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We rented a car between 15.-21.05.2013. Everything was perfect! I want to thank you for the services you provided. We were picked up immediately from the airport and in few minutes we were in front of the office. The guys from the desk were polite, giving us all the information we need with kindness. The car was a brand new Nissan Qashqai (3.600 km), very clean. When returning, they were waiting for us and driving directly to the airport with the same car, without moving the luggage from a car to another.
Great services, great value for the money we spent. I strongly recommend them.
Thank you very much, Malagacar.com. If I return in Malaga I'll rent again from you.
De: Gabriela Moise
Soumis le: 24/05/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
I have to report after several times trying on the phone and email to raise an answer I have hit a brick wall.
At Malaga cars they have a half tank policy ( that is you pick up a car with half a tank of fuel and you give it back as near empty as you dare!!).
This time I received a car with just less than half a tank. Wasn't too concerned over a couple of euros.
3 days later I needed to fuel up desperately as the warning light had been on for 40-50 Kms. When I filled it with 25 euros the gauge went over half full.
What all this means is that the charge for half a tank at Malaga car office was charged out at 48 euros where realistically it should have been more like 25 like I paid.
Nearly 100% more.
When I spoke to the manager when I dropped off the car he robustly said that I would receive a refund of the fuel.
So where is it as I am about to book up again for my next trip.

Response from Malagacar.com
Dear Mr. Ferguson,
Thanks for your email. For next time please check the gauge before you leave the office as you have to understand we need a proof the car was not half. Anyway we will refund you for 1/8 of fuel in your credit card.
You were charged 42 € (not 48 €) for half a tank of fuel and this is no rip off. You rented a Toyota Auris and this car is filled up with 55 litres so you paid for half a tank (28 litres). 42 € / 28 litres = 1,50 € per litre so we think is a correct price.
The car was returned with an empty tank of fuel so we cannot refund money for fuel except for 1/8 of fuel (10,50 €) because you say the car was not half. This amount will be refunded in your credit card.
J. Alberto Anglada
De: Neil Ferguson
Soumis le: 21/05/2013
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Used Malagacar.com (and other on-site companies) for several years. Malagacar are very very good and price is always competitive. The half a tank of fuel works well. Vehicle pick up has improved as the rep in the arrivals hall now gives you a number. Think this number indicates your place on the shuttle bus. Seemed to work anyway as no one was fighting to get on the bus. Vehicle drop off is a nightmare and requires some review. In the past I have parked the car outside the office, driven it into their garage and also had a member of staff jump into the car and drive me to the airport. Yesterday I parked the car outside their office in a space! Only be TOLD (after asking three people who should I give the keys to) to bring the car into the garage. All very confusing. One simple system of return would solve this.

Response from Malagacar.com

Dear Mr. Laughland,
Thanks for your email. As you say we are working with a new system of numbers and by the moment the system has been a success. Our purpose is to be better every day.

On the issue of the return of the car, I can assure you that 9 out of 10 customers are taken back to the airport in their own cars as we have always with you and we think that customer service makes the difference. In fact we give almost more importance when you leave your vehicle then when you pick it up.

I hope I've been helpful and I hope we can help you in the future.
J. Alberto Anglada
De: Brian Laughland
Soumis le: 21/05/2013
Note: (4 sur 5)
As I had indicated in my positive review from 14.08.2012, this year we have also booked with Malagacar.com. The booking confirmation has already arrived. The only minor problem is how to find the employee of Malagacar.com at the airport. Your description is NEVER GO DOWNSTAIRS. But we had to go there as we didn´t find your employee. In the hustle a colleague from another car rental company told us where to go.
Is wasn´t a big problem, as I already said at the beginning. But I hope to find your employee faster this year. Probably the sliding doors were the problem, as we didn´t find them.
De: Jutta Neuschwander
Soumis le: 21/05/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
We are regular users of your company and may i also add that the service that we receive when we arrive in Malaga is very professional and that they are very helpful.
De: Paul Kelleher
Soumis le: 20/05/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
Just wanted to say thank you for the smooth rental once again of our car hire.
We were picked up within minutes upon arrival and were taken straight back to the airport when we returned our car. We had the Citroën C4 which was very nice.
I am coming out again on 4 August for 17 days and are renting from you again.
Tarnya Stern
De: Tarnya Stern
Soumis le: 20/05/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
I rented a car in late April for 9 days. The value was good. The transaction was very quick. The vehicle was in good condition.
Regards, Thomas
De: Thomas Dennerlein
Soumis le: 20/05/2013
Note: (4 sur 5)
Used Malagacar.com because they were one of very few companies willing to deal with people via Debit Card.
I was upgraded (without asking and at no extra cost) from a group B to a group D2 car. The vehicle (Toyota Auris 1.6D) was spotless and had less than 35 thousand Km on the clock.
The staff in Malagacar.com were friendly and helpful and the process was quick and easy.
I could not recommend this company highly enough and will be using them again in September when I am back in Spain on business.
De: Neil
Soumis le: 19/05/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
I have been using Malagacar.com for nearly ten years and their service is fantastic. The cars are well maintained and the staff friendly. Unlike everyone else, they don't rip you off with silly charges. I recommend them all the time to friends and colleagues.
De: Iain Croker
Soumis le: 18/05/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
I booked 2 Citroen Berlingos for our week's holiday in May and got a very good price. We were given the Fiat equivalent which was equally good. There was a problem initially as we hadn't been told that the base was off-airport, and 7 of us were trying to get on the same transfer bus. We had to wait for about 30 minutes for a minibus transfer (eventually we split up). Collection of the vehicles went smoothly. We liked the half-tank to empty policy and felt that we were not being ripped off on fuel. The vehicles were nearly new. After that, all went well. On return we dropped the passengers and luggage off at the airport and only the drivers returned the vehicles and required transfer back to the airport.
Advice : Advise hirers that only the drivers transfer to the depot and they then return to the airport in the hire vehicles to pick up the remainder of the party and the luggage. This would reduce congestion on the transfer minibuses and in the depot.

Reply from Malagacar.com:

Dear Colin,

Thanks for your email. I am sorry you thought we were inside the airport; for us is really important the customer knows perfectly the procedure and this is the reason why in the booking confirmation you can read:

"After collecting your luggage at Malaga airport, PLEASE NEVER GO DOWNSTAIRS. Follow signs for the exit and after the sliding doors you will find one of our representatives waiting with a malagacar.com sign. They will identify themselves as an employee of the company. Please remember that we are "malagacar.com", as there are some other companies that claim they are called Malagacar, but this is not true. It is important that you assure yourself that you are renting with malagacar.com and not with another company. It is very easy to recognize us as our logo can be found on the contracts, uniforms, car keys, mini bus, etc."

We are working really hard as we like our customers to receive the best service from us and we always promise the best value. We do our best and generally the service with our shuttle is faster than the service given by other companies with offices inside the terminal.

We are really happy you enjoyed the service and thanks for the comment about the minibuses so we improve every day.

J. Alberto Anglada
De: Colin Tait
Soumis le: 16/05/2013
Note: (4 sur 5)

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