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We have used Malagacar on about six visits to Spain now and have never had any problems apart from our last visit in September 2016.The supplied car had a service warning light flashing. Sorted in about 10 minutes. Thank you gentlemen and ladies. Be back next year.
Van: Michael Ford
Geplaatst: 21/10/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
Paid for Full pack deal. Had to wait at least 1 hour in line after line (they couldn't decide witch one to use) before we got service. While there, it took them about 20 minutes to check me in to there system. Then we finally got the car and drove of, but after a couple of 100 meters i noticed that there was almost no air in the left front tire. Went back and i was told to stand in that crazy line again for service. They weren't serviceminded at all and I as a customer didn't feel very welcomed. I will never hire a car from this company again.

Reply by Malagacar.com

Dear customer,
Thanks for your email. I will talk with the person in charge in order to know what happened. I can see your flight landed at 14:49 so I think you left the airport about 15:20 and at 15:52 the contract was signed by you so that was more or less half an hour and not 1 hour and 20 minutes. The customer service is vital for us so anything the staff does saved (times). Anyway I can see the employee made a mistake and was trying to print a contract with a different car but this problem was solved in just a few minutes.
We are really sorry you had to come back so the cars are always checked although this time the car rented by you was collected at 14:16 so We had to clean so quick. This is not an excuse but I like to let you know what could happen.
In case you decide to give us the opportunity for your next trips to Malaga, You will check by yourself the service is good and the cars condition as well.
Van: Christian
Geplaatst: 20/10/2016
Rating: (1 von 5)
Dear Sir/Madam, My latest booking reference is 725868 and I arrived on 15th. Oct. I have been a customer of Malagacar for a number of years and visit Malaga fairly regularly. This time around I have noticed a marked deterioration in service provision. Having arrived late night I registered at arrivals and received a ticket. I went to the queuing area and waited for 25 minutes before being collected. Apart from there being no signage for Malagacar, the area itself was poorly lit and there was absolute chaos with parents with young children and buggies vying to get transport to the car hire office. Some people were not aware that they had to have tickets and tempers were a little frayed. Having arrived at the car hire office there was a queue out the door and it took one hour to be processed. When being processed I was dealt with by an agent by the name of FRAN whom I must highly compliment for his manner and enthusiasm. He recognised that people were tired and vexed and attempted to bring a bit of friendly banter into the room, creating a kind of jovial atmosphere. Effectively he saved the night, with his pleasing personality, he was an excellent service agent. I would suggest that this approach will cost you business in such a very competitive environment. There is a requirement to manage the queues at the terminal while awaiting transport to the car hire office and then there is a definite need to manage queues at the office. Staffing would appear to be the major issue. I have always enjoyed using Malagacar for quality of service and standard of hire cars, but competition is quite high in the car hire business and I would respectfully suggest that you need many more staff like FRAN to retain your competitive edge. Please extend my sincere appreciation to FRAN for his attention when I eventually got to the service desk, he was a pleasure to deal with and diffused a tense situation. I was tired and angry, he was upbeat and helpful. With best wishes to Malagacar in the future hoping the business is not adversely affected with poor service. Kind regards, Derek Byrne - Ireland. Normally I would rate Malaga car 4/5 on this occasion I can only rate 1/5 but the service agent 5/5.

Reply by Malagacar.com

Dear Derek,
Thanks for your words. The customer service is vital for us and we are improving and working hard to can do the best for the customer. You arrived near 22.00 and you must admit was a really busy time (Many flights arrived at the same time and that could see reflected in the number of people leaving the airport baggage terminal).

