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As most customers we are very satisfied with our many contacts with Malaga car. The last two times I just have some wonderings about the delivered car. We have booked and paid for an Opel Corsa but we got an Clio with the comment it is the same group. Is that true? Is not Corsa group Ce and Clio group C? PS we arrived in the middle of the night so there was no time for argue. Sincerely Barbro Olsson

Malagacar.com answer:
Yes, is true the car rented by you was a group CE. Group CE and C are exactly same size but CE group is a more powerful car with a minimum 1.4 and/or 90 HP.
Van: Barbro Olsson
Geplaatst: 16/12/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
Hired from Malagacar.com December 7th its nice to have a car hire company with pleasant and friendly staff

Malagacar.com answer:
Dear Mr. Calvin, thanks for your words. Regards
Van: Ian Calvin
Geplaatst: 16/12/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
Dear Malaga Car Friends,

I want to thank you for your continuing excellent service. Our most recent hiring was for two weeks from 16th November. We have been using your service for over 20 years with rentals either twice a year or more recently three times a year.

At this last rental we were advised that we had an upgrade to a Seat Ateca. This was an excellent vehicle (I have a RAV4 so am aware of the higher ride and vision of the road and very comfortable). It was a surprise but presented in in an excellent way by the person who booked us in.

Please pass our thanks to all your customer service agents. They are superb and very friendly.

Our next visit should be in May 2020 and we look forward to seeing you all then. In the meantime we send our best wishes for a Happy Christmas and all the best for the coming year.

Thank you once again.
Van: Brian Dawson
Geplaatst: 07/12/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
Is there a pattern here? I have been a satisfied customer of Malagacars for many years and enjoyed the fast and efficient service they have provided during that time. This week I have been involved in an exchange of numerous emails over an incident which could have been both avoided and easily resolved. When I collected my car on 15.11.19, I checked with the receptionist that the car should be returned half full, which she confirmed. When I drove the car away, the gauge was showing nearer 6/8 but that is not unusual and I have always returned cars with excess fuel anyway. When I returned the car I was told that all was in order and the contract was finished. Checking my credit card the next day I find that, without any notification, £12.71 had been debited by Malagacars. If the correct fuel amount had been pointed out to me on collection the problem would not have occurred. If the decrepancy had been pointed out to me on return I would have paid at the desk. I would like to think that these customer care errors could be ironed out and I would want to use Malagacars again in the future.

Malagacar.com answer:

Dear customer,
We sent you an email explaining why you were charged and you know the car was rented with 6/8 of fuel. Our fuel policy is same - same so you were charged because the car was returned with less fuel than 6/8.
Van: John Tonks
Geplaatst: 06/12/2019
Rating: (3 von 5)
I have used Malagacar for several years and I think they are the best hire car company in Malaga and I will be using them for future visits. I would like clarification about who records fuel levels. I hired a car in September, we were delayed at Manchester and arrived about 3 hours later than planned. I signed for the car and the lady receptionist said something about the fuel - 60%. When I loaded the car and moved off I looked at the fuel guage and it showed half full. When I returned the car I ensured that there was slightly more than half and the checker looked at the vehicle including the fuel level and said ok. Subsequently I was billed for an extra 8.99 euros. This is only a small sum and I am not concerned about the value, but I am concerned about the principal of being overcharged. So for future reference who provides the information to the reception on how much fuel is in the car and if, as the new hirer, I find the level is not the same as informed how do I resolve it with Malagacar. I have never had any problems with Malagacar before and I trust the company but the new system of same/same may lead to similar problems. Regards.

malagacar.com reply:
Dear customer,
Thanks for your review. I am checking the car history and this was rented by You with 5/8 of fuel and not 4/8 of fuel. You are right the difference is minimum so may be the gauge came down so quick. You are right the problem is no the money value so we believe your version and I can confirm we can give you a credit of 9,90 € for your next rental.
In order to get this credit, please email me when the next booking is made.
Van: Keith Anderton
Geplaatst: 30/11/2019
Rating: (4 von 5)
I live in Malaga and I have been renting during my stays from Malaga Car for the last 3 years. Always satisfied with the cars and staff. Most of the staff know me, pleasant, polite and professional. We have tried other car rentals, not a match when it comes to friendly services. I have recommended this company to my friends, all satisfied. Want to wish Juan a speedy recovery....

Dear customer,
Thanks for your words. The customer service is vital for us. We love to hear words like the ones you have written to us.We hope to see you here again soon.
Van: Moe Bonakdar
Geplaatst: 30/11/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
Ladies and gentlemen, at the beginning of the week I reserved a rental car with you for the period from 14 April to 29 April 2020. Unfortunately, I have not yet received a confirmation of my reservation. When can I expect the confirmation? Best regards, Theres Mathis

Answer from malagacar.com:
Dear customer, I can see that your reservation for a fantastic car with automatic transmission is confirmed. Please, if you do not find it, tell me and I will send you again the copy of your reservation again.
Regards, Alberto
Van: Theres Mathis
Geplaatst: 28/11/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
Excellent car rental experience with MALAGACAR. Very recent car, fast formalities, airport shuttle, very pleasant staff, and above all no unpleasant surprises regarding additional insurance like unfortunately many other car rental companies. I highly recommend and I will return to them on my next trip.
Van: Serge Legros
Geplaatst: 25/11/2019
Rating: (5 von 5)
At the office we did not get our car! We had a new creditcard without pin/code. I asked for help, there was help! NO pin/code NO car. I did not get the car without pin/code. When I read the booking information/payment they do not speak about a pin/code!!!!! We went to NIZACAR, and got a car by creditcard without pin/code.

Reply from Malagacar.com:

Dear customer, we are sorry you could not pick your car up but you must understand the pin code is mandatory when a payment is going to be made.

J. Alberto Anglada
Van: Jozef Wallz
Geplaatst: 17/11/2019
Rating: (1 von 5)
Your website cites in Contact Us page +34 600 523 523 as your WhatsApp contact information.That sounded lovely and hip and useful and all, but that number does not produce a match in Whatsapp. Please either fix the number of lose the reference to WhatsApp-

Hello Arto! The number WhatsApp is working fine. Just click the icon on your mobile phone. For computer you would have to download at app.
Kind regards!

Van: Arto Ahlstedt
Geplaatst: 13/11/2019
Rating: (1 von 5)

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