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4.6 von 5.0 gebaseerd op 1829 beoordelingen.

Again an excellent service ( 12 + years usage ), easy paperwork process, no queue, Car brilliant ( 1km on the clock ). Easy return and airport transfer. Never look anywhere else.
Van: Chris Weston
Geplaatst: 28/05/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
What great service. I had entered an incorrect flight number and the flight was delayed for three hours and we arrived at 10.30pm but the representative was still there waiting on arrival (remember its in the hall not outside and the rep wears an orange overall) Following a short walk to the transfer bus we were at the Malaga Office in minutes - no queues!. We were dealt with quickly and courteously and our car was superb in every respect. Importantly there was no pressure to buy upgrades and no queues. On return we filled up in Fuengirola as there was no pressure to have the car full to the brim i.e. no extra charges that are often levied by other companies. Also there was no long wait and we simply got out of the car and queued for the minibus (the car was inspected but not scrutinised with a fine tooth comb) Transfer to arrivals only took ten minutes. I would never use any other car hire company when flying into Malaga Airport. If you want a stressless car hire experience then you use Malagacars.com. Thank you to the Malagacars.com 'team' - you enhanced out lovey holiday. Doug, Shirley, Mike and Marian
Van: Douglas White
Geplaatst: 28/05/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
I have used your car hire for over 8 years approx 5 times a year. I have recommended you to friends. You have always been an excellent company. However, this past year (since you seem to have expanded and maybe changed how you operate), there have been problems with the way you check your cars! Customer safety should be a PRIORITY. Problem no. 1 Last year a front tyre was ripped in one area right through. We only noticed it the second day. This was an old split and you should have noticed this when you checked the car. It could have been very dangerous for us. We had to put the spare tyre on. We informed you about this on our return but you didn’t seem concerned. Problem no. 2 We recently hired a Mini Countryman from you. We had a puncture. There was no spare tyre or repair kit. We had no choice but to continue driving as we were heading to our holiday home and it was evening. Consequently, the tyre was in shreds! We phoned you but was told we would have to come to Malagacar by taxi to pick up another car - we told you we were flying home the next day plus it was almost dark! There was no way we could do this. So we had to phone again the next morning. A pick up truck came for the car. We were told to get a taxi to the airport. Bearing in mind we were over an hour from the airport and up in the mountains this would have been impossible! Luckily my friend took us to the airport! When we explained about there being no repair kit, you apologised and went into the garage and had ‘words’ with a member of staff!! Problem no. 3 A friend of mine stayed at my house and we recommended you for car hire. Their battery kept going flat. It went flat in the day they went home. They had planned an early start to spend the day in Malaga. This was cut short. I have emailed you twice but had no reply, hence my comments on here. My question to you is - can you reassure me that you will do safety checks on your cars? I don’t want to stop using your car hire company but since you have expanded you don’t seem to check your cars properly or have adequate customer care when things go wrong.

Reply by Malagacar.com
Dear customer,
Thanks for your email. I must inform some Mini and BMW cars are not equipped with spare wheel and/or kit so nothing is wrong. About your friends car please let me know contract number or booking number in order to check what happened.
J. Alberto Anglada
Van: Brenda Newsam
Geplaatst: 21/05/2019
Rating: (2 von 5)
First time using malagacar.com and will have no hesitation in using in 2020 when we return to Malaga. Staff very professional upon registering to collect vehicle.New and very clean car supplied easy process at collection and return. Pick up and return to airport very well organised and efficient
Van: Paul Nicklin
Geplaatst: 18/05/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
I am really surprised at the way you are doing the reservations now. I made a reservation and received an email from you saying that that was not a confirmation and that I was going to receive it in 48hs. Never received anything. This is not fair for a client that is the fourth time using Malagacar.
Van: Alejandro Nestor Russell
Geplaatst: 12/05/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
I had to change the battery but malaga car don't return me coins...No customer service

Reply from Malagacar.com
Dear customer,
Thanks for contacting us. I can see you rented a car from us for the period between 13/04 and 19/04 but I cannot find anything about a new battery.
J. Alberto Anglada

Van: Claire Paimparay
Geplaatst: 12/05/2019
Rating: (1 von 5)
We have used Malagacar for years and cannot speak highly enough of them. Since my wife does not fly we always arrive by train at Malaga Maria Zambrano. In the past we had to get the local train to the airport and then go to arrivals to report in and get the minibus to the office. This time we used the new service to pick us up from the station and drop us off again is fantastic, saving us a lot of time and effort. All the staff at Malagacar are excellent and a great asset to the business.
Van: Gerald Mulvaney
Geplaatst: 10/05/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
We (8 golfers) have been using Malaga Cars for over 10 years and service (pick up, quality of cars, organisation) has been excellent. However this year one of the cars was not up to the usual standard, although adequate and whilst we returned to the UK over a week ago, I still haven't had the £1,000 deposit returned on the credit card despite assurances it would arrive within a few days of dropping the cars off. Disappointing in that I will need to now pay the £1,000 or be charged interest. Will probably still use again next year and hopefully our experiences this year are a one off.
Van: Ian Walkden
Geplaatst: 10/05/2019
Rating: (3 von 5)
My name is Alida and in my review I made a mistake because I want to put five point and unfortunaly I put 1, It was my wrong, sorry. I had a fantastic experience. The person who attended me was Angel. He was so kind and really friendly, It is really good have a person who can speak English. The car was good and very competitive prices. Everything was faster and easy. I will be back. Thanks.
Van: Alida Lammechien
Geplaatst: 09/05/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
This review is all about the little lass who dealt with our car rental paperwork etc. Her name is LEYRE. She was absolutely wonderful with us. She was bright and alert and truly helpful. When I gave her a star rating, I ticked number one by mistake. I didn't have my specs on. I honestly intended to give the topmost rating of 5 stars and I was mortified when I got it wrong. Because the transaction was completed we could not change anything. Please tell LEYRE how sorry I am and think she is the best ever! I would like to add this.....when we went to catch the shuttle bus, there was a long queue . It took 3 buses to get us to the car hire depot. We expected to have a long wait in another queue but when we arrived the staff had already dealt with the previous 16 customers. We were well impressed .
Van: Jacky And Norman Hall
Geplaatst: 06/05/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)

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