Covid test centre at Malaga airport

We told you at the beginning of February that a Covid test centre would be opened at Malaga airport and finally this centre has opened this week. It was really long overdue!

At last a centralised service at the airport is available to travellers, which will greatly ease the headaches related to mandatory tests for those travellers returning home.

I flew myself recently, in this link you will find all you need to know about flying to Malaga in times of Covid.

Covid test centre at Malaga airport

This is good news and we are very happy about it, as it makes our journey home much easier. The great advantages of this airport centre are firstly the very fast results, which are sent directly to the traveller’s email.

And secondly and not least, the enormous price competitiveness, as a PCR costs half of what it normally costs in a laboratory.

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Now we look at all the issues in detail, prices, location, if you need to make an appointment, read on!

Covid tests available at Malaga airport and prices

PCR test: Detects whether you have virus genetic material (RNA) in the earliest stages of infection. It is the test of choice in most European countries. Therefore, it is either required by airlines before boarding the flight or you have to show it on arrival in your country, or else show it within 48 hours. Test results are available in less than 12 hours.
Price: 58,68€.

Rapid Antigen Test: Detects if you have viral proteins and, therefore, if you carry the virus. Results are available in 15-20 minutes
Price: 24,45€.

Rapid Antibody Test: Detects if you have generated antibodies against the virus. Results are available in 15-20 minutes
Price: 29,34€.

The certificate with the test result will be sent directly to the traveller’s contact email, and can also be consulted and downloaded from the reference website.

Book appointment online

You have to book online in advance through their website The website is available in English and Spanish. This makes it easier to plan your trip and avoids unnecessary queues and waiting.

Location of the centre and opening hours

The Travel COVID Test Centre is located at Malaga Costa del Sol Airport in Terminal T2 on the first floor. To access the terminal, you must show your boarding pass and/or flight reservation. You will only be able to access your terminal 72 hours before your flight.

The opening hours are currently from 8 am to 6 pm, but opening hours will be extended at a later date.

What do I need to bring to the appointment?

Passport or ID card, confirmation of the appointment and face mask are required.
Please avoid eating, drinking, smoking or brushing your teeth one hour before the test.

What should I do if the test comes back positive?

If your test result is positive, you must leave the airport.

In compliance with Royal Decree Law 26/2020, article 5, if the result of the diagnostic test is positive, the client cannot travel and must leave the airport.

Tell us about your experience with this centre!