The Most Impressive Views Of Malaga

Inland tourism in Malaga has grown a lot. Even in winter in Malaga, as the province of Malaga we can enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes of Spain.

Here are some of the most impressive views of Malaga.

The Most Impressive Views Of Malaga

Enjoy your stay in our beautiful province to the full with your MalagaCar and “let yourself be carried away” by some of the most beautiful corners!

Torrecilla Peak and Sierra de las Nieves National Park

Torrecilla Peak, impressive views malaga
Torrecilla Foto Wikiloc

Pico Torrecilla is part of the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, located on the western slopes of the province of Malaga. This mountain reaches 1919 metres, being the highest peak of this mountain range and the second highest in the province (only surpassed by La Maroma). From there you definitely have one of  the most impressive views of Malaga.

If you like hiking or cycling routes, you have to visit this place. There are countless routes on the internet that will show you how to get to the top of Pico Torrecilla.

From the top you can contemplate the great beauty of the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, especially in the winter months, when snow covers much of the surrounding mountains.

Balcon de Europa and the Natural Site of Maro Cerro Gordo

impressive views malaga, nerja
Balcón de Europa Photo Nerja turismo

You probably already know this peculiar cliff, not only because the popular TV series “Verano azul” was filmed here. Nerja is undoubtedly the best-known coastal town on the eastern Costa el Sol.

The views from the Balcon de Europa over the coast and the sea are very panoramic. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

If you rent a car at Malaga airport, you can get to Nerja in just over an hour.

It is an excellent place to sample the local cuisine; in fact, many of the bars and restaurants offer tasty tapas with typical food of the area.

If you enjoy active tourism in Malaga, we can personally recommend you to sign up for a kayak route along the spectacular cliffs and turquoise waters of the area.

We did this with the company Educare, whose instructors also carry a GoPro camera and take photos which are then available for free on their website.

maro cliffs, nerja
The author enjoying the Cliffs of Maro Cerro Gordo

Ronda and the Genal Valley

Tajo de Ronda, impressive views malaga

The well-known “Tajo de Ronda” is the most characteristic symbol of the Serranía de Ronda. It is the main reference point for inland tourism in the province of Malaga.

The New Bridge connects the old town of Ronda with the modern part, providing truly breath-taking views.

The streets of this town and the surrounding natural environment will delight photography lovers.

Driving up the winding roads through the beautiful Genal Valley is worthwhile for many reasons.
Photo courtesy of our client

In autumn we can enjoy the coppery colours of the chestnut forests.

We can discover the White Villages of the Genal Valley with Slow Travel.

Algatocin Viewpoint
Algatocin Viewpoint Mirador del Genal Photo Gea van der Schaaf

And if you really fancy views from the heights, follow the route with your MalagaCar to Cartajima, the highest village in the whole region at 845 metres above sea level.

Or discover Benadalid and its fortress, Benalauría or Algatocín, all of them beautiful white villages of the Genal Valley with spectacular views.

El Torcal de Antequera

MalagaCar in El Torcal
A MalagacCar at El Torcal. Photo courtesy of our client

El Torcal de Antequera is composed of striking rock formations. These took their present form due to the effect of water, which for millions of years passed through this area located at more than 1.000 metres above sea level.

You can access by car until the Torcal Interpretive Centre. And from there follow different routes on foot into a forest of stone where the shapes of the rocks resemble animals, vehicles and other everyday objects.

El Torcal
Photo Paco Espadas

Due to its height, this natural site offers very good views of the sea, and on clear days, you can even make out the African coast.

  • The visitor centre organises routes and different activities for all ages, find out more in our article about El Torcal.
  • How to get there

El Caminito del Rey

Nor should we leave out of the list the breathtaking Caminito del Rey. This unique pass, barely a metre wide, winds at 100 metres height along the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes.

The poor condition of its tracks and the lack of safety fences made this place acquire for years a reputation of highly dangerous, due to several fatal accidents.

Caminito del Rey before its restoration
In the picture you can see very well why the Caminito used to be one of the most dangerous paths in the world Photo Viajero Feliz

In 2015, after a year of restoration, the Caminito del Rey was officially opened to the public. Today it is one of the most visited natural places in the province of Malaga.

Comares, the Balcony of La Axarquia

comares, impressive views malaga
Comares Photo cdn.civitatis

This white village located in the eastern part of the province of Malaga is an impressive vantage point more than 700 metres above the sea. It is also known as the Balcony of the Axarquia, with extraordinary views of the mountains and even the coast.

Although until now it was basically dedicated to the olive tree, in recent years Comares is beginning to attract another type of tourism: Active Tourism in Malaga.

Active tourism and adventure sports are your thing? Take a look at our article to discover the many things you can do in Comares and the province of Malaga.

Zip line in Comares
Zip line in Comares

If you are more into slow travel or a weekend getaway, discover the most beautiful villages of the Axarquia.

These are our favourite places in Malaga, although there are many more we could mention.

If your favourite place doesn’t appear on this list, don’t hesitate, write a comment and share it!

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