Easter in Malaga 2022

This year, Easter in Malaga takes place from Sunday 10th April 2022 to Sunday 17th April 2022.

These dates, which vary each year, not only mark the beginning of the tourist season on the Costa del Sol; it is also probably the most important date in the religious calendar.

In fact, Malaga’s Holy Week is considered one of the most important in Spain. This celebration attracts thousands of worshippers and tourists every year in a deeply moving spectacle.

Whether you want to come to Malaga at Easter to enjoy the good weather and perhaps take your first dip, or you are attracted by the magnificent processions in the centre of Malaga, here you will find everything you need to know.


Malaga for Digital Nomads

In an increasingly digitalised world and with enormous freedom to choose where we want to telecommute from, Malaga is a perfect destination for digital nomads.

Malaga is one of the main destinations in Southern Europe, due to its unique location and Mediterranean climate, its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its wide range of leisure and culture.

As we will present below, the province of Malaga offers a huge variety of advantages for those who choose the Costa del Sol for teleworking.


Travelling with children to the Costa del Sol

Having a baby or a small child is no reason to miss out on a nice holiday, quite the opposite! Everything you need to know for travelling with children to the Costa del Sol.

Getting away from it all in Malaga’s mild climate under almost always blue skies and recharging the batteries will not only please the parents. Discovering the world, playing on the beach and enjoying the waves of the sea will be a lifelong memory for the children.


Camper Tour Malaga & the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is a very popular tourist destination and attracts many visitors every year. Many opt for camper in Malaga and discover the province at their own pace.

Due to the mild temperatures all year round, the province of Malaga is not only worth a visit in the summer months, but especially in the winter months, the Costa del Sol is an ideal winter destination.


Everything you need to know to visit the Nerja Cave

This time we present the Cueva de Nerja, a huge cave also known as the “Natural Cathedral of the Costa del Sol”, located just 750 metres from the coastline of Nerja, the easternmost municipality of the Costa del Sol, bordering the province of Granada.

The Nerja Cave is not only famous for its spectacular rock formations, archaeological sites and cave paintings, but also for its International Festival of Music and Dance, which is held every year during July and August.


Route of the 18 most spectacular caves in Malaga

Without any exaggeration, we can proudly confirm that in Malaga we have it all, not just a lot of sun and beach. The interior of the province has beautiful white villages, fantastic forests, national park and high mountain ranges where it even snows during the winter months.

There are also spectacular caves, most of which have been inhabited since prehistoric times.

You don’t necessarily have to be an experienced mountaineer or speleologist to delve into the depths of the earth, because first we are going to introduce you to the tourist caves in Malaga, all of them within a stone’s throw from the coast, with easy access and which you shouldn’t miss if you are on the Costa del Sol.

The second section is dedicated to people who love active tourism in Malaga, who want to discover these wonders hidden in the bowels of the earth.

Some of them require a higher level of preparation, but there are also a few that are ideal for beginners in caving with experienced instructors or simply to enjoy beautiful hiking or climbing routes… as you can see, it’s going to be difficult to choose!


Discover Cordoba by car with Malagacar

Discover Cordoba by car with us, we are sure you won’t be able to resist planning a visit!

As many of you may already know, Andalusia has an enormous historical and monumental heritage.

The magnificent Al-Andalus, which for more than 700 years lived a period of apogee during the rule of the Muslims, has left us a very rich legacy in all the capitals of our autonomous community, Cordoba being the capital of Al-Andalus, the jewel in the crown, with a peaceful coexistence of the three great religions and a place where the most advanced arts and sciences of those times flourished.

Strolling through the intricate streets of the old town and let yourself be seduced by the magic still felt in every corner, visiting its great monuments or the famous courtyards of Cordoba is very easy, less than 2 hours from Malaga airport.