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Have rented from you on average 5 to 6 times per year, and all our family and friends who use our apartment at Miraflores rent from you as well. we have all enjoyed brilliant service and excellent prices in all of that time..However I do have an issue with you charging the same amount as the cost of the hire as an Insurance if you don't take out your Insurance, and the extra cost if you pick up the car outside normal hours..You never used to apply these charges and I was recently charged for both these, but had to wait 47 minutes to be served.
I have e-mailed you my constructive criticism on 28th July, and because I did not receive a reply, I sent a copy of said e-mail on 15th August, but to date have not received an answer.
You are easily the very best Car Hire company in Spain and I and my family and friends will continue to use you, but I had hoed some Constructive criticism would be helpful in ensuring you continue in the future to remain "The Best Car Hire company in Spain".
William Edwards.

Response of Malagacar.com

Dear Mr. Edwards,
Thanks for your time and comments. The last car you rented from us was in May so I think you are talking about this one.

Deposit: If you read our term and conditions (These changed in May 2012 so this is not new) a deposit is taken in case the extra insurance is not accepted by the customer. Anyway you rented some cars from us before so you are a good client. I will leave a note in the system so you will not be requested a deposit for future bookings.
Out of hours: In case the aircraft lands after 11 pm the out of hours is applied. Usually you were not charged for it because you have taken the car before that time. Until 2012 the out of hours charge was 15 € from 10 pm and now is 25 € but from 11 pm. This amount must be paid because it?s for the employees.

Waiting time: Yes, you had to wait 47 minutes but not 47 minutes to be served, but 47 minutes since the aircraft landed and you picked up the car, so I think the waiting time mas minimum. The plane arrived at 00:11 and the payment was made by you at 00:57. Please calculate the time since the plane is left, the luggage is taken, you are met by our staff and taken to our office.

If (as said by you) we are the best Car Hire Company in Spain is because we have friends like you who give us the opportunity, through comments, to strive the best service every day. With these words I want to convey to you we will always do the best for you and this is what we did and will be.
Once again, thanks a million!!!

J. Alberto Anglada
Van: William Edwards
Geplaatst: 29/08/2013
Rating: (5 von 5)
Booking was easy and efficient. The arrangements for shuttle bus transfer was extremely manic. We had to wait for 3 buses to go past before we could get on one as we weren't quick enough to get to the front of the bundle of people (difficult with small tired children, bags, pushchairs etc). So, I was a little disappointed with this aspect of the service. Service at malagacar.com was OK. However, I am extremely upset to find out on my return that I have been charged twice for my car rent. At the prices it costs to rent a car for a week, this is no small sum!! I have e-mailed malagacar.com and am awaiting a reply.

Response of Malagacar.com
Dear Maxine,
In order to improve a better service every day, your comments are really welcome.
Buses: You arrived at the day´s busiest time (10 am). The three buses we have were running so we always try you wait the minimum time as possible.
Charged twice: Please accept our apologies. This was made automatically by mistake with 1 minute difference. The amount was refunded in your credit card on August 29th.
J. Alberto Anglada

Client Answer:
Many thanks!
Van: Maxine Kindred
Geplaatst: 29/08/2013
Rating: (3 von 5)
There are so many car hire companies at Malaga Airport but I'm so glad we picked Malagacar for our 2 week holiday. I really can't fault their service - fast, friendly and courteous. Unfortunately, I had a small accident in my car but Malagacar dealt with the situation very efficiently and without fuss. What could have been a stressful event turned out not be a problem at all.
I would definitely use them again and highly recommend their car hire.
Van: Peter Read
Geplaatst: 27/08/2013
Rating: (5 von 5)
We have used Malagacar for a few years now and have been very pleased with them. Great service, no fuss and fast processing, we are on our way in no time at all. We are returning in September and we will have had four months carhire from them this year.Thank you to all the staff at Malagacar.com
Van: Liz Wilkinson
Geplaatst: 24/08/2013
Rating: (5 von 5)

We have just arrived to Denmark yesterday after a lovely week in Torrox just outside of Malaga.

