Brexit – Requirements for travelling from the UK to Malaga

  • Posted on January 28, 2021
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The transitional period between the UK and Europe is finally over and the new reality has come into force for our British friends. We will review what are the requirements for travelling and flying from UK to Malaga. We are aware that this new situation may raise many doubts, so we have summarised in this article the most frequently asked questions and everything you need to know to travel from the UK to Malaga.

ryanair taking off at Malaga airport
Ryanair plane taking off at Malaga Airport. Photo El Desmarque

FAQ for travelling from the UK to Malaga

Let’s answer some questions for those who are wondering about requirements for flying from UK to Malaga:

What documentation do I need to travel to Malaga from the UK?

From 1 January 2021, UK nationals will be required to carry a passport and, like all other passengers from non-EU countries, will also be required to have their passport stamped. No visa is required for short stays (up to 90 days in any 180-day period).

requirements after brexitDo I have to pass a control on arrival at Malaga Airport?

Yes, from 1 January 2021, UK nationals travelling to Malaga will be considered non-Schengen travellers and therefore their entry into the European Union will be controlled by checking and stamping their passport.

Is there a customs control of personal luggage on arrival?

Yes, passenger luggage from the United Kingdom is subject to customs control by the Guardia Civil.

Are there restrictions on products I can bring in from the UK?

Yes, in the European Union there are restrictions on animal and plant products in order to prevent the entry of pathogens and diseases. You are not allowed to bring in seeds, plants, fruit, vegetables, flowers etc., meat, milk and meat and milk products, fishery products, etc.

Exceptions to this rule are powdered infant milk, infant foods and special foods that are medically necessary, provided that their combined weight does not exceed 2 kg per person, they do not require refrigeration before consumption, they are packaged branded products and their packaging is intact, unless they are in use.

What are the requirements for travelling with pets to Malaga from the UK?

travelling with pets
Photo: Barkpost

From now on, pet animals travelling from the UK need an animal health certificate of identification with microchip, a valid rabies vaccination and a deworming treatment between days 1-5 prior to travel.

In cases where a European passport for the movement of pet animals is not available, the animals must be accompanied by:

– An animal health certificate, which must be signed by an official veterinarian of the third country and be presented at least in Spanish.
– and a declaration, both in accordance with the EU models.
– A certified copy of the identification and vaccination details of the animal(s).

For more information and frequently asked questions for travelling with pets, please visit the official state website (Dogs, cats and ferrets/Birds/Other Species).

documents for travelling

Is my British driving licence still valid?

In this respect, our British friends on holiday can rest assured. Although from 1 January 2021, driving licences issued by the United Kingdom will no longer benefit from mutual recognition, tourists with a valid driving licence can still drive in our country for a period of six months, afterwards you will then need an international driver’s licence.

Do I have access to healthcare in Malaga?

Yes, the individual health cards issued to citizens entitled to health care in the UK who reside in Spain will remain valid and will be fully effective until 30 June 2021 to receive health care in the services of the National Health System.

In cases of temporary stay and scheduled treatment, a document certifying the health cover provided by the corresponding entities must be provided, which will be accepted by all the health centres that make up the National Health System.

The dispensing of prescriptions for medicines issued in the United Kingdom shall remain in force under the terms provided for in Royal Decree 1718/2010, of 17 December, on medical prescriptions and dispensing orders.

Can I claim a VAT refund?

Yes, this is one of the advantages, from now on British travellers can apply for a VAT refund on their purchases made in Malaga. You can find the requirements and procedure for VAT refunds on the official AENA website.

We hope to see you again soon and it is our pleasure to help you with any queries you may have regarding your car hire at Malaga airport.
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