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As customer of Malagacar for many years, I am ver disapointed to find they have increased their prices by 48% yes 48% from 2015 t0 2016. I checked my 2015 rental against their 2016 quotation. I asked for an explanation of this massive increase but got none. My advice check other hire companies prices

Reply by Malagacar.com
Dear customer,
 Thanks for your email. Last year you rented the car at the end of October and November for 50 days so this is the cheapest season but this year you like the car for October 8th so this is why the price cannot be compared so the prices are not increased.
J. Alberto Anglada
Van: Peter Callan
Geplaatst: 21/09/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
With no doubt it was very pleasant experience with malagacar.com. We booked online full-pack for 6 days. Confirmation and all instructions were sent by e-mail. It was very easy to find malagacar.com representative in the arriving hall at Malaga Airport, who gave instructions to find the minivan. Identification number which was given by the representative at the airport didn't have actually any importance because people still ran to the minivan and the drivers didn't pay attention to the number given. Nevertheless, the next minivan arrived in 2 min. The only thing which could have been better is the marking of the spot where minivan stops. Currently there was nothing to indicate where the buses pick up. The service in the office was very fast with no problems, we received the car in 10 minutes and the car was new, clean and decent. Returning was even faster. We are extremely satisfied with malagacar.com services and will definitely recommend it to others and will use it next time again. If you want stress-free car rental for your holidays, then this is it.
Van: Kerti Kera
Geplaatst: 19/09/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
Top car company ,staff always helpful and polite use them 5+times a year never a problem and now we make sure our son and daughter use them for peace of mind
Van: Nic Booth
Geplaatst: 19/09/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
Have used this company a few times in the last year,currently on my 6th booking and have another car booked for next month. Never had a problem with cars. I've always booked the Full Pack rate for peace of mind. My only observation would be for a seperate or more obvious entrance / desk for priority bookings outside the office as I've often noticed confusion amongst customers queing outside and maybe not aware of the 'perk', especially at busy times. Overall still one of the best value for money companies.
Van: Pete Downing
Geplaatst: 18/09/2016
Rating: (4 von 5)
Very rude people. I've never written a bad review but I need to share my experience with this company. I'm from Spain, but lived in England for 8 years. These people need some training in good customer service. There was a long queue and when it was my turn, one of the sales assistant tried to push in one of his friends who was in the queue. Soon two English people who was waiting as well noticed what was going on and let the guy know it was my turn, not his friend's. Then, as he was angry, he said to me straight away I had to pay 1000 euros without explaining why. I was shocked as I didn't know I had to pay that for deposit. He was very agressive and rude and the manager who was 2 meters from him didn't even look up. Both were rude and had bad manners. I had my 3 years old daughter waiting as well for ages and we ended up looking for another company. We found Europcar and I have to say I will definitely rely on them again. They charge 500 euros for the rent of the car and also the deposit. I was very pleased with the service and their customer service skills.

Reply by Malagacar.com

Dear Mrs Sonora,
After reading your comments through our website and google +, let me say that everything must have been a misunderstanding on your part. You are right when you came, you did with other families at rush hour and there was some queue which does not mean that the waiting time was elevated (26 minutes on average since you arrived at the airport arrivals terminal until the lease is signed).
As you said, it is true that some families were served at the quick service counters before you but this is because they chose a pack we offer on the website at the time of booking and which you did not choose but in no case it was because they were "friends" because customer service is vital for us, and the staff applies the rules and therefore to give priority to customers with the option of Full pack.
If you feel upset about the treatment you claim to have received, let me apologize although the staff is well trained and prepared to never put a bad face.
On the amount of 1000 euros you say you would have to pay without explanation, I ask you to stick to the facts as the only amount you would have to pay is 184.59 € and not double as you say you have paid in another company.
The amount of 1000 euros of which you speak is the franchise corresponding to the vehicle and is blocked instead of charged that is what would have said my colleagues. You can always avoid leaving that amount and accept the insurance therefore you would still only have paid 352.59 euros (30% less than the other company). All this is explained in the terms and conditions and in your booking confirmation.

J. Alberto Anglada
Van: Carmen
Geplaatst: 14/09/2016
Rating: (1 von 5)
We travel regularly to Malaga and have tried a lot of car hire companies. For those complainers about the time it takes to complete the documentation at Malagacar.com try some of the other companies within the airport. We arrived last Saturday and we were met outside the arrivals hall and were given instructions on where to find the van to take us to our car. Within 20 minutes we were driving out of the airport. Pretty good service we thought. The only criticism I have and it is with all car hire companies is why do we have to wait until we get to the desk for the staff to copy all our driving licence and passport details, why on earth can't we complete these at time of booking, we can input the details ourselves and once we are at the desk the staff then only have to check details are correct. This must save time.
Van: Gordon Clark
Geplaatst: 13/09/2016
Rating: (4 von 5)
I too was shocked to see some bad reviews for Malagacar. Over a ten year period I have booked with them 7 times. They get 10 out of 10 from me. Great Value. Never had any issue with any car rented from them and always achieved an efficient service. Yes you need to take their shuttle mini bus from Airport 3 minutes down road but we never had to wait more than 5 minutes and for the value they offer we will continue booking with them. Thank you Malagacar for your continued service
Van: Charles Alken
Geplaatst: 13/09/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
Unfortunately i have had a bad experience with this rental company. Since my first rental in May I have had to return three cars due to mechanical problems, two cars the brakes were worn out and the third car smelt strongly of petrol INSIDE the cabin.We live in Estepona so it was a day out just to change the vehicles in Malaga In all cases the cars were delivered in a very dirty condition inside. We personally cleaned the interiors of all the cars they supplied. I am now looking for another company for the rest of my stay here.
Van: Ernest Chedotal
Geplaatst: 13/09/2016
Rating: (2 von 5)
We have used many car hire companies over the 10 years we have been visiting the Costa del sol. This is by far the best value. We had a problem with a cracked windscreen and it was resolved immediately. We needed to change a booking and this too was done immediately. It is only our second booking with this company but have no hesitation in recommending them. We shall certainly use them again.
Van: Richard Potter
Geplaatst: 12/09/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
I spent ages trying to decide who to book our rental car with whilst on holiday recently in the Costa Del Sol due to reading so many bad stories. I am so pleased I chose Malagacar the booking was very simple online a few days before we travelled. We were picked up from the airport immediately and taken to their office, the paperwork was quick and simple, the car was clean and exactly what we booked. I am so pleased we paid for the full cover for peace of mind, we returned the car half full as we picked it up and as simple as that we were returned immediately to the airport. I am so pleased with the company and service and would recommend to everyone, we will definitely be booking with them next year when we return to Costa Del Sol.
Van: Mrs Joanne Gill
Geplaatst: 05/09/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)

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