Malaga drive-in cinema – Watch classic movies fron your car

Everything you need to know for your visit the Malaga drive-in cinema. Many of us have already seen the typical drive-in cinema in some Hollywood film, with this classic aesthetic of the 50’s. Now in Malaga we can also enjoy it in person, with our partner, friends and family.

And if you come from abroad and you are visiting Malaga, you can come with your MalagaCar to see some of the great classics of cinema in a unique atmosphere, are you going to miss it?

Drive-in cinema Malaga

Malaga Drive-In Cinema

The Malaga drive-in cinema is the second largest drive-in cinema in Europe, with 1950’s American aesthetics.

Located very close to Malaga airport in the Guadalhorce industrial estate, it is an open-air space of more than 16,000 square metres and a huge screen of 250 square metres.

Drive-in cinema Malaga

The venue has a gastronomic area of 3,000 square metres with Food Trucks and Diner and also offers other activities such as festivals, concerts and exhibitions.

Considering the good weather in Malaga, it’s a great plan. And in case of rain, don’t worry, the films are also shown in bad weather conditions.

How does it work?

The spectators watching the film from their car will be able to hear the sound of the film through a specific FM frequency. They can also order their food and drinks via a mobile app without having to get out of the car.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for classic films cost 7 euros at weekends, 6.5 euros on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and 6 euros on Wednesdays. Children from 4 to 12 years old pay 5.50 euros. You pay per person, not per car.

Where are vehicles parked?

Vehicles are parked on a first-come, first-served, first-served basis and there is also a VIP car park with better visibility.

Drive-in cinema Malaga

How can I listen to the film in the car?

When you purchase your ticket, you will be provided with a station to tune into your radio and listen to it through your car’s speakers. Portable radios are also available for hire for 1 Euro.

What language is the film in?

All films are available in English and Spanish. You can select the frequency for each language.

250 square metre screen

Is it possible to watch the film from outside the car?

Yes, in winter from the restaurant and in summer from the hammock area or from the large terrace.

Drive-in cinema Malaga
Photo Nahira Madrileña

How does the hammock area work in summer?

The hammock area can only be used if you buy the “Hammock Ticket”. Remember that when you arrive you must park outside the enclosure and access through the pedestrian entrance, which is properly signposted at the entrance gate.

Can I bring my baby or my pet?

The Malaga drive-in cinema welcomes both babies and pets. Children from 0 to 3 years old (included) enter free of charge.

children area

Is there a screening in case of rain or bad weather?

No problem. In the rare case that it rains in Malaga screen and projector are compatible with rainy weather conditions, the quality of the image is not affected.

How do I order food without leaving the car?

You can order your food without having to leave your car, from the GoPick mobile application.

food truck area

Rita’s Brunch and Events

Rita's Brunch and Events

Every weekend the venue offers a variety of outdoor leisure activities at Rita’s Brunch where attendees can enjoy its large terrace with the best DJs, show cooking and many surprises. This event will be held every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

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