Fuengirola promenade pictures

Fuengirola has one of the longest seafront promenades on the Costa del Sol. The pictures of Fuengirola below show you why this is one of the most visited destinations in Malaga, and even in the whole of Spain.

If you rent a car in Malaga, and reserve your Fuengirola hotel, you will be half way to Malaga-Torremolinos to the east or Marbella-Puerto Banus to the west, being able to reach the most popular Costa del Sol locations in a few minutes.

It’s not necessary to actually live in Fuengirola to be able to enjoy this seafront promenade, if you hired a car in Malaga when you arrived, you can reach Fuengirola in a matter of minutes, whatever part of the Costa del Sol you are staying at. Along the coast road that borders Fuengirola’s seafront you’ll find parking quite easily, specially if you go later on in the evening (when most of the people have already left the beach), in case you find yourself going round in circles without being able to find one single parking spot (something quite normal in high season), you can always use the public parking lots.

Along the whole seafront promenade we’ll find beach bars that the locals call ‘Chiringuitos’ every 500 metres, where once can try the famous ‘Espetos’ (sardines on the spit), and even the remains of a roman edification that is well preserved as a monument...an endless variety for our senses that can be completed with a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean.

Fuengirola promenade

Fuengirola beaches sights
Beach of Fuengirola
Fuengirola coasts sights
Beach of Fuengirola
Fuengirola chiringuitos, beaches snack-bars
Chiringitos at Fuengirola
Fuengirola roman monument
Roman monument

Fuengirola by the afternoon

Perhaps one of the best times to go for a pleasant stroll along Fuengirola’s seafront promenade is in the afternoon and early evening, as the sun starts to go down and the heat begins to disappear with it. This time of day also offers beautiful landscape images of the sky, just how the photos below reflect:
afternoon in fuengirola promenade

fuengirola sightseeing, fuengirola afternoon
Afternoon in Fuengirola
Fuengirola promenade afternoon sights
Fuengirola promenade

Fuengirola promenade & castle at night

The beauty of the seafront and the sea is even greater when the sun goes down; the evening and the combination of lighting, highlight the magic of the area so we can enjoy the views like the ones we can see in the following pictures:
night in fuengirola promenade, fuengirola castle beaches

fuengirola nightlife, fuengirola coast
Night in Fuengirola
Fuengirola castle
Fuengirola Castle

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