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(Pol. Ind. Aeropuerto de Málaga)
29004 - Málaga, Spain.


+34 952 17 60 30.

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4.6 из 5.0 На основании 1517 обзоров.

From booking the 9 seater, sending a query, having a quick reply, being picked up at the airport with no problem and excellent service in the office we cannot fault the service or the vehicle. Drop off was also very smooth. Thank you Malaga cars.
От: Malcolm Bennett
Отправлено: 23/05/2018
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Thanks for an uppgrade that I was not ready for. I orderded a Renault and recieved a nearly new,BMW 3’6D. FANTASTIC car. Cannot explain how satisfied i was. I will recomend Malaga Car.com to all my Friends.
От: Neill Simmons
Отправлено: 23/05/2018
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Have used many times, they never disappoint. Excellent.
От: Brian Acton
Отправлено: 22/05/2018
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Have send a question re hiring a car for longer period but no answer. Do I have to book 3 different cars to cover my stay in 9 weeks, have foud it is much cheaper than hire for a longer period, why? BR Jan

Reply by Malagacar.com

Dear customer,
Thanks for contacting us. The prices are calculated by the system and these can be different depends on availability, season and rental period. Please let me know the period when a car is needed and the kind of car you like and I will give you a quote.

J. Alberto Anglada
От: Jan
Отправлено: 22/05/2018
Оценка: (5 из 5)
We came several times to your office and never had problems and no waiting. May 2018, we came back and there was a very long wait. When it was our term, we did'nt found our booking number, despite it was in my phone...we know the reservation was made! We found our future reservations for July and August. We expected some understanding from the counter attendant. He said that we have no reservation, he made no effort to search. If he had looked with the name...he would have found it! But he was arrogant and he had no time to spill with us. He asked someone else.We waited another long moment and finally the responsable said he tried to get a car for us. We were taken care of by a lady...she helped us a lot. She made a new reservation...but at the end she found that we actually had a reservation! What a loss of time! If the first person had bothered to help us we would not have contacted you.I am extremely disappointed with your service! And what is that new VIP policy that passes in front of everyone? We waited one hour...before arriving at a counter! After a long trip this is unacceptable!

Reply by Malagacar.com

Dear customer,
Thanks a lot for your comment. Not always the customers comes with booking numbers known but We can find the bookings looking by nave. The search is done in less than 15 seconds, with just typing part of your name or surnames and this is what Amina did. About the another employee, I will talk with him but I am sure that it was not the intention of our employee to be arrogant. He is an employee who is working in the company for a long time (more than 2 years) and we know him well. He has been in another department (check in) and has just been moved up to the customer service desk (5 days prior your arrival day).

J. Alberto Anglada
От: Marina Cominotto
Отправлено: 20/05/2018
Оценка: (5 из 5)
От: Henry Murphy
Отправлено: 19/05/2018
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Having used you several times before, I have always found the Service to be 5 star, however, this last time (April 25~10May) I have just one observation which has made me only give 4 stars this time. I paid by a MasterCard credit card and was surprised to find p, on my return home, that you had converted the rate to GBP and used a different exchange rate than had you debited me in Euros is MasterCard. My Credit card company told me that all they received was a sterling amount for me to pay with no reference to Euros. You did not ask me whether I wanted to pay in pounds or Euros and the rate you used was not advantageous to me, only to you. I emailed you to ask why, but have not received a reply.

Reply by Malagacar.com
Dear customer,
Thanks for contacting us. Usually the staff asks to the customer before make the charge. Anyway I have just left a note that you like to pay always in Euros.
J. Alberto Anglada

От: Frederick Leonard Partington
Отправлено: 18/05/2018
Оценка: (4 из 5)
3 stars for Malagacar.com. Pick-up service was not good, but the rest was OK. 5 stars for Startpackage - a perfect service for late arrival in Malaga. We started the first day in Spain with bacon and eggs :-). All food was fresh and cold in the bag. We were greeted by one of the owners (Kim), who had our start package at the car rental office. Will definitely use the startpackage again.
От: Henning Sorensen
Отправлено: 14/05/2018
Оценка: (3 из 5)
Awful service! we booked a car long before the trip. We were travelling with kids, so needed a big and comfortable car. When we arrived in Malaga, we spent a lot of time trying to get the car, but it was not available. I am very much dissatisfied.

Reply by Malagacar.com
Dear customer,
Thanks for your words. We are sorry you were not satisfied. The car booked by  you was not returned by the previous customer so this is why was not available. My colleague Miguel tried to help you and gave you other options but all them were declined.
J. Alberto Anglada

От: Elena Pravdivaya
Отправлено: 07/05/2018
Оценка: (1 из 5)
Excellent service. Customer friendly staff - even drew me a little map at pick up. Great prices. Lovely cars. Delighted. I will certainly rent again from you and recommend without hesitation to friends and colleagues. Muchas gracias.
От: Anne Nolan
Отправлено: 06/05/2018
Оценка: (5 из 5)

Адрес: Av. del Comandante García Morato, 34, 29004 Málaga.
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