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4.6 von 5.0 gebaseerd op 1814 beoordelingen.

Never had any problems with this company, and have been using it for many many years, always so helpful. Highly recommend it.
Van: David Layzell
Geplaatst: 11/10/2012
Rating: (5 von 5)
First time I have rented with Malagacar.com and have had a very good experience. I booked a group B car but was pleasantly surprised to receive a group D. The staff were efficient and patient in dealing with another customer who obviously had not taken the time to find what was included or not when they made their booking. I will use this company again when I am in the area.
Van: Andy Moran
Geplaatst: 11/10/2012
Rating: (5 von 5)
Hiring a car at Malaga airport there is only one company of serious quality, fast service, friendly staff, the cheapest prices; congratulations from a loyal client, see you soon.
Van: Francisco Gomez Muñoz
Geplaatst: 11/10/2012
Rating: (5 von 5)
For two weeks I used their car. Everything was okay. The staff were friendly & very helpful.
Van: Ferenc Szedlak
Geplaatst: 11/10/2012
Rating: (5 von 5)
We were so impressed with Malagacar.com. The staff were friendly & very helpful. It was very easy to spot the rep at the airport. The car we had was excellent. Clean & well equipped. We hired a booster seat & expected it to be rather old @ worn, but we were pleasantly surprised to see it was like new.
We can highly recommend Malagacar.com for top quality & service & also the best price car rentals.
Van: Mrs Mary Hooper
Geplaatst: 10/10/2012
Rating: (5 von 5)
On arrival we were taken to the office (short trip on minibus )no complaints yet, was given a seat ibiza with more than 54000 kms on clock dented all down near side and door mirror loose it also stank of stale smoke and the parcel shelf did not fit the interior was dirty also.When brought to the attention af a staff member he said damage was noted and we had full ins so no worries on the smoke smell he said will go after opening windows for a while ( it did not ) .Luckily mechanically the car was ok but they do need to improve on the cleaning side and customer service side.Having booked car hire with other companies before on the costa del sol we hoped that malagacar.com would at least match up to them sorry to say they fell well short this time.

Response from Malagacar.com
Dear Mr. Willis,

Thanks for your email. The car may have 54000 kms but that doesn’t mean the car has to be in poor conditions. You are right and you were given a car with some dents and it was not in perfect conditions. The car is now in the paint and body workshop. I am sorry the trouble we caused you. The car is rented by you with a fully comprehensive insurance and that was the reason why my colleague told you “don’t worry” because any damage to the bodywork is not your responsibility. About the smoke smell and the dirty interior we know as well and the car will be cleaned.
We usually have the fleet in “perfect” conditions and this was an exception. Again, I am sorry you were given this car. I would like to do the best for you so please for your next visit to the Costa del Sol send me an email and I will give you a good offer and, of course, the service will be superb.
J. Alberto Anglada

Client response:
Dear Alberto

Thank you for your response to my e-mail and I am glad to see that you do respond to people who not only praise you but have some form of complaint.
Yours Gratefully, Albert Willis
Van: Albert Leslie Willis
Geplaatst: 09/10/2012
Rating: (2 von 5)
Two issues arose in my car hire.
€46 was added to my bill for fuel. It was explained that I could get this back if the tank was half full on my return. When I returned the car the official told me that we don't do refunds of fuel deposits.
2. I got a puncture, when I went to change the tyre the jack was missing. the comment of the official was simply "that's strange".
I won't be returning.

Response from Malagacar.com
Dear Mr. Laird,
Thanks for your email.
- You paid 42, 84 € for fuel and not 46 € as you say. I can see the car was returned by you between empty and ¼ of fuel; so this is the reason why we cannot refund you money for fuel. The car was filled up by us after the car was returned by you.
- I will check if the jack is missing in a few days when the car is returned back.
J. Alberto Anglada
Dear Mr. Laird,
As I told you, I have checked the car; the jack is not missing. Attached you can see the pictures I have sent to your private email.
Van: Harry Laird
Geplaatst: 09/10/2012
Rating: (2 von 5)
Thank you so much for making our holiday enjoyable the car and service was perfect.
Van: Mike Cobb
Geplaatst: 08/10/2012
Rating: (5 von 5)
We have just returned after hiring a car for the second time. The staff we found to be extremely pleasant and helpful. Easy access to pick up the car on arrival and when returning. Will definitely recommend to friends.
Van: Malcolm Pear
Geplaatst: 08/10/2012
Rating: (5 von 5)
In fall 2011, I rented a car at Malagacar and was happy with the price and terms. This year I experienced a nasty surprise. The price for 21 days was first € 338, later € 298, but after 5 days before booking, it has suddenly been changed to € 414. Today, only two days before booking returns this low price. Because this game is not acceptable, I will inform the K-tipp (consumer magazine). So all readers in Switzerland will find that the advertising "we are the Best" is almost an empty promise and that other car rental companies also offer additional insurance included.

Response from Malagacar.com
Dear Customer, Thanks for your email. The price may change depending on availability and season. This is not “a game”. I can understand you are not happy so I will give you a discount as a return customer. Regards

Customer Feedback:
Thanks for the prompt reply and I wish you a good evening!
Van: Ionel Livius
Geplaatst: 08/10/2012
Rating: (1 von 5)

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