Opening of municipalities after the drop in the rate of infections in Malaga

With the opening of Malaga and other municipalities, we face the weekend with optimism.

We should remember that on 5 February, in order to contain the spread of the Coronavirus in Andalusia, a state of alarm was proposed whereby municipalities with an accumulated incidence of infection of more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days would be closed (

The current situation invites us to look forward to the weekend with optimism.

Current situation in Malaga

After a few weeks with some municipalities closed perimetrically, we are optimistic that the infection curve is bending. The rate of infection has not stopped falling since the beginning of February, which makes us optimistic about the arrival of the weekend.

By dropping below the 500 cases accumulated every 14 days, it put an end to the perimeter closure of municipalities, whereby people were not allowed to leave or enter without justification.

Let’s remember that currently, mobility is allowed between municipalities with less than 500 accumulated cases; therefore if you want to travel for example from Benalmadena to the capital, both Malaga, Torremolinos and Benalmádena, must allow mobility, and therefore have reduced their contagion curve.

If on Thursday, a municipality manages to reduce the rate of 500 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, it will be open to mobility from the Friday of the same week.

Mobility between municipalities

The capital has managed to reduce its contagion rate and open to mobility again. This situation is similar to that of the other municipalities, which, after weeks of positive trends, are closer and closer to opening their borders if they didn’t already.

Infections cases per 100,000 inhabitants (18 February):

Municipality PDIA Rate 14 days
Alameda 204
Alcaucín 88
Alfarnate 94
Alfarnatejo 0
Algarrobo 168
Algatocín 0
Alhaurín de la Torre 136
Alhaurín el Grande 174
Almáchar 110
Almargen 0
Almogía 158
Álora 38
Alozaina 291
Alpandeire 0
Antequera 295
Árchez 779
Archidona 61
Ardales 40
Arenas 255
Arriate 147
Atajate 0
Benadalid 0
Benahavís 271
Benalauría 0
Benalmádena 159
Benamargosa 0
Benamocarra 33
Benaoján 757
Benarrabá 224
Borge (El) 217
Burgo (El) 167
Campillos 143
Canillas de Aceituno 179
Canillas de Albaida 395
Cañete la Real 184
Carratraca 0
Cartajima 0
Cártama 187
Casabermeja 55
Casarabonela 0
Casares 291
Coín 137
Colmenar 147
Comares 0
Cómpeta 76
Cortes de la Frontera 424
Cuevas Bajas 0
Cuevas de San Marcos 139
Cuevas del Becerro 63
Cútar 162
Estepona 352
Faraján 0
Frigiliana 33
Fuengirola 268
Fuente de Piedra 0
Gaucín 441
Genalguacil 0
Guaro 44
Humilladero 61
Igualeja 0
Istán 201
Iznate 0
Jimera de Líbar 0
Jubrique 0
Júzcar 0
Macharaviaya 0
Málaga (capital) 222
Manilva 341
Marbella 402
Mijas 268
Moclinejo 0
Mollina 76
Monda 260
Montecorto 0
Montejaque 1791
Nerja 47
Ojén 183
Parauta 0
Periana 421
Pizarra 244
Pujerra 0
Rincón de la Victoria 123
Riogordo 73
Ronda 382
Salares 0
Sayalonga 0
Sedella 174
Serrato 0
Sierra de Yeguas 30
Teba 214
Tolox 0
Torremolinos 195
Torrox 33
Totalán 136
Valle de Abdalajís 80
Vélez-Málaga 179
Villanueva de Algaidas 121
Villanueva de la Concepción 0
Villanueva de Tapia 69
Villanueva del Rosario 119
Villanueva del Trabuco 283
Viñuela 97
Yunquera 70


If on Thursday a municipality manages to fall below the rate of 500 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, it will be open to mobility from Friday of the same week.

It is quite possible that we will have a safe corridor linking the eastern and western Costa del Sol in the coming days.

What day do the municipalities open or close?

Municipalities that fall below the required rate of infection will be able to open their borders at 12 midnight on Thursday, so that on Friday it will be possible to leave or enter freely.

We should bear in mind that this opening will be in effect for at least a week. Remember that on Thursdays the data will be analysed and they will take decisions which will come into effect from the same Friday of that week.

The current situation invites us to look forward to the weekend with optimism.

Municipalities without Covid-19 in Malaga

There are numerous municipalities that are free of Coronavirus as of today, some of them have not even had any registered cases:

Montecorto, Benalauria, Benadalid, Atajate, Alpandeire, Júzcar, Pujerra, Carratraca, Macharaviaya, Iznate, Comares, Cútar, Alfarnatejo, Alcaucín, Canillas de Aceituno, Sedella and Salares.

Plans to enjoy the weekend

With the upcoming weekend and the possibility of moving freely, it would not be a bad idea to plan a getaway now that the weather is nice. How about a hiking route? Everyone likes to enjoy nature; and a walk on the beach? There are already brave people who dare to take a refreshing swim. What about a Campervan?

Our VW Grand California 600, the world’s best-selling motorhome

The ideal way to get around is using your own vehicle, but if you don’t have one you can always rent a car in Malaga. Moving around by car will give us great freedom when it comes to choose between different leisure possibilities.

Visiting the Port of Malaga

Malaga Port and Alameda Park

Another option after the opening of the capital on Saturday, is to visit Pier One; an easily accessible place which you can reach by car with a parking place. (Map:

A visit to the Cueva del Tesoro

If the situation allows it, you can drive to Rincon de la Victoria to visit the popular Cueva del Tesoro (Treasure Cave). A place with a lot of history and great beauty, which will delight everyone, especially children.

Cueva del Tesoro

Strolling through the centre of Malaga

Strolling through Malaga always gives you an indescribable sensation; it is a mixture of curiosity and admiration for what surrounds you. This sensation increases as we stroll along the streets and come across monuments and places that make us wonder about their history. What hasn’t been lived in these streets over the centuries?

There is so much to see and do, so many things to discover. A stroll through the historic centre of Malaga is always recommended.

Walking in nature

You can go on a hiking route, there are many to choose from.

Visiting El Chorro in Malaga by car
Visiting El Chorro in Malaga by car

There are areas of Malaga that are beautiful and we can’t get enough of them. The Malaga Mountains offer not only a breath of fresh air, but a whole experience for our senses.

Torremolinos has trails in the forest that will amaze you while Istan offers breathtaking views of the Costa del Sol from the heights. And those are just a few examples of what you can find.

A day at the beach

Strolling along the promenade, eating fried fish in a restaurant and going to the shore to get your feet wet or enjoying the sea breeze sitting on a towel, are the kind of activities that are priceless.

You can go to the sea all year round. Any day is a good time to appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer.

Finally we hope you are facing the week with positivity as we do; if you want you can share other activities that you find interesting or that you would like us to go deeper into.

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