Like we did last time, we rented a car in your company and we want to thank you for a fantastic service - both when picking up the car and returning it before leaving Malaga. It was such a good experience renting a car by Malagacar.com and we will recommend you to all friends and family. We have used other companies earlier but after trying Malagacar.com we will come back to you next time we are going to Torrox, and next time, and next... :-)

Again, thanks for a fantastic service.

Steen Holsteen Jessen
Line Lauth Gøttler

Van: Line Lauth Gøttler
Geplaatst: 22/08/2013
Rating: (5 von 5)
I recently hired a car from you as I do about 4 to 5 times a year. I have always been very pleased with the service and the cars I have received, this last time however I was very disappointed to be shown to a car that was parked outside, not cleaned and quite old, when I rejected this I was told I would have to pay 57 euro to upgrade to a C3. I was not happy to pay the extra and being a loyal customer should have been treated better and upgraded for free, as the car I was about to be given was not up to standard would at least expect a free upgrade in October when I return or my 57 euro back.

Response from Malagacar.com
Dear Mr Dyke
Thanks for your email we appreciate your comments. I have checked your contract and I see that the reservation you talk about was for collection on the 16th of July which is premium season when we do not have many available cars, therefore we apply the vehicles to bookings to get our planning set according to availability, as the car you reserved was from the group B, we had for you the car in the group ordered by you.
I understand that you may not like the car because is not brand new, but it was a car driving perfectly within the category you reserved. We upgrade the bookings only when is possible but that is something that we cannot do in premium season that is the reason why you were asked to pay to have an upgrade, which is the standard procedure in this cases. We are sorry for the inconveniences this may cause you.
You also complain about the car being parked outside, this is an usual practice to free space inside, but the car is taken out only on the same day when the car is rented out, I can assure you that the car was not parked outside for a long time. If that is something that annoys you, we will make sure that the rental car will be given to you inside our premises, always, for your booking in October we cannot promise you an upgrade but we will make sure that you get a new car spotless.
Should any other doubt or query arise, do not hesitate to contact us.
Yours faithfully,
Maryori M.
Reservations dpt.
Van: Andrew James Dyke
Geplaatst: 19/08/2013
Rating: (1 von 5)
We have been using malagacar.com for several years usual in May/June and at Christmas; have always been very happy with service and pricing, car provided and airport transfer service.
Van: Michael Odell
Geplaatst: 19/08/2013
Rating: (5 von 5)
My first booking with Malagacar and absolutely no problems.
Everything absolutely perfect; pick up from the airport; pick up and return of the car and transport to the airport were flawless. Any time again.
Service and overview of costs can be recommended.
Van: Wolfgang Henke
Geplaatst: 19/08/2013
Rating: (4 von 5)
I have just come back from a two weeks holiday in Malaga and had hired a car for this period. I had excellent service and the car had small scratches on it when we got it but they do not bother about this as the drivers in Spain are notorious for dents and scratched on their cars. We got a five door Corsa for just the two of us. We had no problem when we arrived at the airport as the booking form clearly tells you not to go down stairs and go through the sliding doors where someone will be holding up a sign and you then walk to the bus stop and get the minibus to their office. On arrival back with the car we did not even have to get out as representative met us and drove our car to the airport. Excellent service and would definitely use them again.
Van: James Oswald
Geplaatst: 18/08/2013
Rating: (5 von 5)
Rented a car for one week in July 2013. When exiting the airport, we were initially concerned as we couldn't see the Malagacar rep. However, rather than being among all the other reps on the right, we hadn't noticed that he was standing with a small group on the left! Once we had been dropped off at the car hire office, the check in process was quick and we were on our way in 15 minutes. When we asked for the minor scratches etc. to be marked on the rental sheet we were told it wasn´t necessary as minor items were covered by the rental. When we returned the car one week later, there were no problems and our deposit was quickly refunded within two days. Overall, a very good experience and excellent value, so we will definitely use them again next time.
Van: Dave C
Geplaatst: 14/08/2013
Rating: (5 von 5)

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