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Love this company which we have used for years and years. Highly recommend to anyone who uses our house or asks about car hire. The new Fuel thing I think is great as sometimes short visits we cannot use all the fuel. Had a wait quite a time for the curtesy bus at the airport last time but this was unusual. GREAT CARES- LOVELY STAFF -GOOD PRICES. Brilliant start to a holiday
Van: Rennie Robertson
Geplaatst: 06/05/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
I got a parking ticket in February and paid this in full before leaving Spain being a responsible person for which I have a Bank receipt. I have had my account blocked as they said I still owed the parking fee. I went to the Police to see if I could sort this out and was helped by them and told that there is Nothing outstanding to be paid. I have forwarded all the relevant documents to Malagacar but they have been no help at all and have still blocked my account. They are a great Company when things are going well but their customer service is atrocious. No help. The Policeman even said that they are nit a good Company if they can’t even help when you have the proof that this is paid. Real shame as was happy before this!! Beware

Reply by Malagacar.com
Dear customer,
Maybe you paid a fine but you received 2 different fines.
J. Alberto Anglada
Van: Ann Melia
Geplaatst: 30/04/2019
Rating: (1 von 5)
Hired a car this winter for 48 days and as usual picking the car up from the airport via their shuttle was smooth sailing. During the rental i had a small problem with the car which they replaced with a better car and no fuss or hassle. This is my third long term rental with Malagacar and each time I have been completely satisfied with their friendly service and ease when returning the car on completion of the rental. I WILL BE BACK!!!
Van: Michael Adams
Geplaatst: 29/04/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
Great new service - being picked up from Malaga Railway Station. In the past we have always got the Cercanias train to the airport and then the minibus to the office, but now with a minibus pickup at the Station it is even easier. First class service on arrival from Malagacar as usual.
Van: Gerald Mulvaney
Geplaatst: 28/04/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
Have used Malagacar 33 times to date and as long as their high standards and competitive pricing prevail I would not change supplier. Service includes prompt collection from the airport, no long queues to collect cars, cars are new / of high quality and finally car return / airport transfer is rapid. I have no hesitation in recommending Malagacar.com
Van: Andy Ingleston
Geplaatst: 25/04/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
I have rented cars from Malagacar.com many times. The pick up and hire process are smooth and straight forward. I have experienced a cracked windscreen on my last hire. The staff were extemely helpful and understanding. No worries. Thanks Malagacars.com.
Van: Derek Murden
Geplaatst: 23/04/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
Watch out for......you ordered half a tank of fuel but we have filled it full.....in that case we will give you half a tank free.....then they deny it....and then charge it....

Reply by Malagacar.com
Dear customer,
You booked under half-empty fuel policy (Basic pack) so this is why you had to prepay the fuel.
 J. Alberto Anglada
Van: Simon Heath
Geplaatst: 23/04/2019
Rating: (1 von 5)
 I have rented for one or two weeks several times with Malaga Car after having rented at Malage with other companies. Malaga car is the best, very reliable company and good cars for a very competitive price especially the all inclusive rentals.
Van: Yvonne Lo Re
Geplaatst: 21/04/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
Outstanding- every aspect of hiring a car, including the short (2min) trip to pick up the car, and it’s drop off was handled in a thoroughly professional way. Many thanks. Joe
Van: Joe Mcgillivray
Geplaatst: 11/04/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
Hello, we rented a car in 1 April and return in 5 April. We were very satisfy about the services malagacar.com. We were expected at the airport, and in the office everything was very organized. We receive a superior class car. We made the reservation for Renault Clio and they give us a Megane. Congratulations and in October when we will come back we will rent a car again. Thank you.
Van: Nedelea Sorin Marian
Geplaatst: 09/04/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)

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