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I have been using Malagacars for many years now and have always found them to be an excellent company. However on my visit last week I was told that the extra insurance would cost 14 euros a day up from about 6 euro a day last month. When I said I would not take it out, I was told I would have to pay a 1000 euro deposit. I use them about 6 times per year, so if this is how they treat their regular customers then it will be bad luck for everyone else. I tried to speak to the manager but he is never there
Van: Andrew White
Geplaatst: 17/04/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
Once again we have had excellent service from malagacar. We have been using them for 5 years now. Their pay on arrival policy is great and there are never any fuel problems. There is no pressure to take out extra insurance and we have always been treated with the upmost courtesy. All staff friendly and professional. Prices always very good would definitely recommend. Bonus this year was a brand new car!!!! Have already booked for June 15.
Van: Sean Anthony Dempsey
Geplaatst: 16/04/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
Having been quite a regular customer I am now very dismayed. Unfortunately I have to report once again a problem with the petrol price. I was charged €31.46 at the time of rental. The petrol guage was below the half tank again. When filling the tank from near empty to half full at a garage in Sabinillas I had only to pay €22 When 2 of your employees (one being a manager) I got the reply that the company was allowed to profiteer like this and also is normal practice. I don't believe this!! Also the rude way in which they spoke to me. I can reassure you I will be commenting on the blog. Another problem was shortly after renting the car my tyre burst on the side wall whilst moving. I can guarantee the tyre was not damaged by me. Not only was it inconvenience it could have been dangerous, I should see no reason why I have to pay for this. It is very strange why you treat people who have trusted you like this. I own an hotel in Scotland and guarantee I would not be on the top of trip advisor if I was running a business like this. It is very short sighted of you when tourists are your main business
Van: Neil Ferguson
Geplaatst: 16/04/2015
Rating: (1 von 5)
We have used Malagacar many times, and have always received good service, a great car and good value for money. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my hire car in Malaga and can thoroughly recommend them.
Van: John Farre
Geplaatst: 15/04/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
Great great service with both pick up and when handing in the car. We had a flat battery along the way but Malagacar took care of this and after just 1 hour from calling them we were driving. Thanks.
Van: Thomas Skov
Geplaatst: 14/04/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
I have just returned from a holiday in Spain and hired a car from Malagacar.com. This was my sixth time to use this company and as always it was a flawless experience: great, courteous service; good price and very nice car. I will be back again and again and would recommend it to all my friends. Thank you Malagacar.com.
Van: Dermot Halpin
Geplaatst: 13/04/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
i am a regular customer of malagacar but i am disappointed that i am not getting a good service for my loyalty the last few times i have not received the type of car i have requested they say its a free upgrade which results in a higher fuel cost also you now insist on me paying for extra insurance when i have never brought a car back with any damage this may result in me looking elsewhere.
Van: James Pickering
Geplaatst: 13/04/2015
Rating: (2 von 5)
Excellent car and excellent service. From the moment we met your rep outside custom clearance, to the driver from the airport to your office, to the guy who signed us in, gave us our car and the guy who took the car back from us. Two things I would suggest is that when waiting for your pickup bus, there should be a sign as to where the drivers pick us up and the drivers should have a device to show which number is next in the queue to be picked up.
Van: Vimal Patel
Geplaatst: 09/04/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
Thank you, I will come back to you next time we are in Malaga (has just bought an apartment in Nerja) I like your fast service and quick answers! Best Regards
Van: Kennet Severinsson
Geplaatst: 08/04/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)
Over the last years we have always rented cars with Malagacar and always were very pleased. We will continue renting with Malagacar.
Van: Franz Becker
Geplaatst: 06/04/2015
Rating: (5 von 5)

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