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About Seville

Seville Province is a good example of cultural mix throughout history. The beginning of the colonization of this area by the Phoenicians and Tartessos was the origin of the city of Seville.

Seville was a major commercial centre during the Roman era, the Arabs left monuments and culture that still remains and the Christians gave the city a great splendour after the discovery of America with the arrival of precious metals and riches of the new world. Seville can be defined as an Arab, Christian, Jewish and Roman province.

In Seville you can enjoy natural environments like the Guadalquivir river basin and the marshes of Doñana Natural Park, large wetlands with a variety of wildlife that you can observe while walking along the paths; or get lost in cosy villages and enjoy a rich cuisine.

Some recommended places in the province of Seville you can visit:

Alcazar de la Puerta de Sevilla
Anfiteatro Romano Brazo del Este
Cascada del Huesna
Parque natural de Doñana
El Gergal Embalse de Cordobilla

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