The best Karting circuits in Malaga

Entertainment on the Costa del Sol has almost no limit, here are the best karting circuits in Malaga!

If you want to feel like a Formula 1 driver and spend a day full of fun and adrenaline, don’t miss out on the chance.

What is Karting?

Karting is a form of motorsport. It is practised with motor vehicles called karts on closed circuits. The karts can be single-seater or two-seater.

Can everyone do Karting?

Karting exists both as a competitive sport and as a leisure and entertainment activity.

It’s a fun and different experience that even the youngest members of the family can try (as long as they can reach the pedals, of course!).

You can enjoy it if you want to test your driving skills. And it’s also a great idea for birthdays, stag and hen parties or any other kind of celebration.

Karting on the Costa del Sol

Without having to leave the Costa del Sol, you have at your disposal three Karting circuits in Malaga. Specifically in Malaga, Fuengirola and Estepona. We present them to you below.

Kart & Fun Malaga

Kart & Fun Málaga. Karting en Málaga

Kart & Fun Malaga is located very close to Malaga airport, in the vicinity of the Plaza Mayor shopping centre.

The circuit is up to 840 metres long and has a minimum width of 8 metres. The track has different layout options.

It has many curves and few straight sections, which demands great control of the kart and allows for constant competition by racing against rivals or beating your own record.

The circuits are timed and are illuminated at night so that you can enjoy karting even after sunset.

Karting Experience Fuengirola

Karting Experience Fuengirola. Karting en Málaga

Karting Experience is located on the roof of the Miramar Shopping Centre. This circuit has been designed for the enjoyment of the whole family.

There are two circuits available: The adult circuit is almost 500 metres long and 6 meters wide. The children’s circuit is 200 metres long.

Therefore, it is not the largest circuit in Malaga, but it is perfect to have a nice first experience in the world of Karting.

The circuit also has a bar-cafeteria with a large outdoor terrace if you prefer to have a drink and observe instead of driving.

On their website they specify the different types of Karts available:

The Youth Karts designed for the initiation and enjoyment of the little ones.
Junior Kart with a 120cc engine and can reach a speed of approximately 45km/h.
Two-seater ride kart designed for an adult to ride a child aged 2 years and older.
The Adult Kart is the fastest kart with a 220 cc engine and can reach 60 km.

  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 12 noon to 9 pm. Saturday: 12 noon to 10 pm. Sunday: 12 noon to 9 pm.
  • Website
  • How to get there

Kart & Fun Estepona

Kart & Fun Estepona

Kart & Fun Malaga has now also opened a circuit in Estepona, located next to the fairgrounds.

It has up to 1,160 metres  length and a minimum width of 8 meters and different layout options.

The circuit is designed especially for group races. Compete against rivals or beat your own record. All sessions are timed and also have night lighting.

Kart & Fun Estepona also has a children’s track from 6 years of age. There the little ones can learn to drive or enjoy a session with their parents in a Two-Seater Kart.

The circuit also has a bar with a terrace for breakfast, snacks or to have a drink while you watch the skills of your friends or family on the track.

Karting in Malaga Province

Karting Campillos

Karting Campillos

One hour from Malaga is Karting Campillos, the largest and most extensive Karting circuit in Andalusia.

That is, if you really want to try Karting at another level, it is definitely worth going there.

Certified by the FIA, Campillos Karting is probably the most recognized in the entire province, the most prestigious and one of the most prominent in the south of Spain.

One of our colleagues from was there and made this video for us.

Circuit with more than 1,580 meters in length and 120,000 square metres in extension.

The Karting Circuit has a large fleet of karts:

Junior and two-seater karts
Karts that reach up to 85 km/h
Karts that reach up to 95 km/h
Powerful karts for the most demanding who dare to ride up to 110 km/h

  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 7 pm.
  • Website
  • How to get there

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