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This morning somebody bumped into my car meanwhile I was waiting at a traffic light in Seville. The driver in the other car was distracted. So I called Malagacar and everything went very well; the first thing they asked me if I was well and if the car was fit for driving. When I told them I was not sure about that they sent me a tow truck and a taxi to bring me from Seville to Malaga in order to give me another car. Everything was very good and very swift. I recommend Malagacar to everybody.
Van: Juan Miguel Cruz Abdou
Geplaatst: 08/07/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
Great service! The new VIP Desk is perfect. We've been using you now more or less every month for a year or so. Excellent consistent service. Our friends could not believe how quickly the collection of the car was on the 21st June. And a great price!! We returned the car on the 7th July and again a slick operation. I could not recommend higher !!
Van: Jim Aspinwall
Geplaatst: 08/07/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
We have used Malaga Cars 32 times in the past 4 years. They are always good value, with excellent and friendly service. Reservation on-line is very easy, and even changes to bookings can be done on-line. No payment is taken until the car is collected. Deserves our 5-star rating!
Van: Dr Richard Campbell
Geplaatst: 07/07/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
Jeg har kun oplevet rigtig god service hos Malagacar.
Min hustru havde brækket et ben, og vi blev straks kørt til lufthavnen i samme bil som vi skulle aflevere. Ikke noget med at skifte til shutlle bus. Chaufføren sørgede for, at vi fik en kørestol i lufthavnen.
TAK fra en særdeles tilfreds kunde.

I have only experienced good service at Malagacar.
My wife had broken a leg and we were immediately taken to the airport in the same car as we had to deliver. None of that change to shuttle bus. The driver made sure we got a wheelchair at the airport.
THANKS from a very satisfied customer.
Van: Kurt Bach Frost
Geplaatst: 07/07/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
This was my first time renting a car abroad and was very nervous having heard about a lot of people's horror stories with renting cars

Fortunately, my experience was nothing short of faultless. Fantastic price, the car was almost brand new and in great condition, liked the express fuel option. Collecting the car was hassle free and no pressure to take the extra insurance.

During my stay, we decided to stay on a few extra days and on contacting the company, they were very accommodating and the extra days cost very little

When returning the car, we had a extra seat so a representative just drove us over to departures in the same car so we didn't have to move all our luggage into the shuttle bus

All in all, very satisfied with the service and will certainly be using the company again next time I am in the area
Van: Odhran Da Prato
Geplaatst: 05/07/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
Once again we had a good and straight forward rental. Our fuel allowance was more then generous, the staff were friendly & efficient as always, Alberto looked after a query I had before the booking, and I was very happy with the outcome. We use Malagacar.com quite often and I hope our next rental will be as efficient and carefree as our last ....
Van: Marcella Hamrogue
Geplaatst: 04/07/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
We benefit malagacar.com 7 days last week and we were pleased with the reception. Transfer from the terminal to the office was quick, we got the car immediately, as well as the return of the car and transfer to the terminal OK.
Van: Igor
Geplaatst: 04/07/2015
Rating: (4 von 5)
It was our second time using Malagacar.com and once again faultless – everything was perfect!!! Malagacar is without doubt the best car hire company!! Perfect, helpful and courteous staff, excellent treat and new clean cars. The pick up as the return are very good and quick. Thanks for everything!!! We´ll continue renting with Malagacar and recommend you to everybody. Kind regards!!
Van: Danuta Golwiej Ortega
Geplaatst: 04/07/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
Dear Sir.

I emailed you last year regarding problems around getting onto the mini bus to transfer you from the airport to the car hire office. I pointed out the problems and you were kind enough to reply.

We have used Malaga Car hire on many occasions each year, four time so far this year. The experience we had on 16th of June was not good at all.

We were on the Monarch flight that landed around 7.15 pm. We got to the collection point to collect the bus and it was just leaving and was told that the bus would return in about 10 minutes.

This did not happen! After about 25 minutes one passed us by at the collection point full of people??

At this point as many as 3 car hire busses from other companies came and went !!!

After 40 minutes a bus arrived and there was no order on getting on the bus. no numbers were given out on who should be first to get on the bus and there was a lot of pushing and arguments.

At the time a second bus arrived.?? Then both buses arrived at the office at the same time and the same happened. Pushing argument and two women swearing at each other at the desks!!

We are due to come out to Malaga again on 2nd September but I cannot go the an experience like this again.

After our last emails I hoped there would be improvements. But nothing is better. I am now not sure I should book my car with Malaga Car Hire in September?

I am sorry for the delay in sending you the email but I did not have any internet while in Spain.

Clive Whittles.

Response by Malagacar.com
Dear Clive, thanks for the phone conversation so this has been really important in order to know the problem happened. For next time please log in our system In order to get offers and when you arrive to the office co directly to “VIP desk” so avoid any queue. I will write a note in the system

J. Alberto Anglada
Van: Clive Whittles
Geplaatst: 03/07/2015
Rating: (2 von 5)
First of all the pick up from the airport was great. It was on time and the driver was really helpful helping me with luggage. Great start!
next was the car hire, took a while in the queue but not too bad.not sure why I was charged an additional 30+ euros for fuel? Or 35 euros for picking up at 11 o'clock? There was no mention of these on my online booking?

Finally the car. A Toyota auris, not the car I wanted but still it was similar. I was happy until I saw the damage. I mentioned it to the service guy who said it was all logged. But I had nothing on my paperwork to mention the damage.
my concern is that I did not pay for additional insurance as I already had some d Rom a third party provider. If you say I caused the damage I have no evidence to say it was there already.
so I will list it here:
deep scratch to passenger side front bumper.
front passenger side wheel scuffed.
scratches to boot bumper.
rear drivers side bumper coming away from car.
cigarette burns to front passenger seat.

I think that was all but could have been more. I hope I won't be charged anything for this damage!!!

Reply by Malagacar.com

Dear Mr. Donoghue, thanks for contacting us.
a. When the booking was made on March 3rd the term and conditions were accepted. If you read it you will see you had to pay for half a tank of fuel and this is what you did.

b. When the booking was made on March 3rd the term and conditions were accepted. If you read it you will see you had to pay 35 € for late delivery and this is what you paid.

c. The car you ordered was the car you got (Group D2 is a 5 doors diesel car). About the damage you will not be charged. We took note of them.

J. Alberto Anglada
Van: James Donoghue
Geplaatst: 01/07/2015
Rating: (3 von 5)

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