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Read our Malaga car rental tips for car hire Malaga airport, or check our quote to benefit from our low prices.

Car Hire at Malaga Airport

Planning and booking online

Both if it's your first time with car hire in Malaga or you've already done it before, sometimes arise many questions that we will try to solve in the following guide for car hire Malaga.

We do not require a credit card in order to process the booking, just bring your credit card with you when collecting your vehicle. Booking with is very easy and it will just take a few minutes to have your reservation done.

Let´s review some important things to take in consideration before taking your flight to Malaga and picking up your car.

It is very important that not only the car keys, but all our documentation and personal belongings are always safe . It is very common in summer to see people who have lost their purse and keys, and this is very easily avoidable if we care at all times of what we carry.

We have our own fleet of cars

Pickup location

You can choose to pickup your rental car at different locations:

Personal documentation

You wouldn´t believe the amount of people who forget personal documents at home, so this is our first recommendation, check it twice if you carry everything necessary before your trip. Remember to bring your driver's license, passport and credit card. Do not use photocopies of your driver's license, as the car rental companies will not accept this documentation; if you come from outside Europe you will also need an International Driving license, which you may be able to draw at your local traffic department.

Choose your car hire in Malaga: Automatic, 7 or 12 seater van hire, cabrio...

We have a large selection of vehicles you can choose for hiring a car in Malaga depending on your car rental needs:

Before starting the car for a trip:

Check your luggage, set your GPS if you have previously rented a GPS (GPS available as an extra when renting a car in Malaga), and rest as it is important to be rested while driving, especially if you rent your car in summer when higher temperatures cause drowsiness. Make sure the car has everything you need and the air conditioning is working properly; the most desirable routes to drive and visit, such as the interior towns, are where the temperatures are highest!

If you are driving from Malaga airport to your resort after picking up the car, just make sure everything is correct and you do not forget anything.

car hire Malaga fuel policyCar hire Malaga: Fuel policy

Fuel policy is an important part of our decision when hiring a car, let´s review the most common practices and what can you expect from

Many car hire companies have an aggressive fuel policy where is charged a full fuel tank, used or not. We do not make money in with gasoline and you only have to pay for half a tank of fuel and may return the tank empty.

It is very important to pay particular attention when you refuel, do not mix diesel with gasoline or you will seriously damage the engine. If you realize that you refuelled the wrong petrol, do not start the car; ask for help at the petrol station to drain the fuel from your vehicle.

Malaga car hire reviews

Find below the latest news about Malaga airport and press releases as well as some Malaga car hire reviews you can hire from us.

Malaga driving regulations

Whenever you travel to a foreign country it is advisable to know the local driving laws. There may be small differences that could cause a fine:

car hire Malaga fuel policyTraffic Signs: It is possible that the Spanish traffic signs include some variations that don´t exist in your country, pay special attention when driving at zebra crossings, signal lights and stops.

Speed limits: In Spain the speed is measured in kilometers per hour.

Restrictions on alcohol driving a vehicle

The legal limit for blood alcohol is 0.5, and for novice drivers 0.3 (driver's licenses under 2 years). Depending on the level of alcohol can be given up to prison sentences of between 6 and 12 months, so please take extra care and our advice is to not drink when driving. In Spain it is very common to find alcohol tests in places where they are least expected during weekends and holidays. If you drink, it is better that another person who has not drunk is driving the car or you hire a transfer in Malaga to pick you up.

Parking in Malaga

Be careful where you park your car in Spain; it is very common to be fined for parking the vehicle in not permitted places. Pay special attention to not leave the car in front of a permanent keep clear sign or next to a yellow zone as well as on pedestrian crossings. When you buy a ticket for parking in blue zones, leave it visible on the car dashboard.

Driving safety

Never forget to wear safety belts when driving, which is mandatory in Spain. If travelling with children, you must use the appropriate seats for them; remember that we offer seats for children which can be included when booking online from us.

Car hire in Malaga will benefit your experience, do not hesitate in contacting us for any question you may have using our contact email or phone numbers on the right. We have English speaking staff.

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