10 Autumn Trips in Málaga

We know, everyone loves the summer months, sun, beach and that summerfeeling. But anyone who has ventured to Malaga outside the high season months will inevitably come back!

It is then that we can really discover the charms and magic of a coast bathed in light and sun, its culture and savoir-faire, at a more leisurely pace and without the crowds.

On the way to Frigiliana, Photo courtesy of a Malagacar.com customer.

Here in Malaga and the Costa del Sol, we have so many months of summer and endlessly blue skies, that we look forward to it when the temperatures finally drop a little to more bearable values and the skies offer impressive chromatic tonalities thanks to the appearance of the first clouds.

Today we propose 10 daytrips to do in Malaga in autumn, which by the way is very far from the northern European autumn, as here we still have excellent temperatures even in the “middle of winter”, the ideal time to enjoy active and adventure tourism, discover Malaga or white villages of Arab origin … the choice is yours!


Your must-visit in Malaga: The Bodega El Pimpi

Photo el Malaguita

You don’t necessarily have to be a wine lover with a taste for the delicious Malaga wines with denomination of origin to visit El Pimpi.

This unique place located in the heart of the historic centre of Malaga is also worth a visit if you prefer a coke or if you are vegetarian and organic, but be warned, its main dishes are its hams and wines, but there is much more!

Freshly cut Iberian Chestnut Ham

Come with us to discover this charming winery that celebrated its 50th anniversary last August 2021.


Get away to the 8 ‘magical villages’ of Malaga

We echo an interesting initiative that we have found on the internet, the magical villages of Malaga, which due to their quality of life, heritage, gastronomy and nature are unique.

Within the official list there are currently 6 villages and surely this list will expand considerably.

In the meantime, we have added some villages that we think are no less magical and special, discover them with us and your MalagaCar!


Jellyfish on the beaches of Malaga? What to do and what to avoid

A jellyfish floats in the Mediterranean sea on the west coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca

Unfortunately, in recent years on the Mediterranean coast there has been an increase in the multiplication of jellyfish as a result of a variety of human activities, representing a growing threat to recreational activities and water sports.

What to do and what to avoid when there are jellyfish on Malaga beaches


When is the best time to travel to Malaga?


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Perhaps it is this question that has led you to this article, what is the best time of year to visit Malaga?

Although we, who live here, think that Malaga is almost paradise on earth and very visitable during the 12 months of the year, your choice will be more specific depending on what you are looking for, here we go!


Discover the 11 most beautiful villages of the Axarquia

Periana Photo Malaga.us

We love to show you new places and routes to enjoy and discover with your MalagaCar the many beautiful corners that our beautiful province of Malaga has to offer.

The Axarquia, the easternmost region of the province of Malaga is still one of the great open secrets, with many corners, spectacular nature and white villages to discover; today we show you some of the most beautiful ones.


The 11 most spectacular hidden coves on the Costa del Sol

We present you the most hidden and beautiful coves of the Costa del Sol, accessible on foot, by boat, paddle surf or kayak.

Most of us bathers usually approach the beaches from a nearby car park where we have left our MalagaCar, don’t we?

This – undoubtedly very convenient – proximity of infrastructures also has a big disadvantage: the massive influx of bathers who invade the beaches with all their gear and the whole family to spend a cool day by the sea.

But if we are looking for something quieter, we will have to opt for wilder beaches, which are more difficult to access.


The best beaches on the eastern Costa del Sol – La Axarquía

The Costa del Sol has more than 160 km of coastline with beaches for all tastes, occupancy rates, accessibility and services. However, when we think of the “Costa del Sol”, in reality almost everyone is thinking of the strip of coast that stretches from Malaga to Manilva, that is, the western Costa del Sol. Join us in discovering the beauty of the eastern Costa del Sol, with some of the most beautiful coves in the province.


Active tourism and adventure sports in Malaga

Yes, we all love the sun and the beach during the summer months. Without doubt, the province of Malaga offers all year round such a wide range of possibilities for active tourism and adventure sports that you will be surprised by everything you can do.

In fact, we were also surprised by some spectacular offers that we had no idea existed, discover them with us!