asking for a negative rapid test result + PCR test before going back home. The PCR test can be done 72 hours before flying back, but the Rapid test can only be 4 hours old.
    Do you know if it’s possible to do a rapid test at Malaga Airport when departing?

    Thank you!

  26. C B Holst says:

    Can i get a quick test at the airport before boarding?

  27. Yvonne mcneill says:


    I was intending to travel to marbella from ieland on 2nd Jan
    Do I have to get a pcr test in Ireland before I go before I go .
    Thanks for the email and all the info provided .
    An early reply would be appreciated.
    I didn’t think that I had to do a test.



  28. Hani Issa says:

    thanks for the info, we have already booked a trip to Malaga in April and we are looking forward so much and until then hope that this epidemic is gone and everything is normal again.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    See you soon

  29. Robert Hedley says:

    Thanks for the info and we hope to be with you in March 2021, in the mean time have a merry Christmas

  30. Kyösti Kaijomaa says:

    Hi, many thanks for useful information. Our incoming flight is scheduled on April 24th. Hope to see easier formalities, meaning no test, no quaranteene by then. We’ll make our car booking once we see that the trend with covid has turned steadily positive. Merry Christmas to you all.

  31. Brian carpenter says:

    Gracias we are looking to return in February and of course using Malaga cars.

  32. Charles Salmon says:

    Very useful information, many thanks. I have used malagacar many times and sincerely hope you are able to keep going through this epidemic.

  33. Russ Pressney says:

    This is really helpful information – thank you for publishing this blog!

  34. gisele rogiest says:

    I have two questions:
    – as I understand the regulations now, there are no restrictions for tourists to enter Malaga province from abroad (except for PCR en Spain Health form)? Is that correct, because in Belgium they say you can only enter Andalucia if you are going to visit family.
    – can we travel in one car if passengers do not live on the same address (in my case, my parents).
    thank you for your response and we hope to come soon

    • Hi Gisele, you are right. You only need to show a negative covid test on arrival (made within the last 72 hours).

      You can travel in the same car without problems.


  35. Sandra Furlong says:

    Excellent information. Thank you.

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