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Avenida García Morato, 34
(Pol. Ind. Aeropuerto de Málaga)
29004 - Málaga, Spain.

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+34 952 17 60 30.

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+34 600 523 523

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0871 2844700

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Certains clients ont écrit avec des commentaires appréciatifs au sujet de notre location de voiture aéroport de Malaga services. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une sélection des derniers témoignages et critiques reçus.:

4.6 sur 5.0 basé sur 1783 commentaires.

Hired 7 times a year for last 5 years always have new cars and never any problems, would highly recommend Malagacar
De: Michael Jones
Soumis le: 17/02/2020
Note: (5 sur 5)
Good afternoon. How do I get entitled to the permanaent 20% discount program. I rent cars very regularly with Malagacar.com. Average 2 times a month. With kind regards, Henk Dimmendaal

Malagacar.com answer:

Dear customer,
Thanks for contacting us. When You visit www.malagacar.com, on the left menu you can log in. Your id is "hidden" and your password is "hidden".
De: Henk Dimmendaal
Soumis le: 16/02/2020
Note: (5 sur 5)
Have used Malagacar for many years and never had a problem.
De: Chris Child
Soumis le: 16/02/2020
Note: (5 sur 5)
Just booked a Clio for 6 weeks. The cars are in very good condition and the delivery is very fast. Friendly staff. Otto from Switzerland.
De: Otto Pohl
Soumis le: 14/02/2020
Note: (5 sur 5)
Great service - easy and fast service - nice cars and extremely good rates

malagacar.com answer:

Dear Lars, thanks for your review.

De: Lars Priemé
Soumis le: 11/02/2020
Note: (5 sur 5)
I have been a customer for nearly 8 years, and I have good experience with malagacar. Except last car I rented, which I had to change. But I have one question. Why is the day rate much lower when I rent the car for one week and not for four weeks. It should have been opposite?
De: Helge Skorpen
Soumis le: 09/02/2020
Note: (5 sur 5)
Have been using Malagacar.com for a few years. Excellent service and the full pack rate gives me peace of mind. Don't bother looking around anymore, I just book with Malagcar.com
De: Albert Cox
Soumis le: 07/02/2020
Note: (5 sur 5)
⭐️⭐⭐️⭐️⭐️ We have rented our car for about 10 years, often several times a year since Malagacar. We have always had technically perfect and beautiful cars. There were never any problems, just great! If you book somewhere else, it's your own fault! Please keep up the good work!
De: Olaf Richter
Soumis le: 07/02/2020
Note: (5 sur 5)
Great car hire. They look after you in every way. Highly recommend Malagacar
De: Michael Harte
Soumis le: 05/02/2020
Note: (5 sur 5)
It is a super agency, no problem, always a beautiful car. Very nice and they even speak French, it's already since 2018 that I take all the time a reservation, I even became vip
De: Malik
Soumis le: 04/02/2020
Note: (5 sur 5)

Adresse: Av. del Comandante García Morato, 34, 29004 Málaga.
Téléphone: +34 952 17 60 30. E-mail: info@malagacar.com.
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