The area allocated for parking of minibuses is given by "AENA" and not allow us to put advertising. This is why We have added the next words to the booking voucher: Collection at Malaga Airport: After collecting your luggage please DO NOT GO DOWNSTAIRS to the car rental desks but exit the sliding doors at the arrivals hall where you will find one of our representatives waiting with a Malagacar.com sign. THEY WILL ASSIGN AN IDENTIFICATION NUMBER TO ENSURE YOUR TURN IN THE MINIBUS AND OUR OFFICES. PLEASE NEVER GO DIRECTLY TO THE BUS STOP WITHOUT HAVING BEEN RECEIVED BY OUR STAFF. They will indicate you the way to our Malagacar.com shuttle bus situated at the pick-up area about 100 metres right-hand after the taxi stop. An orange Malagacar.com shuttle bus will be with you shortly to take you on the short, two minute, drive to our offices.

You are right you had to wait a little bit but please, don’t be confused, so you were met by my colleague Daniel at the airport at 22:01 and the car rental contract was printed at 23:00 so maybe you were served by Fran about 22:50. We understand you came tired and the waiting time seemed to be longer than the real.
Derek, I have just spoken with Fran so your appreciation has been given. Thanks for your words which are really important to be able to give better customer service every day. 
J. Alberto Anglada
Van: Derek Byrne
Geplaatst: 17/10/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
We rented a car from this company for 2 weeks in September. When we arrived at Malaga airport, the Malagacar.com representative was waiting for us. Shuttle arrived promptly and 10 minutes later we had our car. We got a brand new Renault Scenic with just 2000km on the clock. Very helpful guy, took his time to explain all the buttons in the car, also got a GPS in it which we did not pay for. Then he explained us in detail how to get to our destination (El Soto near Elviria). So very good first impression of Malagacar.com. Two weeks later, the return of our rental car to Malagacar went extremely smooth as well. We arrived on time, a lady was waiting for us, she checked the petrol level (half full) and then another person drove us to the airport in the same car. Very practical so we did not need to remove our suitcases, wait for a shuttle etc. We have been back home nearly a month now and we have had no extra charges on our credit card. We did not take the excess insurance and everything went fine. I have to say that we are very careful with the cars we rent, in this case we had an underground parking place in the apartment we rented. If we go back to the Costa del Sol, we will definitely use this company again
Van: Carla Bambury-stroop
Geplaatst: 16/10/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
We have used Malaga car on a couple of occasions and found the process efficient, and good value compared to other companies we have used in Malaga previously. We like the transparency of the different packages that allow you to make an informed choice before you rent of what you are covered for and what you can expect to be held as a deposit or excess. So many other companies we have used in the past appeared to be good value until you arrived to pick up and the list of added extras inevitably materialised! We take the full package that we felt offers complete peace of mind at a reasonable rate - after all a holiday is supposed to be relaxing. We would recommend this company without hesitation.
Van: Julia Pillon
Geplaatst: 13/10/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
Just booked another car with malagacars 7 this year wouldn't go any where else never any problems no rip off fees
Van: Mr Robin John Grant
Geplaatst: 10/10/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
Having always used major hire companies, but wanting a specific car, with some trepidation, I decided to give Malagacar a try! What a great experience! Not only was the rental cheaper and more comprehensive, but so easy and without any difficulty thanks to charming staff. I can only unreservedly recommend them!
Van: James Woods
Geplaatst: 10/10/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
We have just rented through Malagacar for the second time and have to say yet again a flawless and reasonable service, even dropped us off in our car at the airport. would definitely use again
Van: Leigh Comins
Geplaatst: 03/10/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)
rip off merchants , paid full insurance , plug from oil sump came loose ,lost all oil car broke down ..,they said car insured except underneath so they took £845 from my card , beware of them they are not what they seem ,never again

Reply by Malagacar.com

Dear customer,
Thanks for contacting us. After checking the car rental contract, the damage is covered. You are right, the extra fully comprehensive insurance was taken by you. The amount of 1000 € will be refunded today.
Please accept our apologies.
Van: G Moir
Geplaatst: 03/10/2016
Rating: (1 von 5)
I have use Malagacar.com for the last number of years and find them extremely pleasent to deal with.The staff at pickup and at the counter very friendly and helpful.Keep up the good work
Van: Daniel N Myers
Geplaatst: 02/10/2016
Rating: (5 von 5)

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