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We have opted for Malagacar due to the many positive reviews and the good price and we have had a very good experience. The process was quick and without problems. They responded very quickly to our emails. The transfer from the airport to the office is less than 2 minutes. We had to wait about 15 minutes as there had arrived several clients and not all desks (maximum 6) were occupied. It was no problem. On the way back we were taken without delay to the airport. Perfect!

The car (Opel Corsa) was almost new (18.000km), very clean and in excellent conditions. Certainly the company wins something with the fuel policy as we do not leave the tank without gas, but this can be calculated in advance in the total price (with 8 litres of fuel remaining about 12 €). Customers who do not drive much certainly benefit from the half tank policy. The extra insurance for wheels, glass etc. is optional but not required; this time I it hired because I could not evaluate the conditions of Andalusian roads. Generally, the risk seems manageable, and maybe next time I´d do without. As in September we fly back to Malaga, we´ll rent again with Malagacar.
Van: Bernd Bischof
Geplaatst: 11/05/2014
Rating: (5 von 5)
It was an easy booking process, and the collection of the car was rapid, and included being shown the car by friendly member of staff. The car was clean and well prepared, and we had no problems with it for the month that we used it. The return process was also slick, and our deposit was returned immediately. Malagacar ticked all the boxes for us, so we just about to make a booking for our next trip to Spain.
Van: Geoff & Hilary Hutt
Geplaatst: 10/05/2014
Rating: (5 von 5)
Hired car for 4 days long UK bank holiday weekend ... Very good experience .. fast pick up and drop off service, friendly staff, well maintained cars etc etc ... will definitely use this company again ...
Van: Paras S
Geplaatst: 10/05/2014
Rating: (5 von 5)
24/7h services at Malaga airport IS NOT TRUE!!!
I had flight at 6AM and the garagw was closed!! They didn't tell me anything when I get the car!! The risk was to lose the flight but fortunately a close car rental gave me a lift till the airport. I left the car out the garage and key into's a misleading advertising!!

Response from
Dear customer,

Thanks for your email. 24/7 h is true and this can be said by all our customers. I cannot find you by your email address. Please let me know your booking number, customer number or contract. I like to see what happened.

Van: Bob
Geplaatst: 08/05/2014
Rating: (1 von 5)
We travel quite a bit in North America and Europe. Travel is always an adventure and sometimes things happen that are not always nice. We had an incident with a large truck going the wrong way on a narrow one way street. Malagacar was contacted, within one half hour they had a tow truck and a taxi there for us. We were 70 kilometers from their office. The taxi took us to their office and in less than 15 minutes we were on our way with another car. I cannot say enough about this company. Friendly, professional staff, great vehicles, and a fast efficient operation with great prices. I recommend this company to all car renters.
Van: Edward Childs
Geplaatst: 07/05/2014
Rating: (5 von 5)
We were pleased with the booking process and ease of collection and drop off and also the car we received. Malagacar even responded to an email requesting how much we could expect to pay for the full tank of fuel. We opted to take out the full insurance for peace of mind as it was reasonably priced. 3 families of us collected cars at different times on the same day, same group and same duration. When we later compared the charges we could not understand why we had been charged different amounts. We read the small print on the back of the contract to find that: Upon collection you are supposed to be offered either "Express check-out Service" or "Standard check-out Service". We were not offered either, we were just informed we had to return the car half full - and charged 15euros. Our 2 friends who picked up cars on the same day, were not charged this 15euro fee (now 20euro)as they were given the choice and opted for Express check-out Service and were charged accordingly. We found this strange as Malagacar advertise "No fuel rip-off, we don´t charge refueling service fee".. Either way we work it out that the company will make approx. 15euro per tank of fuel on each vehicle they hire out! This is hidden in the terms Express check-out Service or Standard check-out Service! Not quite the service we expected as described as 'Avoid nasty surprises on arrival, what you quote is what you pay.' It cannot be denied that basic prices are keen, but with this extra fee, comparable prices can be found on the net, so we would shop around more fully next time.

Response from
Dear Mr. Harries,

When you booked the car in October 2013 there were not the options mentioned by you so the car had to be returned empty.

By mistake my colleague asked you if you liked to take one of the 2 options given but you are right you didn’t know about 15 € charge for a standard service was not available when the car was booked. This amount will be refunded in your credit card and you can be sure there are not hidden costs in the terms and what you quote is what you pay.

J. Alberto Anglada
Van: Brian Harries
Geplaatst: 06/05/2014
Rating: (4 von 5)
Excellent service and good prices.
We were very satisfied with KIA Carnival 2.2d.
I hope my review will help other customers to decide for Malagacar, because reviews were crucial for our decision.

Many thanks.


Samo Felc
Van: Samo Felc
Geplaatst: 05/05/2014
Rating: (5 von 5)
Thank you so much for your service. Rented for the first time at But excellent service and quick check in and return. Its quicker even with the bus transfer than to hire a car at the airport. And the price was very good. Again thanks and till next time. The colleague who checked us in was very friendly even when it was so busy this Easter.
Van: Kirsten Gielen
Geplaatst: 30/04/2014
Rating: (5 von 5)
Negative experience. We received a car of less than the required category. We have been an hour because they had not prepared the car safety seat for the child. We had ordered a Ford Focus or Renault Megan and got a Peugeot 308. Insurance does not cover everything, and have paid for insurance coverage of the tires, windows and mirrors. Best depend on other companies.

Esperienza negativa. Abbiamo ricevuto un auto di categoria inferiore di quella richiesta. Abbiamo spettato un'ora perché non avevano preparato l'auto con il seggiolino per la bimba. Avevamo chiesto una Ford Focus o Renault Megan e ci hanno dato una Peugeot 308. L'assicurazione non copre tutto ed abbiamo pagato per la copertura assicurativa di gomme, cristalli e specchietti. Meglio affidarsi ad altre compagnie.

Response from
Dear Sr. Itria,
Thank you for your Email. I answer point by point:

1. “We received a car of less than the required category”.
You didn´t receive a car from a lower range, but in fact the car we gave you was of a higher range. The type of car you requested was the category "D" and this is a standard car of medium size. You received a car of the category "D2" which is the same type of car with diesel engine. You travelled 769 kilometres, so you can be sure you have even saved money with the kind of car that we gave you.

2. “We waited one hour because they had not prepared the car safety seat for the child”.
Your flight arrived in Malaga at 09:06 and you met our representative at 09:38. The payment was made at 10:07. I do not think you could have waited 1 hour. Either way we never have child seats installed in cars first because we have various types of seats and secondly never know the car that we give to the customer until the time of delivery.

3. “We had ordered a Ford Focus or Renault Megan and got a Peugeot 308”.
Please refer to point 1.

4. “Insurance does not cover everything, and we have paid for insurance coverage of the tires, windows and mirrors”.
Our company policy is completely transparent and therefore the customer is informed at all times of the rental conditions, both before reserving the vehicle and when receiving your confirmation by email. Please read your confirmation and you will see that we proceeded in the same manner as explained in the terms and conditions.

5. Best depend on other companies.
At this point I can’t give you any answer as this is a personal decision.

J. Alberto Anglada
Van: Marco Itria
Geplaatst: 30/04/2014
Rating: (1 von 5)
Magic, thank you.

Also, just wanted to say that the rental went well with a very smooth process at a great price. The car did what we needed and i think we even benefited from a better car than booked, so very happy, thanks to malagacar!


Van: Peter Woodhead
Geplaatst: 29/04/2014
Rating: (5 von 5)

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