Everything you ever wanted to know about our FULL Pack

In this post we provide all the information about the service you get in our office when booking a FULL pack. How long it takes to do the paperwork and everything else you want to know, especially if it’s the first time to hire your MalagaCar with us!

Whether you have already hired with us or if it is the first time you rent with Malagacar.com: You might find interesting to know more about our VIP service that we offer when you purchase the FULL pack option.

What is the FULL pack?

This option has been created to provide our customers with the maximum possible comfort when renting a car. The holidays are to enjoy them, from the beginning to the end, without having to worry about possible problems with the car.

As an example: Very common in Malaga are scratches caused by third parties in parking lots of supermarkets. This will not be a problem for you, since your FULL pack includes a full insurance without excess.

And of course you have: Unlimited mileage, free roadside assistance, as well as a free second driver. Another aspect that differentiates the FULL pack from the other car hire at Malaga airport options is the VIP service in our office.

What is the VIP service?

Once you arrive at our office, you have several VIP counters with priority attention and fast delivery.

Malagacar.com office

We only need your details, a process that takes approximately 5 to 8 minutes if it is the first time you rent with us. If you are already our client, we have your data and the administrative part is even faster.

By having your extra insurance included in the contract, you don´t waste time when picking up the car verifying possible damages or scratches. Nor in the return you´ll have to wait that we have verified the car to take note of possible damages caused by you. Simply return the car and we will take you to the Terminal. That´s all!

In addition to these advantages, hiring the FULL pack with VIP service in our office is especially advisable if you travel with children or elderly people and want to minimize waiting time. The same applies for the months of high season, Easter and Christmas. These are dates with a very high volume of customers and consequent inevitable delays.

Did you know that being customer of Malagacar is rewarded?

Every time you book with your client account, there will be applied a discount depending on the number of completed reservations:

1 to 5 bookings: 5% discount.

From 6 bookings onward: Plus another 1% per booking (*)

* Up to 20% discount. Only completed bookings will be taken into account.

And what happens if I rent for the first time with MalagaCar.com? Don´t worry, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or sign up for our newsletter. We will keep you informed about our latest promotions.

Take full advantage of your Malagacar.com Client Menu

All our customers receive via email with their first booking a client number. It gives access to a reduced price for their next bookings.

After you first hire with us, will be activated your client menu. You can manage some transactions like modify your personal details, change the password and cancel your reservation, for which previously you had to send an email. Making things even easier!

Lost your password? No problem, you can apply for it at www.malagacar.com/password_help.html. And remember using your account means you can benefit from exclusive offers.

For maximum peace of mind in your holidays, rent your FULL pack at Malagacar.com!

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