Guadalentin River and Navas de San Pedro

In Sierra de Cazorla you'll find many places to discover; in our guide of Jaen and Cazorla we show routes and most recommended places that you can visit; we recommend the following sites you can visit:

- Guadalentin
Tributary of the Guadiana Menor river which rises in the Sierra de Cazorla and reaches the reservoir Embalse de la Bolera where originates the Guadalentin river which can only be seen when the reservoir is empty as the waters cover it.

In the area covered by this tributary can be practiced canyoning, a fun activity that requires special equipment. You can also practice Kayaking at the Bolera Reservoir.

- Los Pescadores
Route From the forest house and after passing Nava de San Pedro we follow a path along the right side of the river Guadalentin and which was the old route of the fishermen. After crossing the river we ascend to the higher part and continue along a track back to where we parked the car.

- Navas de San Pedro
After passing the recreation area and the junction of paths we follow the descending one towards the bridge Puente de las Herrerias. This route of only 1 and a half hours has very little difficulty and is declining throughout most of its course.

At the end of the route there are a few pools where you can swim to cool off, there is also a recreational area where you can relax and have a drink.

How to get there
If you want to go to the Bolera Reservoir you have to take direction to Granada and Guadix from where after reaching Pozo Alcon situated very close to the reservoir you have to turn north towards to the Natural Park of Sierra de Baza.

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